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[HR] Performance Assessment Promotion and Implementation (V) Performance Assessment Implementation Diagnosis and Improvement

Appraisal will be grounded and implementation is the most important. Through the first few days of study, I believe that we have a more in-depth understanding and understanding of the implementation of the assessment. Examine the status quo of the performance assessment of the company itself. Do you need to improve or optimize it? Let’s discuss how to solve it together. Please ask: CNC grinder
1. What are the problems with the implementation of your company’s assessment?
2. How would you improve or optimize? CNC grinder

Reference analysis (1):
One of the problems is that the appraisal program has not been effectively operated. After the system is perfected, the execution of each department is not strong. One of the most difficult projects to implement is to increase the execution of training, but the effect is still not satisfactory.

Solution: Participate in the work of each department to understand the core and process of the work, and then gradually solve the work goals of each project. It’s easy to get things done, and it’s not easy to get people. You can control the methods and processes he does, but you cannot control the thoughts of others. This is the difficulty. If it is grassroots, the HR department will give more guidance, more tracking, and more chase. Middle and high-level, we must rely on the general manager level to help their brainwashing, change their way of thinking, accept the company’s relevant systems and policies, so as to contribute to the company and enhance their own capabilities. CNC grinder

The second problem lies in: After the staff interviews reflect the problems, it is difficult to verify some of the issues.

Solution: All employee feedback questions, as HR, believe it or not? Some HR people think that it is difficult to believe and not believe. In fact, there is no need to make things difficult. When each person gives feedback, most of the people only think from his own point of view, ignoring the mode of empathy. When doing a performance interview, you must pay attention to the employee’s reaction. Once an employee asks a question, you must try to solve it on the spot. If it is an influence on the company (not within the scope of your duties and authority), you can tell the employee to report it to the superior and call him. Wait for the result. Therefore, when the staff feedback, we must carry out analysis, classification and resolution, from the easy to the difficult order.
In fact, in the process of performance appraisal, there will be many different kinds of problems. The reasons for these problems are largely rooted in the loopholes in the system, the execution of management personnel, the mentality of the examiners, and so on. When we are in the process of implementation, we only need to record the problems one by one, analyze them and solve them one by one. Regular analysis and analysis are conducted to optimize current systems and operational procedures so that they are easy to operate and employees can easily accept solutions.
The performance appraisal plan, in the course of operation, does not exhale is to follow the principle of fairness, fairness, and objectiveness, and the goal must be clear and standardized. As long as there is a normal heart for performance appraisal, there can be no major problems. CNC grinder

Reference analysis (2):
The first sentence of the title is right: if a well-performed plan cannot be implemented well, it will not be able to achieve the desired results. On the contrary, a very simple plan that appears to be imperfect will be able to achieve satisfactory results if it is well implemented. The same is true for performance appraisal. The previous period spent a lot of time and effort in planning and formulating assessment management methods, programs, training and publicity. If it is not well implemented in the implementation of the assessment, it will also make the assessment program greatly compromised and it will not be satisfactory to us. result.
This so-called: execution is the real primary productivity. In the implementation of performance appraisal, there are also some problems in our organization. Share them one by one below.

1. Some personnel did not conduct assessments. CNC grinder
This situation mainly occurs in employees who have transferred jobs, long breaks, transfer posts, and individual special positions. The company stipulates that all staff will be included in the scope of performance assessment. However, some employees have taken vacations for 1 week, transferred to middle or mid-month posts, and some people who have a special relationship with company leaders or department heads. After some leaders “greet”, they think that “special circumstances require exceptional treatment”. The leaders agreed that they may not be included in the assessment for a certain month, and they may be paid wages or bonuses according to the normal monthly treatment. This makes other normal assessment employees feel dissatisfied and unfair.
I think that these seemingly “special” situations can still be evaluated. For example, if you change jobs, you will be assessed separately for different positions before and after the transfer. It is only slightly more troublesome. Taking the average score between the two is the assessment score. Personnel who are on excessive vacations are still assessed for their performance during the post period so that they can convince the public.

2. Implement the process to adjust the assessment goals. CNC grinder
In the process of appraisal, individual appraisers brought out some special and extreme examples, found a superior leader, thought that an indicator was set irrationally, and it was easy to get a low score for assessment. I hope to adjust it, and some leaders are busy because of work. Time to verify the indicators one by one, can not listen to the HR department or the time when the original set of considerations and ideas, coupled with the assessment of the company’s main department is the core staff, the leadership is easy to listen to these views, the next instruction Midway change “assessment goals “(For example, it was originally scheduled to have a monthly profit of 1 million and an adjustment of 800,000 during implementation). Such a mid-course change would dissuade the insider: In the first instance, what did you do when you learned that? Why is it not proposed when the goal is set?
In the above situation, most of them are key employees who want to reflect their “existential value” at a crucial moment, because the company can’t live without them. Even if they know the truth, the company will make concessions. Therefore, in the face of such circumstances, sometimes have to yield.
I think that to solve this problem, we can prepare a small document specifically for the backbone and core employees at the time of program development. The above can be written: “I have reached full agreement with the company on various aspects of performance assessment. During the current year’s assessment period, Even if there are other unexpected circumstances, I will not use this as an excuse to request adjustment or revision of the contents of the assessment, and then sign each other to confirm. Really do not want to sign, you can also clearly inform this situation, and let the leaders understand that in order to account for the upper hand when the next account. CNC grinder

3. The examinee is not actively involved in the process.
When many appraisers sign the appraisal score, they only pay attention to the final score. If they reach the expected value, they will not look at it and sign it. If they are lower than the expected value, they will check to see which score is low, and the appraisers come to the appraisal. Tangled never considered clear details. This kind of focusing on the results and not attaching importance to the assessment process (especially the process of obtaining work performance) makes people laugh and cry. CNC grinder
Treating this kind of phenomenon, unless it is scored wrongly in the assessment process, otherwise, we will adhere to the principle, give patient explanations, and advise them to pay attention to the process of work performance. Otherwise, they only pay attention to the results and have little significance. This needs to be assessed. The superiors work together to reverse incorrect understanding.

4. The enthusiasm of data collectors is not high.
The main performance of this kind of performance is that the data collectors think that the work is cumbersome and they will offend people, but the company can’t give a good return. At present, if the company collects inaccurate data and does not respond to the relevant penalties in a timely manner, it will also be included in the scope of its job responsibilities. However, the company will also be praised for its outstanding achievements. -500 yuan reward, they think it is not enough “heartbeat.”
In my opinion, on the basis of the original recognition and recognition, the company can additionally consider the selection of semi-annual and annual excellent data collection personnel awards, and the winners can receive an additional allowance of 300-500 yuan per month (data can be changed according to the situation). In addition, there will be priority in promotion. CNC grinder

5, individual assessment data collection accuracy is poor.
Such data is mainly customer-supplied data, foreign data, supplier-provided data, etc., because the performance committee is difficult to verify and has fraudulent components (such as: customer satisfaction surveys, sometimes from the point of view of the handwritten form) May be a temporary fill-in, or even a person’s handwriting, but suffers from no evidence and has no choice but to adopt). This more or less affects the accuracy, fairness and fairness of the assessment.
In my opinion, for such data collection, random sampling methods can be adopted. If the rule is that any found false behaviors will be dealt with once, if they are found, they will be dealt with once. If they commit a crime within two years, they may be given delisting. I believe that under the heavy penalty, this behavior will be less.

6. The assessment results are greatly affected by the wishes of the leaders.
Due to the large impact of the season, the company’s business departments and manufacturing departments are inevitably lower in assessment scores in individual months, and even have lower scores than the functional departments in the same period, which will affect the staff’s enthusiasm in different degrees. When meeting with this situation, the company’s leaders will be very good-hearted and ask the performance committee or their own hands to rewrite the assessment results. This situation will also occur at the end of the year. Leaders believe that company performance appraisal should be tilted towards these business departments because they have the largest contribution, and the assessment scores and assessment bonuses have the most reasons. Such a simple logic theory really makes the HR department and other people “poor” and hard to say “strong words.”
The results of leading will and determination will definitely not be allowed to happen, but they cannot be directly pointed out, nor can we say that “weakness outweighs strong power.” CNC grinder
In my opinion, the performance committee or the HR department can collect opinions or suggestions on “Leading Left and Right Results” and convey the side or side sounds to the leader’s ears so that the leaders understand that the importance of “fair and fair” performance assessment is even more important. Understand the seriousness of the performance plan and the results of the assessment, preferring to allow the leadership’s instructions to revise the assessment plan in the next cycle, but also to temporarily agree with the assessment results of this assessment cycle.
The above problems in the assessment process are only part of it. With the passage of the assessment, there will be other issues. Only by adhering to the “no one is perfect and the gold is not scarce”, recognition of performance assessment also requires a “continuous improvement process”. “To be more suitable for the company’s actual situation, in order to promote all departments, all employees to increase work enthusiasm and improve work efficiency. CNC grinder

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