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[HR] Performance System Construction (b) How to set performance assessment goals?

To build a performance system, it is first necessary to formulate a performance plan. The performance plan is mainly to determine the focus of assessment and set assessment goals. How to set performance goals, different company practices. Some companies are divided into departments according to their annual goals. Some companies are set by the department themselves, others are combined with job responsibilities, and some companies are combined with phased job tasks. So, how do you set your company’s performance goals? CNC lathes

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The establishment of employee performance appraisal goals is the key to good performance appraisal. Business sector indicators are too low to provide an incentive. The high personal gains in the distribution of benefits are both detrimental to future performance appraisal efforts and tend to create unfair distribution within the company. Too high metrics can create too much pressure and adversely affect the business sector. The mobility of employees’ enthusiasm. The inability to quantify the indicators of the functional departments can also cause the phenomenon of assessments to flow. Let me share my experiences in this area: CNC lathes

I. The setting of Performance Assessment Indicators for Business Units – Evaluation of Business Units

1. At the beginning of each year, according to the actual completion of each business indicator in the natural year of the business department, it is calculated according to a growth ratio. The main assessment indicators can include sales revenue, sales, profits, capital pressure, cash flow rate, etc.

2. After the measurement data is generated, the data will be adjusted according to the company’s development strategy. If the company plans to increase the import and export business, it should increase the value when setting the assessment index.

3. Adjusted data meet with various business companies, and adjusts and allocates various resources required for the completion of the next year’s economic and economic indicators. In the above example, whether the import and export business indicators need to be increased or adjusted by personnel, whether or not Need to increase investment in controllable funds. CNC lathes

4. The formulation of the business sector indicators is actually a game process. All parties will propose adjustments to the data, because this will directly affect the employees’ income. Therefore, in the process of formulation, it must comply with the company’s development strategy. The characteristics of policy guidance; At the same time, efforts are made to increase performance, and assessment can effectively play a role in encouraging.

Second, the performance of the performance assessment of the establishment of indicators – non-business departments mainly assess the key performance indicators of the staff and other departments to assess their satisfaction and other factors.

1. The establishment of key performance indicators for the non-business sector is based on the employee’s job requirements, job descriptions, and competency models. CNC lathes

2. The formulation of key performance indicators should follow the principles of quantifiable, specific standards and time requirements. Many qualitative and vague criteria will lead the examiner to make arbitrary subjective judgments in the actual assessment process and lose the seriousness and effectiveness of the assessment work. Therefore, assessment indicators must be based on quantifiable, practically observable and measurable indicators.

3. The performance appraisal indicator should be formulated by the department manager and the employee. The reason is that the employee’s opinions can be fully taken into consideration. At the same time, subordinates can only recognize this standard, and they can consciously, voluntarily, and earnestly achieve this performance standard. .

4, data foundation issues. Performance assessment data must have data support to take this data support should be provided by the appropriate departments. When selecting the basis of indicator data, external data should be used as much as possible to avoid the occurrence of self-evaluation by departments and even examiners. CNC lathes

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