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Class leader’s pre-class, mid-class and post-class management

REVIEW: As the most grass-roots units, the core of the work is still management. With good management, the team will do a good job. Therefore, management knowledge and methods are very important to the team leader. CNC machine precision

Team management content is complex, how to put a multitude of things, all the details are done, need some prior finishing and planning. The main content of team management according to chronological order includes:

1 class before

In general, the team leader must arrive at the scene at least 15 minutes before the scheduled work time to conduct on-site observation and transfer of work, mainly from the QCD: Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery period) and 4M1E: that person Man, Material, Machine, Method and Environment to get an idea of the status of the previous shift to form a preliminary plan for the shift.

2 classes

This period focuses on the most important content of team management. It is necessary to track the actual situation on the spot, implement follow-up, confirm quality, manage progress, identify changes and respond in a timely manner, and at the same time promote job improvement, that is, implement on-site control. During class management, the team leader should pay attention to the following points:

Before class

It usually starts at work, and it takes 5 to 10 minutes of pre-class meeting for all members to confirm the attendance of the staff, sum up the work on the first day, arrange the day’s work and staff deployment, and conduct job instruction and personnel education. CNC machine precision

Production confirmation

Each employee will start working, and the team leader will move on to the next working procedure and conduct on-site confirmation and inspection on the implementation of production arrangements, including:

(1) Whether the product model produced is correct;

(2) whether the number of people on duty for the relevant personnel is clear;

(3) Whether the material on site is in place;

(4) Whether the equipment is normal;

(5) whether the process conditions and operating standards are observed.

3 on-site inspection

Team members into the normal state of production, the team leader should be conducted from time to time on-site inspection, at any time to grasp the scene changes point, predictably found the problem. Abnormal behavior of employees and abnormal conditions at the scene, timely response measures to ensure the smooth progress of production. Quality and progress are the focus of inspections. CNC machine precision

4 Technical guidance and business improvement

After the inspection, the use of maneuver time unskilled team members to conduct technical guidance, some of the problems of business improvement, and promote performance improvement. If there is a need for assistance from others outside the department or members of this group at work, external coordination is also required.

After class

After work, the focus of work is to summarize the work of the day, fill in relevant reports, and record production, quality, employee attendance, efficiency, and other work results and related information, so as to provide reference for the next round of work plans. Making the transition to the next team is an important job after class. CNC machine precision

It should be noted that much of the work of the team is completed in the spare time after class, such as communication with team members, design of job improvement programs, statistical work, quarterly summary, etc. There are also many jobs interspersed in the above specific links, such as employees. Incentives, technology and management innovation.

Team leader day work content is displayed routine work procedures, the modern team due to the expansion of power and management environment changes, the main task goes far beyond this. From a comprehensive team work point of view, team management also includes organization and management, on-site management, information management, cost control, innovation management, employee emotional management, incentive management. All team leaders need to do their best to promote team management. CNC machine precision

As the leader of a grassroots team, if the class leader does not understand the knowledge of these managements, he will not use the tools of management. In the daily team management, there will be no matter how big or small he is, and he will make the team leader fall into the daily complicated class work. , Team leader is not like a manager, more like a “bondage” team. If the team leader can understand that management is a process of “leveraging,” there will be no situation in which he or she will not be relieved of any effort or energy. Therefore, management knowledge is the team leader must learn, and the key is to correctly understand its meaning, and guide practice. CNC machine precision

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