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Why does the high-speed train run so fast? Have been relying on the top technology of high-speed rail abroad

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Why does the high-speed train run so fast? The secret lies under the train, the converter of the train, the brain of high-speed rail. At the heart of the brain is a tiny chip, a fingernail cap-sized IGBT that can handle a 6500W or more ultra-high voltage IGBT chip in just 1 seconds. 100,000 current switch actions are realized to drive the high-speed train at full speed. precision turned parts

Each IGBT chip needs to go through more than 200 processes, involving semiconductor, mechanical, electronic, computer, material and chemical complex disciplines. At present, there are few enterprises that can manufacture high-power IGBT chips in the world. precision turned parts

The technology has been controlled by manufacturing powers such as Germany and Japan for more than 30 years. Three years ago, China made a breakthrough in its own R & D. Today, China’s IGBT production line. It can make 120,000 chips a year. There are only two such production lines around the world.

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