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China mold and NC tool market demand continues to expand

China mold industry, early for a long time is in the low-end products as the main, started late, but with the gradual transformation of the industry, new opportunities have emerged. Technological innovation is the main trend of mold industry, technology upgrading is necessary, this is the most important industry in the rapid development and market demand conditions.

It is reported that the current market demand for Chinese the upscale mold is very large, especially in household appliances, automobile, plastic products industry. It is understood that the “12th Five-Year” period, the general trend of mold market steadily upward, but the requirements of domestic mold must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery etc.

In the international market, developed countries due to the increase in labor costs, developing countries especially in Southeast Asian countries. Its transfer to production of high precision molds, labor input, large amount of mold to rely on imports. Therefore, the market potential is very huge international mold Great. As long as China can improve the mold quality, delivery time to ensure that the mold export prospects are very optimistic. The standard mold demand is great, but Chinese currently only a small amount of exports.

In recent years, Chinese annual imports of nearly $1 billion for the majority of mold, precision, large, complex, the long life mold. From the view of reducing imports point of view, this kind of upscale mold, hardware tools in the market share will gradually increase. The future, China’s mold and CNC tool industry will also ranked highest in the world.

From the development trend of mechanical manufacturing industry technology, the future China factory, the proportion of CNC machine tools will be increased year by year, the demand of efficient and advanced cutting tool with the rapidly increasing. In addition, due to the increase of labor cost, the tool in the low price advantage will be gradually lost. For the advanced CNC machine tool increases the demand for this situation, will China tool industry We need to change the concept, vigorously develop efficient and advanced cutting tools, pay attention to sales at the same time, we should pay more attention to after-sales service, and strive to innovate and occupy more market share。

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