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The team leader needs to speak, write, and do

The team is the cell of the company and the foundation of the company. Leaving the team, professional management is the castle in the air. As the most important member of the team, the role of the team leader in the team work is critical. Therefore, it is of great significance for the team leader to do a good job of professionalizing the team. CNC machine shop

The leader of the team must do a good job in the specialization of the team. They must do the “three meetings,” that is, they will speak, write, and do. CNC machine shop

1. Will you say?

When the team leaders work within the management team, they must say that their performance is:

(1) It will be said when the opening team meeting.

At the team meeting, the head of the team must make it simpler and more accurate. This requires the team leaders to make full preparations before the meeting, such as sharing important points on the content of the meeting with the staff of the team, or writing down key points at the meeting.

In addition, the team leaders must also train their own speech skills and learn to speak in a few words, that is, points. Because the general team is short-term, many specific tasks need to be arranged. Therefore, the leader of the team must be organized and focused. CNC machine shop

(2) Say when communicating with team members.

When the team leader communicates and communicates with employees, especially when the employee has made some mistakes, he or she should not be straightforward. Instead, they should find a good point of contact so that the two parties can communicate with each other naturally and the atmosphere will not be embarrassing. CNC machine shop

In the exchange, the team leader must meet people with affection and sincerity, so that the employees are willing to say their true words; they must also be instructed to guide employees, ask employees to use their way of thinking, understand their positions, needs, Aspirations can effectively guide conversations and create a more natural conversation atmosphere. CNC machine shop

The leader of the team should also pay attention to listening, giving employees the opportunity to show themselves and self-achievement, so that employees will have a sense of satisfaction, and their sense of cooperation and participation will be mobilized.

When communicating, the leader of the team must pay attention to different ways of communication. Especially now that some young employees are pursuing individuality, the ways of communication can be diversified, for example through their favorite QQ, MSN, etc., to communicate with them, so that they feel that you are very kind. Approachable. Also happy to write with you. CNC machine shop

(3) It will be said when reporting to leaders.

The leader of the team needs to regularly report to the leaders some of the circumstances of the team. This requires the team leader to have some reporting skills.

Before the report, the team leader should list the contents of the report in the form of an outline. When the outline is presented, the logical relationship should be clearly expressed in the form of a title. Only in this way can the report be organized; but also be fully prepared and able to report with ease. CNC machine shop

Leaders of the team should report briefly to leaders, and do not procrastinate. There are no time for listening to lengthy articles on leadership matters, and most of the leaders also have experience working at the grassroots level, so the leader of the team leader can only point when reporting.

It should be noted that while summing up achievements, we must also reflect the problems in our work. Because there is no leader who likes great happiness and impracticality. CNC machine shop

2. Will write?

(1) Write a work plan and summary.

The management responsibility of the team leader on the work of the team must inevitably require him to plan and summarize his work. The team work plan is done well and the work can be carried out in an orderly manner. If the summary is done well, then the superiors can see the results of the team and get the team to receive the recognition they deserve. The morale of the staff can be encouraged, which is more conducive to the development of the team work. CNC machine shop

(2) The various reports of the team will be filled in.

It is a basic requirement for the team leader to fill out various statements in a standardized and standard manner. There are many reports for the team. The leader of the team should pay attention to the different design formats of various reports, making the report of the team more suitable for the needs of the records. In addition, the team leader must not only fill out the report, but also mean that other employees in the shift team correctly fill in the report and improve their ability to fill out the report. CNC machine shop

Leaders of the team should bring together the issues reflected in the report of the class and all kinds of reports, and find targeted solutions. Only in this way can team reports be truly effective in the team work.

3. Will you do it? CNC machine shop

“If you don’t want it, don’t do it,” and ask others to do it, first of all do it yourself. For the team work, the team leader must take the lead to promote the enthusiasm of the staff. The team leader should be the professional backbone with rich practical experience and relatively comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the profession. He should be skilled in the technical knowledge of the work within his jurisdiction, work principle of the equipment, technical requirements and the quality of equipment maintenance. , operating conditions, etc. must have a comprehensive understanding and mastery.

The team leaders must take the lead in mastering advanced technologies and improve their own technical skills, and then impart their own skills and experience to the team employees without reservation. The leader of the team must strive to improve the overall technical quality of the team members through the form of business coaching, preaching and teaching, as well as organizing team members to help each other in the form of mutual help and learning, and to create a truly skilled and innovative team. CNC machine shop

In the process of production management, the team leader should be able to quickly eliminate the potential safety hazards in the production process of the team and quickly solve the problems encountered in the production and process technologies of the team. CNC machine shop

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