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The first-line workers become masters of skills. His secret is actually this.

At the 14th congress of the provincial trade unions that closed on the 25th, Chen Liang, Wuxi’s “Master of Skills”, represented the winner of the Provincial May Day Labor Medal, and took office to receive awards and recognition. China Precision Milling Company Now Announces To Supply Custom

From an unknown front-line worker to a loud senior technician, Chen Liang’s “secret” is “to do artifacts as artwork.”

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He was named the Outstanding Leader of Technology in 2012. The team he led won the Model Award of the China Die & Mould Industry Association. In 2013, he became one of the masters of Wuxi Skills Master Studio. In 2014, he was awarded the title of Chief Technician of Provincial and City Enterprises, 2015. Received the Wuxi High Skilled Personnel Award, won the Special Contribution Award of the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province in 2016, and the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from Jiangsu Province, won the title of “My Wuxi Artisan” in 2017, and received the May 1st Labour Medal of the same year. Won the Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province… China Precision Milling Company Now Announces To Supply Custom

Looking at the long list of honors on the curriculum vitae, it is likely that Chen Liang is a 50-year-old “master teacher”. In fact, he is 34 years old this year. He was also very lively and met with reporters who first came out “black”: “Others do not believe that I am 80, because the hair on the head is lost.”

After graduating from Jiangsu Information Vocational College in 2002, Chen Liang entered the work of Wuxi Micro-Study Co., Ltd., which is a company famous for its mold production.
“In the beginning, it was the roughing process of the milling machine that was mostly done manually.” Chen Liang said frankly that he did a rough job and he couldn’t get enough output. “My characteristic is to be meticulous in doing things. Therefore, I do not do anything fast by hand.” This trait made him shine in the next job.

After five years of milling work, the CNC machining center was short of people. He volunteered to accept the “trial” and he had a firm foothold in just one week. It turned out that at that time, the machining center was doing a product with an accuracy of 2 micrometers, but the average old worker can only achieve the accuracy of three or four micrometers. Chen Chen took less than a week to control the accuracy to 1 micron, shocked the entire company. China Precision Milling Company Now Announces To Supply Custom

In fact, before entering the processing center, he was silently learning relevant knowledge, hoping to one day rely on technology to eat. There is a “training machine” in the factory. Chen Liang is always used to learn programming and trial machining when the machine “rests”. In 2005, he bought another 9,000 yuan to buy a computer and self-learned at home. After coming to the processing center, he did all the high-precision work. He always held a belief: to polish the workpiece as an artwork.

Because of special concentration, the workers even joked that “he is better for the machine than for his wife.” He did spend too much time on the job. He himself said that the family was like a hotel to him. All his family affairs are handled by his wife. He is completely unconcerned. After having children, the wife had to quit her job and specialize in taking care of her children at home. “To tell the truth, my daughter and I are not very close, and usually have no time to accompany her.” Perhaps out of apologetics, on the cover of his WeChat circle of friends, his wife and daughter are always photos. China Precision Milling Company Now Announces To Supply Custom

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