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A person knows gratitude, will encounter!

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Blessings from the heart, from the heart to pay, but also from the gratitude of the heart. A person knows gratitude, blessings will grow slowly. If the God is devoid of gratitude, slashing his blessing.

The Ming Dynasty Zhengde years, Fujian has a Li Xiucai Beijing exam, went to Jiangsu, at an inn. The land God came to the inn keeper, said Li Xiucai will have a Fujian high school student, you better treat him. The good reception of Li Xiucai, and the God of the land came the story told him Li Xiucai. Listen to, very happy, go to bed before I wondered: Officer, my wife looks culture is not enough, not an official wife, I will sue him for a move. This idea, know the God of the land, and sent them to the owner, Li Xiucai said this devoid of gratitude. Ill, after the officer wants to put away his wife, because he is ungrateful, blessings cut. No hope of the exam. The shopkeeper told Li Xiucai, it was not a test of fame. CNC equipment Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

The way, to walk in the road. To cultivate blessings and wisdom, to meet the road, only useful in this effort. What is called Tao, Buddhist precepts, Confucian cardinal, these are the road. To meet the road. A reverent heart is Tao; feel gratitude, be like pay is; she is the heart to heart. On the way, worthy of heaven and earth, so try to get blessings. CNC equipment Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

The ancients said, the wife is down the hall, pinjianzhijiao can’t forget others. Have mercy on me, one must not forget. In this way, the world spirits only admire. Will someone. If the ingrate, heaven and earth spirits have spurned, noble will stay away from. Even do more efforts have been draw further apart.

People live a lifetime, do a gratitude thing, it is shaking heaven and earth. For example “, he did not like the dutiful son, but he who Liyan, filial piety, from nature, this is gratitude. People of the world respect them. In gratitude, like Mulian, Brahmin woman, female mountain light, or Miao the princess cut eyes arm save father. These are a case. CNC equipment Manufacturer in Xiamen, China. A case appeared in Buddhism in particular. Buddhist disciples should be reported to the parents well. First kiss from the scale, sub square achievement.

Can the person, must be good. How people live meaningful. As long as the gratitude of the things that have meaning. CNC equipment Manufacturer in Xiamen, China. Bacon, parents grace is meaningful, a monk at Vaughn parents have meaning, and even the cook to serve all Tam Chai mahachon well, are meaningful. Common heart is that common sense of gratitude, is the path.

Ingrate loss of merit, first parents complain that their parents can not forget. Is the first such loss of blessing. Even if the mouth does not complain, there is dissatisfaction with the heart, but also loss of blessings. Once a brother out of a problem, that is where there is dissatisfaction with the parents, please. I said, this problem had a problem at first, people do not see the world order, practice is in the unreasonable place, find out his shortcomings. In bad people find good. CNC equipment Manufacturer in Xiamen, China. This is the practice. Second, we now understand Buddhism, causality, parents do not understand cause, or have many habits, we look down upon him this. You’re wrong. Do you want to see, people came to this world, what are not, are parents, no parents to this body, how do you practice Buddhism. Even if there is thousand parents not, we can be, parents are the first main merit. So don’t complain about their elders, very damaged blessings.

To do good or the first to return to their parents. Parents can not afford to send on Thanksgiving, there is karma. Karma can cloud one’s kind. So read the Tripitaka, eliminate karma, gratitude on the up.

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