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[HR] performance system construction (four) how to reduce the resistance of performance appraisal implementation?

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Many small and medium-sized enterprise managers, human resources workers generally believe that the performance appraisal work to promote the resistance, the main reason is: the human resources work is weak, does not do the basic work, performance appraisal system and the actual gap; performance appraisal to broaden the working volume, some companies put the performance appraisal as a deduction of wages, in disguise the means of layoffs.

Well, please:

1, does your company have this phenomenon?

2, how to solve the performance appraisal work to promote the resistance problem? Competitive CNC laser cutting machine price China Manufacturer

Reference analysis:

According to the performance system of literal sense the performance system implementation should have been recognized for all employees. The performance bonus is a kind of welfare, is wage income, excluding wages in the range, but also the amount of activity. The company managers and employees should be glad to execute, regardless of the results of performance appraisal high and low monthly income have increased. But why in the implementation process on the contrary, are not being recognized by the staff? Without management support? The reason we all know. The resistance in the performance of the implementation, mainly from enterprises and employees:

One reason: a lot of enterprise employee performance is a part of salary, performance salary is not a performance bonus. When the performance results are not up to 100%, the same month wages than the entry wage negotiation. For employees, performance bonuses should be, should not be a part of the wages of employees, so to implement performance for some conflict, is not willing to cooperate. The management in this situation it is difficult to convince employees, even their own wage structure, when employees are inconsistent in mind when they have the feeling, lead managers do not support the implementation of the performance. Competitive CNC laser cutting machine price China Manufacturer

Two, the cause of the enterprise: for the enterprise, employees should have a monthly income of salary, if the performance is not good, the performance salary according to the results of the assessment should be made. The performance is good, the assumption that the employee performance evaluation results for the 120% month, a performance bonus. Enterprises do, but also to avoid some labor the dispute. If the enterprise did not encounter some incompetent to corporate loyalty or employee attitude is not positive, the enterprise becomes very passive. Business leaders understanding of performance is weak, the lack of systematic training, the performance also exists some misunderstanding.

Note: the performance of the monthly comprehensive salary is “performance pay”, if the performance exceeds the monthly comprehensive salary belongs to “performance bonus”


1, establish a set of applicable health and performance appraisal system. There is a healthy and appropriate performance appraisal system for enterprises, can avoid the labor law, to motivate employees, improve work efficiency of employees, but also incentives, not only to enhance their enthusiasm for work, and increase the income of some enterprises is love. Copy some business practices, the result is unable to perform. Any system need to be tailored, can refer to the practice of others, but can not copy. For performance appraisal is more not utilitarian approach. Competitive CNC laser cutting machine price China Manufacturer

2, select the appropriate assessment tools and methods. According to the nature of the work of different departments and different selection, assessment tools and methods. For example, different sensitive jobs with 360 degree evaluation, production department with team target assessment, development department for a period of assessment to quarterly or semi annual and so on.

3, maintenance and operation of performance appraisal system. System maintenance is heavy communication and execution, and communication among employees, and the evaluation of communication. Communication is usually in the meeting, each evaluation after the HR audit results in the previous assessment, to investigate and understand the results, unreasonable personnel evaluation and communication, or organize a discussion. There is only one purpose, that is the assessment must be fair, impartial, so after the examination of the meeting is very important, the employee performance interview is more important.

4, timely adjust and amend the assessment tools and assessment methods. Enterprises in different periods, there are different strategic target. The staff performance appraisal target by the company target decomposition to the goals of the Department, and then by the department target decomposition to post (individual). Of course there is a part of the target is fixed, for activities personal goals have with the adjustment. Competitive CNC laser cutting machine price China Manufacturer

5, the company must obtain the support of senior leadership. This is very important, so HR before the implementation of any system, must first convince Pyramid’s top leadership. The implementation of system, especially the performance, if there is no leadership or support the boss, must fail. This is experience, not speculation in the formulation of performance. The system needs to be set of programs, assessment tools and methods all submitted to the approval of the leadership, and the implementation of performance advantages and defects in the said scheme, for leadership.



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