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Put a piece of blank processing is divided into parts, a few experts taught you?!

Master: how many steps will a piece of blank be processed into parts? CNC company

Apprentice: that’s not easy. Step one, open the machine door, step two, put the blank in, step three, close the machine door. CNC company

Master: well, 4th steps, open the machine door and put you in, too. I’ll kill you with a chuck! ! !


When a blank is placed in front of you, how do you process it step by step into a qualified finished part? This is a real problem for rookie engineers! A reliable mechanical engineer should follow the following procedures for production planning: CNC company

Blank material

We should consider the hardness, alloy elements and content, cutting performance, chip breakage, etc.


Analysis of part size and surface requirements, process types (e.g., longitudinal turning, copying turning, or end face)? ) CNC company

Machine tool

Machine tool considerations: power, torque, parts clamping, tool change time, number of tools, spindle speed, programming, cutting fluid, etc.

Tool selection

What material blade is used? What type of tool groove is used? How to reduce cutting vibration? How to improve cutting efficiency?

How to apply

How does the tool path affect the machining process? How to reduce tool wear and improve tool life? How can surface quality be guaranteed? How can chips be controlled? CNC company


Machine tool alarm, blade breakage, tap fracture, tool vibration. …..troublesome, how to eliminate?

It turns out that a reliable engineer has so much knowledge! Mechanical major 4 years, did not read a book well, rough material is not clear, part drawing cannot understand, turning tool milling cutter cannot choose, cutting parameter can not adjust …When should you swollen do? CNC company

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