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Why McDonald’s and Kentucky always come together? The business secrets you don’t know.

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KFC has more than 4800 stores in China, and McDonald’s stores although just a little bit worse for more than 2000. Also, this seemingly competitive market performance “friends”, whether good or bad, always been mentioned at the same time, just as you will often find a street, next to a McDonald’s must have a a KFC. This is just a coincidence? Behind what kind of business logic? Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

Let’s start with a story: there’s a pair of brothers selling tofu, both of them have opened a bean curd shop, and they are on the road not far away, but the tofu sold by their brother is soft and crispy, and the tofu sold by their brother is hard and full. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

At the beginning people want to eat tofu shop brother, later found soft food for a long time will gradually boring, so my brother’s shop started Business Flourishes, later went to two customers gradually reached an equilibrium point (of course, the customer is willing to come here to buy tofu, after all choose the larger space). Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

McDonald’s and Kentucky should be the same, both competitive and mutual win.

Business circle theory — seemingly competitive sales are not low

The theory is a business circle theory. McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King, if three of them are on the same street, they will form a small business circle of fast food. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

People tend to “the problem where there is food” is more sensitive, and for “where there is the problem of McDonald’s KFC /” is not so hard. And three of them associated small just a district to the public impression of “we are here to sell food, but there are a lot of home sell food store! Come and buy ah!”

So the public wanted to find food, the first time to think of the street, think of the street there are n stores. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

This will not only do not compete with each other, reduce the sales of the competitors, but will make the sales of the two more than the sales of their own stores. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

If you open a store alone, customers will often worry if they will not have seats. Will there be many people queuing up? Will they not open today? Etc., compared to that n store, customers always want to have a shop there anyway, there is always a suitable for me to go there.

So, in general, McDonald’s and Kentucky are going to come together and make up a small business circle. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

Divide the business circle – determine the type by scoring

McDonald’s and KFC always get together, first in the district for their division of the “Great minds think alike. to KFC for example. Look at this kind of western style fast-food restaurants strict selection process.

The most valued business area. KFC plans to enter a city, and will collect data in this area through its own location decision team. Some materials are free, and some materials need to spend money to buy. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

District planning is taken by the scoring method, for example, in this area there is a large shopping mall, shopping malls turnover in 10 million yuan a, 50 million yuan is 5, there is a bus line with the number of points, there is a subway line with many points. The average score standard is under a the accurate value of experience. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

The business circle is divided into several categories by scoring. Taking Beijing as an example, there are municipal commercial type (Xidan, Wangfujing, etc.), district level business type, fixed point (target) consumption type, community type, community business dual-use type, tourism type and so on. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

Choose the business circle – to ensure a successful family

Select the district the current focus is to determine which district in the shop, which is the main goal. The selection criteria in the district on the one hand to consider the market positioning the restaurant itself, on the other hand to consider the districts stability and maturity. The market positioning of different restaurants to attract customers is not the same, the choice of business is different. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

For example, the market orientation of Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle and KFC, customers are not the same, is the two “intersection” circle, some people eat KFC to eat Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle people could never eat KFC, eat Ma Lan is vice versa. The location of Hand-Pulled Noodle, Ma Lan Hand-Pulled Noodle also of course with KFC. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

KFC is similar to McDonald’s market position, and the customer group is basically reclosing, so it is the same in the choice of business circle.

Values of the maturity and stability is also very important. For example, the Planning Bureau said in a way to open, set up the address in what place, there may be here to become a mature business district in the future, but KFC must wait until the mature and stable values before entering. If this shop for three years after the benefit will be good, but not today do you want to help, this three years into a loss? Kentucky shop to spend millions, of course not the risk, must be relatively stable principle, ensure a successful one.

Data collection: strict traffic generation calculation

What is the traffic generation measurement? For example, Beijing Xidan is a very mature business district, but not in Xidan any position is poly off point must have gathered the main guest position. The principle is: KFC stores strive for in the place near the shop and many visitors. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

In the past the old saying “step three”. The shop address one step there may be 30% of the sale. With the flow of people (abortion activity line), some people may go to the corner, this is the place that the guests not to place, not a small alley, but business is a lot worse. These in the site are taken into account.

Flow of people is what? In this area, from the subway after it is direction and so on, these are sent to the pinch table, to measure, with a complete set of data to determine the address. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

For example, in the determination of the shop is in the previous flow, plans to open the place after pinch table records of people, measure unit of time how many people through this location. In addition to the location on the sidewalk outside the stream of people, but also measure the flow of people in the middle of the Road and across the road. The road between the only ride a bicycle that car is not. Whether or not the flow of people across the street to see the road width, road width is narrow even exceeds a certain level, the general is the isolation zone, customers would not be over consumption, not the flow of people across. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

KFC site selection personnel will collect the data of the stream of people to input special computer software, and we can calculate that the amount of investment can not exceed that much, and the store can not be opened.

Planning district with traffic generation measure maturity

Traffic generation also affects the choice of the choice of business. Because a district has no major traffic generation is the District an important indicator of maturity. Beijing residents such as a new area, the residents are very much, the quality of the population is also high, but according to the survey, can not find where the plot is the main traffic generation, then it may be asked not to shop, when what time the community mature or mature, that is really a place to open the main traffic generation. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

In order to good planning district, KFC development department put huge efforts in Beijing. Kfc Corporation, the perennial development staff traveled to Beijing every corner of this year, construction and road change greatly, the local people are easy to get lost place at his fingertips. This situation occurs frequently, the Beijing Kfc Corporation received a customer calls, Kentucky in his suggestion the local point, developers to address can casually say the characteristics of local business environment, whether it is suitable for the shop.

KFC and McDonald’s market positioning similar customer groups basically coincide, so we often see a street is on the side of McDonald’s, while KFC, which is both take up strategy. Because McDonald’s in the shop before choosing Diego have done a lot of detailed market survey, the shop next to it, not only can save time and energy on site also, you can save a lot of cost location. On the contrary, McDonald’s will make the same consideration in the site, and follow up the Kentucky. Therefore, on the same street, see it is not surprising that saw McDonald’s KFC. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

Comment on views

To a great extent, the peers have formed a community of interests, so it is necessary to maintain the legitimate interests of the peers and to compete with their rivals by proper means.

Among the competitors not eliminate competition, but to “competing”, will rival resources use. Healthy competition to expand the market cake, common development. Cooperation and competition does not mean to eliminate competition, it is the development from the perspective of the enterprise itself and optimize the allocation of social resources perspective, promote relations between the enterprises new from the simple adjustment, the fight at outrance competition to win-win cooperation, this is what we usually speak of “competing”.

“Everyone has his own advantages, any Sometimes an inch may prove long.,” an enterprise has its own strengths and weaknesses. “A mountain” the day has gone for ever, when we are not able to come to dominate the, select and match together, like McDonald’s and KFC, we enhance their strength in competition with each other throw in the competition, and other rivals, so that both sides win the initiative in the competition. In a large field of view, the business world is actually more should be a win-win culture, only together the cake bigger, in order to achieve multi win. Small success by friends, big success by the opponent. Experienced CNC machine spindle China Manufacturer

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