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[Workplace story] Toyota is very simple, it is the space that really thinks to the staff, guides their wisdom.

How to properly use the wisdom of employees? china machining
Toyota’s production methods and management culture have changed the form and order of global manufacturing in the 21st century. Learning Toyota can’t just focus on TPS. We should focus on the philosophy behind this mode of production: How to properly use the wisdom of employees?

The founder and proponent of the Toyota Production System is Nono One. He is called by the Japanese: “Father of Japan’s Resurrection”, “The Godfather of Production Management” and “The Sages Wearing Work Clothes.”

Ohichi Naiichi graduated from the Nagoya Institute of Higher Engineering (now Nagoya Institute of Technology) in 1932 and entered Toyota Motor Industry Co., Ltd. after graduation. In 1943, he transferred to Toyota Auto Co., Ltd., the son of Toyota founder Toyota Yoji. Toyota Motor Corp.’s founder, Toyota Kiichiro, has worked until his retirement. china machining

After the Second World War, Toyota had been in a very dangerous situation. At that time, Toyota not only faced a shortage of funds, but also faced the dilemma of insufficient supply of raw materials.

What Ohno is thinking about all day long is how to find a better way of production.

After the war, Japan imported a lot of automation equipment from Europe and the United States. However, it actually requires a worker to look after each machine tool. In order to solve this problem, Ohno took the idea of ​​installing the sensor on the machine, and then installed the indicator light. This indicator was connected with each machine tool, and the abnormality was immediately known, which greatly improved the working results. The effective operation rate of the production line has increased to 95%!

Ohno worked for a lifetime at Toyota, and after repeated setbacks and failures, he created a complete, unconventional and revolutionary new production method, the Toyota Production System (TPS). china machining

In the 1980s, Toyota began to develop its own R&D activities internally. Workers should independently study the improvement methods of on-site management.

The basic idea of ​​TPS began to infiltrate every aspect of the business. So the comprehensive TPS was born. Its birth marks another great principle of Toyota’s production method – the principle of activation.

The essence of the principle of activation is to motivate the employees’ self-motivation and enthusiasm. Former Toyota Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Masaru Hiroshi gave a chart to the members of the “Chinese and Foreign Management” delegation to Japan, telling us how the energy of the employees was stimulated a little.

He said: Let employees do things, do not seek 100% improvement or reach, as long as there is 50% of the possibility, they begin to act, live in the action and continue to improve to 100%. china machining

Do not give the staff excessive pressure and expectations. It is best to let him reach out and reach out. Then, employees have a sense of accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment that the brain can begin to activate before it can continue to advance.

The biggest difference from the American factory is that American companies give operating standards and workers do it according to standards. Toyota’s TOTAL TPS fully believes in the wisdom of the workers, realizes the activation of the site, and advocates “live objects”.

At the car body factory in one of Toyota’s factories, the “Chinese and Foreign Management” line saw a striking “improved signboard” everywhere. The contents of the kanban are divided into two parts. One side is the situation before the improvement and the other side is the situation after the improvement. The economic benefits of improving the effectiveness, improving the name of the bearer, and the rewards received are all posted on the kanban to the public. china machining

Of course, improving the wisdom of front-line employees does not mean that the goal of improvement is to be bottom-up, but that every year the company has a policy of improvement, set goals for improvement from multiple perspectives of quality, cost, and security, and then, Layers are decomposed into each team.

In his later years, Ohno Naiyi left a moving reflection in his book: “No one likes to screw themselves. Their work remains the same. They just obey orders and do not know why they are busy. Toyota’s business is very simple. It’s a space for real thinking for its employees. , to guide their wisdom. Employees give valuable time to the company, if not properly use their wisdom, it is a waste.”  china machining

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