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[Workplace Story] A boss meets a wonderful interviewer and later remembers the past.

Some time ago, a young man was recruited. At the time of the interview, he was very enthusiastic and prepared. He also conducted research on the company. He even asked the dialogue. Obviously he had rehearsed before. In short, it seemed to be a very serious young man. CNC engraving machine

He said: I think this is the company and culture I want. This is my favorite job!

The young man wore black-rimmed glasses and said this with an idealist passion. CNC engraving machine

Frankly speaking, I was impressed by this demeanor.

I think that maybe the work is full of tedious and boring, but only this passion can create excellence.

Later, I looked at the work again and I felt that it was a good idea. Decided to hire.

Soon HR sent him an OFER. The second week came to work.

A few days later, he sent a text message to the supervisor saying that he did not like the job. Texting the next day, he would not come. Even the resignation procedures were not done.

When the supervisor talked to me, I was still amazed. “Is it impossible?”

I don’t think this kind of reckless behavior is exactly what the young people should have.

I would like to talk to him and send him a text message. No reply. I’m going to give him a call, but when I think about it, I don’t think it’s necessary. CNC engraving machine

Even if I got a call, what did I talk to him?

Advise him to continue to the company? —No, I will not ask him anymore.

Talk to him about “responsibility”? – It’s all adult and it’s boring.

Talk about the relationship between “like” and “work”? – I am not Kazuo Kazuo. I can’t say “I would rather like to do my job than I like to do.”

After much deliberation, I want to tell him about my own story.

I want to talk about myself 7 years ago.

At that time, I hadn’t graduated from college and worked as a scriptwriter at a film and television advertising company. Writing scripts is very hard and video ads are not fun. It was completely different from my previous imagination.

The girlfriend who happened to be in a different place came to me. One day, I did not say hello to my boss. I told the executive and said, “I’m not going to do it.” I packed up and left. CNC engraving machine

The mobile phone shut down and spent days with her girlfriend isolated, happy, and heartless. One day, I suddenly felt I had to give an account to the company, so I had to go to the company and talk to my boss.

Coincidentally, the boss was seen at the elevator entrance of the company and took a group of people, squatting on the equipment and hurriedly went out for a photo shoot. The boss saw me and bowed, pointing to me and saying, “Wait me, come back and tell you again.”

I was terrified. The boss usually has a big temper, and he mustn’t kill me.

I waited for an hour in the company. I watched the rest of the company busy and simply ignored me. Extremely embarrassing.

I found a piece of paper, wrote a long letter and placed it at the front desk. Is confessed.

In short, I fled.

This is the beginning of my career. A disgraceful, tainted beginning.

I want to find that young man and talk about it.

I wanted to tell him that this incident became a blemishes that I couldn’t wear after a long time, and a tickle in my heart.

After that, when I was taking a bath, I suddenly remembered that I was escaping and I was tempted to escape. CNC engraving machine

Later, I formally entered the advertising and communications industry, worked for a local creative company for three years, followed by the director to start business, and this year was the fourth year.

In 2012, by coincidence, I met the owner of the movie company.

After all, for many years, I already had a sense of calm and I was able to say hello to people. He still remembered me and shook hands with me enthusiastically. He asked me about the status quo and praised me for being “talented.” I didn’t seem to remember the encounter in the elevator at first.

We had a meal together and we had a chance to cooperate afterwards.

Since then, we have never seen it again.

After that meeting, I completely forgive myself. I also understand one thing – almost everything that you think is embarrassing, you can only remember. Others have long forgotten or not minded, only you, as a long-time itch.

At that time, I really liked Wang Xiaobo. Wang Xiaobo has an article called “Work and Life.” I didn’t feel much at all when I read it, and it was not as enjoyable as reading “A maverick pig.” CNC engraving machine

But now, looking back, this article was written in my heart.

There are three of them that still have my heart:

The first sentence is: “People can have fun from work. This is a huge benefit.”

The second sentence is: “To sum up, everything is good; but to do it like this, this is where the value and dignity of human beings are.”

The third sentence is: “When people work, they not only use their hands, legs and waist, but also use their mind and their own hearts.”

Unconsciously, I found that when I was facing work, my attitude was exactly the same as my life idol. This makes me excited. CNC engraving machine

As if I had experienced a cultivation that I had not even noticed. Now it has been confirmed that repairs are on the ground and the realm is as usual.

When did this attitude and perception of work start? It was from that embarrassing starting point that it started from the itch that had been unable to dissipate for a long time.

The embarrassing experiences of that period, as well as the continuous self-reflection, and the years of dedication to work, have led me to re-understand the “work”. And how should I treat “work.”

Yes. If I had the opportunity to see the young man again, I would talk to him about these. CNC engraving machine

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