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German workers do not change their homes for life, to see how people retain the hearts of workers!

In Germany, it is very common for employees to serve in a company for more than 20 years, and even some people do not change their family for life. At the BMW factory, many workers have been working in BMW for 40 years. The high loyalty of employees is the hallmark of German enterprises. What are the secrets of German companies that can firmly hold the hearts of employees? CNC cutting service

1 Emphasis on the fine tradition of human resources

In Germany, after many people enter a good company that they think is great, it is very common to serve for more than 20 years, and even some of them do not change their lives for life. At the BMW factory, there are many workers under the age of 60, but they have been working in BMW for about 40 years. The high loyalty of employees everywhere is characteristic of German enterprises. Of course, employees think this is because the boss is good to them first, because any “loyalty” is both.

The respect of German companies, or European companies, for employees has become a European feature, mainly to care for the physical and mental health of ordinary employees.

2 Labor policy that makes Americans jealous

German salaries and benefits are 66% higher than in the United States.  CNC cutting service

In 2015, the German government began to issue benefits, one of which is that the minimum wage is set at about 11,000 yuan.

The German industrial vehicle is not even safe for the protection of citizens. The German economy is defined as the most sound economy in the world. Whether it is “the most sound” is hard to say, but German-style welfare does have a lot to offer.

For example, if a German worker does not want to separate between the two places, the labor bureau can pay the baggage handling fee. For example, if both parents have to bring their children, two people can apply for a paid leave at home and the salary is 65% of the original salary. If one party is unemployed, you can apply for a subsidy of 300 euros per month. This welfare is called “parental gold” and is unheard of in many countries. CNC cutting service

3 shots of German companies

Not to mention the attitude of the German federal government, from the enterprise level, compared with the minimum wage of shabby, most German companies are very generous when they pay wages to workers.

EM Motive Chairman Alex Humpert admits that their first-line workers at the Hildesheim plant in Germany are paid hourly, with an hourly wage of between €36 and €40. Working hours are about 40 hours a week. In this way, a skilled technician has a monthly salary of about 6,400 euros. CNC cutting service

Dr. Wolfgang Hapke, President of Human Resources at BASF Group, a German chemical manufacturer, explained: “In addition to setting wages according to market levels, BASF is committed to the benefits, personal development opportunities and comfortable office environment. In many countries, employees Enjoy pensions, supplemental health insurance, and shareholding projects, which are the benefits of investing in company shares – all to encourage employees to be BASF’s ‘veterans’.”

4 unique employee care culture

In an interview with BMW, I learned a new English word called “Ergonomics.” BMW’s factory has always had a reputation for caring for workers. At the Dingolfing plant in BMW, Germany, it is intimate for some older workers, from plant settings to medical care, and even physical therapists have a one-stop service. CNC cutting service

For example, a special wooden floor can display a larger font of the rotating frame display; a comfortable bench provided to prevent workers from standing too long; an adjustable height shelf to prevent employees from flashing to the waist; for poor eyesight Employees enhance lighting. In the gap between the shifts, the workers can even take a nap in the convenient bed provided in the rest room of the factory.

Example: 70% of the BMW Group employees work in Germany. The employment principle and human resources plan of the BMW Group can basically match the situation in Germany. According to BMW’s analysis, by 2020, the average age of German workers over 50 will increase from 15% to more than 35%. CNC cutting service

5 willing to invest in the future of employees

The so-called “investment” is not just a simple salary. Giving employees the opportunity to learn and improve is a secret to many German companies.

Further training seems to encourage employees to “lifelong learning”. According to Wolfgang Hapke, president of BASF Group Human Resources, the opportunity to protect employees’ lifelong learning is also a future investment for BASF. Continuous training for employees is guaranteed for future manpower needs. CNC cutting service

Like many high-quality German companies, the BASF Group did not lay off employees during the financial crisis because they took many measures to overcome the difficulties, including reducing overtime work, controlling costs, and mobilizing personnel more flexibly. In Ludwigshafen, 600 employees were transferred to temporary positions or transferred to other positions.

“It turns out that it is entirely possible to avoid layoffs during the financial crisis.

When we envy Germany’s high efficiency every day, we have to ponder, how do we treat our working class? CNC cutting service

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