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Where is the Siemens factory managing cattle? Look at the daily life of their team leader

First, the team leader manages six tasks on site. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

In general, the items that must be managed at the site include production efficiency, cost reduction, production safety, personnel training, improvement of activities, 5S, improvement of employee work skills, quality control, and the number of stoppages. These are summarized as the following six tasks.

1, personnel incentives
Improve the cohesion of people and maintain high morale.
2, job control
Formulate a sound work plan and implement a good working method.
3, quality control
Control work quality and implement independent quality assurance standards to achieve zero defect requirements.
4, equipment maintenance
Operate the equipment correctly to maintain zero production failures.
5, safe operation
Take necessary measures to ensure the safety of personnel and products. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision
6, cost control
Save materials, eliminate waste and reduce costs.
Key tips

The site is a place where enterprises engage in production, sales, R&D and other production value-added activities.

On-site management refers to the rational allocation and optimization of various elements of the production process in order to effectively achieve the company’s business objectives, so that it can be organically integrated to achieve high quality, reliable delivery time, low cost, and product availability. Integrated management of the road. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

Second, the team leader site management duties
1, production control
(1) Perform a monthly production plan
1 Arrange operators to make production smooth.
2 Train and assist the work of the workers.

(2) Prepare daily production activities
1 check machine equipment, tools, parts and materials.
2 Executive tasks delivered by the executive.
3 Start the machine and confirm that it is working properly.

(3) Follow the reminder
1 The cause of the investigation was abnormal.
2 Report to the supervisor.
3 Take temporary measures.
4 Design permanent measures.
5 Follow the instructions to assist the supervisor.

(4) Work after the job is completed
1 Prepare for the next shift. If an exception is found, the next person must be notified.
2 Confirm that each switch in the jurisdiction is in the “off” state.
3 Prepare the daily report of the team. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

(5) Deal with the transaction
1 Investigate external parking incidents.
2 Investigate the internal stop event.
3 Determine the cause and take countermeasures.

(6) Prepare new product introduction line
1 assist supervisor.
2 Learn new products production process and guide the correct operation of operators.

2, cost control
(1) Plan for cost improvement
1 Present oral opinions and proposal improvement plans to supervisors.
2 Prepare and propose a “cost reduction plan” schedule.
3 Engage in the coordination of various improvement activities within the unit and request other assistance to improve matters (such as new tools, etc.).
4 Monitor and follow up the progress of the “cost reduction schedule”. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

(2) Reduce labor costs
1 to propose ideas and assist supervisors to implement labor cost reduction measures.
2 Supervise the monthly number of work to reduce activities, and follow up with their progress.
3 If the goal is not achieved, study the reason and take appropriate actions.

(3) Reduce direct costs
1 Record raw materials and material consumption.
2 Study the real reasons for the increase of raw materials and materials and their countermeasures.
3Supervise the difference between the actual consumption of raw materials and materials and planned consumption.
4 Write out proposals that will exceed the original plan consumption and take corresponding countermeasures.

(4) Save energy
1 Determine if there are any leaks, such as air pressure, water supply, etc., and take measures to stop the leak.
2 After deciding, decide whether to handle it by yourself or seek help from others.
3 Supervise the operator to turn off the power after the equipment is used. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

(5) Daily Improvement Business
1 Preparation for improvement.
2 Prepare activities to monitor the improvement of the number of workers.
3 Based on the status of the problem, give instructions for improvement activities.
4 Assist supervisors to guide team members to improve their work.

(6) Others
1 Hold a meeting with team members to explain the cost reduction results.
2 Grasping every opportunity to strengthen the cost awareness of every worker. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

3, quality control
(1) Maintain and Improve Quality Level
1 The members of the group explained clearly the current level of quality, the goals to be achieved, and the corresponding requirements.
2 Supervision and control process quality input information.
3 Analyze the reasons and take appropriate countermeasures.

(2) Resolutely implement the belief that “quality is made”
1 Check the first and last products produced daily.
2 Perform periodic inspections to prevent the occurrence of nonconforming products.
3 Supervise the operators to comply with work standards.

(3) When unqualified quality is found, appropriate countermeasures can be taken
1 It is a non-conforming product that is caused internally and must be repaired. It should report to the supervisor and make suggestions and countermeasures.
2 It is a non-conforming product caused by external matters, reports to the supervisor, and requests repair instructions.

(4) Others meet with members of the group daily to inform about quality issues and discuss them, while also assessing the quality of team members. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

4, safe operation
1 Conscientiously implement the various systems and stop the violations of the technological operation procedures and safety production procedures until they stop their work.
2 Do a good job in the safe operation of this team, eliminate major personal, equipment, fire and explosion accidents, and reduce general accidents.
3 Organize rescue operations in the event of an accident, take decisive measures to prevent the accident from expanding, and report to relevant departments.
4 Conduct accident investigation, conduct accident analysis, and learn lessons. The main points suggest that the team leader’s on-site management responsibilities include production, cost, quality, and safety. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

Third, the team leader on-site management authority
1. Work Contact
The right to represent the workshop (team) and the relevant units of the enterprise to contact the production.

2, refuse to use unqualified raw materials
The right to reject the use of unqualified raw materials and materials, but the instructions from the chief engineer shall be executed in accordance with instructions.

3. Decided to use alternate equipment
When the equipment fails, it has the right to decide to switch to a spare device.

4, determine the equipment load lift
Within the allowable range of post operations and with the consent of the dispatcher, it is the right to determine the lifting of the equipment load.

5, have the right to refuse the deployment of personnel in the class
Have the right to refuse to deploy personnel in the class to engage in other activities.

6, abnormal phenomenon of parking treatment advice
Abnormal phenomenon in production, the right to recommend parking treatment, after the leadership of the workshop or scheduling agreement, according to instructions from higher levels. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

7, temporarily adjust the shift
The right to temporarily adjust the shift operator.

8, supervision and operation
Has the right to inspect and supervise the work of all posts and has the power to stop illegal operations.

9. Approve temporary leave for team members
Members of this team have the right to approve holidays as required.

10, rewards and punishments
1 The operator shall have the right to submit handling opinions and report to the leader if he has one of the following conditions: those who do not listen to the instructions, who do not obey the instructions, who do not obey the reassignment, who drink before the class, and who may have an accident because of illness.
2 The right to present to the workshop rewards and punishment of the staff of this class. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

11. Convene class activities
The right to convene a meeting of the current team or organize activities.

12, site management
1 Have the right to stop people without proper procedures from entering the workshop.
2 In the workshop area, it has the right to stop tampering with the equipment.
3 The right to refuse various violations of the requirements and instructions. China Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier, custom precision

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