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Production Management &bar; Japanese Toyota ‘ s JIT , Self – sharpening and Continuous Improvement

The development of Toyota production management has become more and more perfect, especially in the domestic manufacturing industry transformation today, Toyota production management has become the secret of successful transformation of many enterprises. Factory directly supply CNC Aluminum parts

The production management model of Toyota Company in Japan has been done by several generations of Toyota after decades of hard work, rather than being imagined out of thin air. Its core idea is “JIT, self-improvement and continuous improvement”. The seemingly simple words of business management deeply reveal the cultural concept and work style of Toyota people and even the excellent enterprises in Japan. Factory directly supply CNC Aluminum parts

The so-called “JIT” in the production management of Toyota Company of Japan is to lead the whole production and operation management process of the enterprise with the request of the minute and second. “Self-processing” is to achieve a high degree of coordination and unification of the production site and the whole process of the enterprise, including both equipment and human operation management; “continuous improvement” is to the enterprise owner and equipment working time limit and precision requirements. Toyota production management in Japan is a complex and boring production process. According to production rhythm (time) subdivided into flow mode; Tens of thousands of parts and components of an automobile (product) are connected and assembled into a “Kanban”, which conveys production information and orders between factories, suppliers and workers in the form of “Kanban”. Factory directly supply CNC Aluminum parts

In Toyota’s automobile production line, it can be seen that as many enterprises as possible use self-made machinery and equipment, which not only can efficiently self-operate, but also can tie the employees and the machine together. As a whole, it is convenient to manage the whole process. Of course, Toyota has carried out this kind of management mode, which has been improved for decades. The products of the suppliers in the initial period of the enterprise come into the factory, and the employees’ production processes should be tested. After decades of enterprises going out please come in, select and help suppliers; Enterprise internal staff, process between repeated training, improve a bit, consolidate a bit; Succeed a little, precipitate a little; Toyota has built up this quality assurance system with suppliers and employees over the decades, which is the true total quality management of the enterprise.

Toyota production and total quality management system, but also admirable is the establishment of a self-improvement awareness of the work of the entire enterprise. Each employee is the master of their own jobs. Improving and improving work efficiency is voluntary and spontaneous.

Toyota company management concept to promote the realization of this goal, Toyota employees to implement life-long employment system, employees of the high loyalty to the enterprise, corporate management to implement only the award without punishment of the positive guidance model. Leaders at all levels can’t blame their subordinates for no reason, but help them to establish ways and means to improve their work.

From the other side, Toyota production management features, in addition to its continuous research and mastery of advanced production technology. There is also the role of Japanese enterprises under the influence of oriental culture. If Chinese enterprises want to learn from the Japanese Toyota production management model, they should make efforts in the following aspects:

First, enterprises should develop marketable products. Whether it is to order production by sales or to order sales by production, it is necessary to ensure that enterprises have relatively stable production. And in the process of continuous improvement of production efficiency, there is sufficient market space.

Second, enterprise management should carry out the idea of people-oriented, give full play to the fine tradition of democratic management of enterprises in socialist countries, and the leaders at all levels should take a positive approach to the management of employees. Do the leadership with the staff to do, the superior to the lower level to see, among colleagues to help. Really make the whole enterprise to become the master of production posts, together to promote the development of the enterprise. Factory directly supply CNC Aluminum parts

Third, enterprises should continue to improve their production efficiency by reducing the labor intensity of their employees, in addition to continuously developing and importing advanced production equipment. We should also continuously improve the production site environment of employees. Let the whole enterprise work in a healthy and comfortable environment, and contribute to the development of the enterprise.

Fourth, while establishing and perfecting the standardized production operation management system, enterprises should find a way to share and visualize the production information transmission, which can ensure the accurate issuance of the enterprise production orders. You can also make each production site employees understand the information does not deviate.

Five is to study the Japanese Toyota production management to persevere. Toyota production management is a family decades of labor results, we can not learn in a year or two.

Persevering in management itself is the internal work of enterprise management. To make Toyota production management mode take root and blossom in Chinese enterprises, it will require the efforts of our generation of entrepreneurs.

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