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Liu Chuanzhi, Chen Chunhua talks about the President’s Mission: to keep Enterprises alive

What’s the president’s mission? Competitive CNC machine services near me China Manufacturer

Liu Chuanzhi: let enterprises live

What’s the president supposed to do? In fact, the beginning is to let your company live, and have a profit, can continue to grow, this is the most basic thing. The most important thing about this business model is to turn it into a profitable model, to grow over the long term, and that’s the most fundamental thing.

This is a very special situation. The environment around us is very uncertain. When I got out of business in 1984, things were changing. But today’s uncertainty is even greater. When you choose a model, walking along will find a change in the policies of possible countries, competitors in competition, new technology innovations, and innovation in business models. The president, as the helmsman of the enterprise, wants the old model to fail, and what kind of model will he adopt in the future.

As soon as Lenovo came out, it made its own product, the Lenovo Chinese character system. It could not survive simply by doing it. It was inserted into a PC and sold on a PC for more money than that. More than just making Hanka. So, we want to develop into a PC agent. Continue to do or survive, become we have to have their own PC. Easy to say. There are many difficult ways to go in the middle. But without this change, Lenovo would have died.

At that time, it was our own request for a breakthrough, a change. Now, the situation outside forces you to change. You have to keep thinking about today’s model. Can you live according to this? Corporate planning can be one or two years, and in that year or two you have to adjust because of changes in the industry environment. So, keep thinking about whether our profit model today, especially Internet companies, can adapt. I think it’s particularly important.

But with this adjustment, will your own internal organizational structure, your people, your motivation style be kept up to date? We set a goal, what business we want to do, what we can achieve, in this case, today’s business model. Peer competition forces us to change. Are we able to keep up with what’s inside us, you can’t do it if you can’t do it. So we set goals, direction, these things, if you call them strategies. To survive, the CEO has to have the right business model, a set of elements that match the business model, including organizational structure, personnel, and motivation. Upstream and downstream relationships, etc., need to be considered by the president. This is the easiest thing to do.

Chen Chunhua: president’s four missions

The president is always the one who can be laid off. Why is it always possible to be laid off? It’s because one of the most important tasks of the CEO is to produce results first. When you don’t have performance, the whole company has no basis for existence.

The president’s mission, at the heart of which is to generate performance, to keep the company alive, is the number one thing. It’s very crucial to find a business model, a business model.

The second mission of the president is to link each member to the business. If the company is allowed to have a large number of people, his efforts and efforts, and even the resources he has, has nothing to do with the business performance of the company. The CEO didn’t do his job. When you can’t do it, the company has a series of problems, so this is your second mission.

Third mission, the president must ensure that the enterprise at different stages, to make different choices very clearly. I am now a CEO, and unlike everyone else, I am already very big. And we have been number one in the industry for a long time. A lot of people feel that it is wrong to show our personal charm to airborne CEO. The most important thing is to deal with this enterprise. I have to understand what is the most valuable thing in this industry, and if this thing is not valuable, will it be adjusted? We do different things at different times. We do feed. When I came, I found that feed is not profitable, it is cost, the most important thing should be to make food safety. As Liu General just said. What kind of choice the president makes at any stage is what you have to do, and it’s your mission. Competitive CNC machine services near me China Manufacturer

The last one is the most difficult one. The president has to manage himself. A lot of times when we think that the president is in charge of others, we think that the president is in charge of himself. If he can manage himself, he can make a choice at different stages. I think the president’s mission is basically taken over by getting everyone connected to the business, finding the results and the business model.


How to advance in contradiction?

Chen Chunhua: three criteria for judging right and wrong Direction

In the whole business process and development, as the president does have one of the most important mission and responsibility, is to ensure that the right direction. Once this wrong, the entire enterprise destroyed. But the direction of this matter. It’s easy to say, but it’s very difficult when we do it, say, “strategy.” what is a strategy? Choosing the right thing to do, not doing the right thing, choosing the right thing to do is strategy, and doing the right thing is management.

Choose the right thing to do, what is the right thing? There are three criteria for judging whether this direction is right or wrong, and if we understand it, it will not be too wrong.

We evaluate whether the direction is right or not, we are guided by the goal. What is this goal? There are three, the first is the economic goal, that is, to emphasize profit at the beginning, to live. Many times I am quite afraid, I am afraid that people say, “We are Internet enterprises.” We’re just spending money. “We’ve been in a traditional industry, and we’re dealing with the Internet. I’m serious about telling you today that even if you have money to spend, you still need to have an economic goal. The Internet has a sentence.” Call “wool comes out on pig, dog pays”, where does the world have so stupid dog? There won’t be such a stupid dog. So to judge whether things are right or not, the first concept is that you have to be able to answer the economic value.

Can’t answer the direction of economic value, you have to do, I will give you the second goal, is that all stakeholders can get value maximization. Maybe not make money for the time being. But if we can maximize the value of stakeholders, including employees, including investors, including upstream and downstream partners, and if that can be done, then we also think that’s the right thing to do, the right direction.

The third criterion is non-financial indicators, such as risk aversion, such as brands, social responsibility, for example, contributions to an industry or to the market. Financial indicators may not be available now. But it’s the right thing to do.

Liu Chuanzhi: eating the bowl, looking at the pot

We are guided by an important goal, that is, profitability, depending on the economic indicator. But in the process of achieving this target, will we do it in accordance with the stated requirements, and how can we measure it? This is what the president should seriously consider. Competitive CNC machine services near me China Manufacturer

On the one hand, to create an enterprise, in deciding a business model line and failure, we should follow the planned plan, try and make mistakes, summarize, adjust.

Second, when we do this job, especially the Internet enterprises, we find that there is a better profit model waiting on the side, do we want to move over there? The la cara that we cast, it is the enterprise that does pay originally, because do pay to do much after, master more data, can do credit, have the basis of credit information can do small loan. When the original thing is done, eating the bowl, watching the pot, constantly adjust, this is what the president needs to consider. In the process, how to understand their own goal in the end right. It takes the CEO’s own judgment to keep looking back, getting to know the situation, and making adjustments. Don’t do it. While you’re doing it, you need to see if there’s something better next to it. Can go that way. I have a few Internet service friends, in fact, are all around, to a more appropriate mode.

In the process of meeting the target, because we are talking about the startup, it is important to try and make mistakes. Do the process to continue to summarize, to achieve the goal, but also eat the bowl, watching the pot.

Competitive CNC machine services near me China Manufacturer

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