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“Ancient Prose” in the most classic nine famous wisdom!

“Ancient Chinese concept only” is an ancient book prepared by Enlightenment, the book has been divided into seven periods by age, each period has focused on writers and works. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Many of them, such as Tao Yuanming, Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan, Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi and other famous masterpieces, are also included in the classic articles of Zuo Zhuan, Shi Ji and Warring States. CNC machining brass parts its-017

This can be an overview of the origins of the development of classical Chinese, but also can analyze the different styles of various writers, is not only an image of the great concept of Chinese history of prose, but also a living prose development.

First, quiet little words, not Rongli. Good study, do not ask for a solution; every intention, they readily forget to eat.

[Source] “Drifting” (Author: Tao Yuan)

[Effect] Mr. Wu Liu quiet quiet, very few words, nor envy the glory and fortune. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Like reading, reading only to understand the essentials, not in the word-by-word explanation too much; every time you understand the contents of the book, they readily forget to eat.

【Background】 Tao Yuanming since the number “Mr. Wu Liu,” founder of the pastoral school in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

The text of Mr. Wu Liu shows the three major interests: one is reading, the other is drinking, the third is writing an article, which creates a true self, demonstrates the subtle noble character and reveals the strong personality personality. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Second, the ancient wealth and famous Mo Fumu off, never wins in mind, only  extraordinary person Yan.

Gaiwen Wang arrested and played “The Book of Changes”; Zhong Er and “Spring and Autumn”; Qu Yuan exile, is Fu “Li Sao”; left Qiu blind, Jue “Mandarin”; Shu, the world Biography “Lu”; Han Fei imprisonment Qin, “difficult to say” “anger”; “Poetry” 300, the outsole of the Ind

[Source] “A Letter” (Author: Sima Qian)

【Intention】 In ancient times, although the rich but the name disappeared, the countless, only those extraordinary and extraordinary talent known in the world. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Xi Boji Chang was detained to expand the “Book of Changes”; Confucius embarrassed for “Spring and Autumn”; Qu Yuan was exiled, wrote “Lisao”; left Qiu Ming blind, before becoming “Mandarin”; Sun Ying was cut off the knee bone , Before writing “Art of War”;

Lv Buwei was relegated to Sichuan, the later was circulated “Lu’s Spring and Autumn”; Han Fei was imprisoned in the Qin State, wrote “difficult to say” “indignation”; “Poetry” 300, mostly saints who express indignation and Writing

【Background】 “Anyman is reported” written by Sima Qian to his friend Ren An a reply. CNC machining brass parts its-017

In the article, Sima Qian with extreme indignation, expressed his unfortunate experience of being castration. Among them, the heroic spirit of “a man’s inherent death, or heavier than Taishan, or lighter than the feather,” has shown his heroic spirit of perseverance and indomitableness.

Third, simple and arbitrary, choose the good and from, then the wise men do their best, brave the effort, benevolent broadcast their benefits, the letter efficiency of its loyalty. CNC machining brass parts its-017

[Source] “admonish Taizong ten think Shu” (Author: Wei Zheng)

【To the effect that the selection of talented people and the appointment of them, choose good ideas to adopt it, those who have wisdom will show their all their talents, brave will do their best, benevolence will spread their favor , Honesty will serve their loyalty. CNC machining brass parts its-017

【Background】 This article was written in the Tang Taizong Zhenguan eleven years, Wei Zheng Taizong Shangshu, intended to advise Taizong to be vigilant in peace time, abstain from extravagance frugal, plot their virtue.

Fourth, the so-called hero of the hero, there must be extraordinary section of human beings can not ninja. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Pifu humiliation, pull the sword and come forward, come forward and fight, this lack of courage. There is a brave man in the world, suddenly coming without fear, without reason, without anger. This hostage is very large, but its ambition too far.

[Source] “Liu Hou On” (Author: Su Shi)

【Intentionally】 In ancient times, it was called the hero of the clerical, must have the winner of the martial arts, most people can not tolerate the common sense of measurement. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Unscrupulous people were insulted, will pull up the sword, to step forward to fight, it is not enough to be called Warriors.

People in the world who are truly heroic have no panic in the face of unexpected situations and are not angered when there is no reason to be insulted by others. This is because they have a great ambition and ambition is very lofty.

【Background】 According to the case of Zhang Liangyu under the account of “Zhang Shi Hou Hou Jia Shi” and the help of Liu Bang reunifying the world, this article discusses the root cause of Zhang Liang’s success – the extraordinary festival, far.

Five, not joy, not to be sad. Habitat Temple Church is high for its people, far away from rivers and lakes are worried about their monarch. CNC machining brass parts its-017

[Source] “Yueyang Tower” (Author: Zhongyan)

【To the effect】 noble people are not due to good or bad things and their gains and losses and happy or sad. Worrying about the people in the government of the court; not in the court official but in the middle of the remote arena for the monarch worry.

【Background】 “Yueyang Tower” is Fan Zhongyan should be friend Baling County Prefecture Teng Zijing Beijing’s request, to rebuild Yueyang Tower. CNC machining brass parts its-017

The article goes beyond the confines of simplifying the concept of landscape architecture and shows that despite its perseverance, despite being persecuted, it has shown its tenacious will to die in the arena.

VI, Fu Yi to the near, then the public tourists; risk far, then the less. The world’s Qi Wei, strange strange, very concept, often lies in danger far, and people are rare to Yan, so non-volunteers cannot be.

The aspiration to carry on, do not follow suit, the lack of strength, nor can it be. Aspiration and strength, but not with the idle, as dark and confused and no physical phase, nor can it. CNC machining brass parts its-017

[Source] “You praise Zen Mountain in mind” (Author: Wang)

The effect of the road is flat and close to the ground, more people come to visit; difficult and remote roads, people come to visit less.

But the world’s marvelous majesty, peculiar, unusual landscape, often in that obstructing, remote and rare place, so, those who have no will cannot reach. CNC machining brass parts its-017

With ambition, do not stop blindly from others, but lack of physical strength, can not be reached. With ambition and strength, nor blind obedience to others, slack, but to that deep dark, confusing places but no necessary items to support, cannot be reached.

【Background】 “Travel praise Zen Mountain” is the Northern Song Dynasty Wang Anshi tour compliment Hill, to recall the form of a travelogue. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Excerpted paragraphs express Wang Anshi’s quest for the road to life insights – only with the Chi, force, and support of these three conditions in order to reach the ideal situation.

Seven, old and strong, rather shift the heart of the Whitehead? Poor and benefit Kennedy, do not fall into the clouds of ambition. CNC machining brass parts its-017

[Source] “Preface to King” (Author: Wang Bo)

Although the old age, ambition should be more exuberant, how can we change the mood in vain? Although difficult circumstances, the will should be more determined, must not abandon their aspirations.

【Background】 Wang Bo visited his father passing through the Pavilion of Prince Teng. The Governor General dined on the pavilion with Wang Bo and made an impromptu passage. The article described the situation and banquet grand occasion of the Pavilion of the Teng Wang Pavilion and expressed his noble aspiration despite being frustrated. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Eight, disciples do not have to be as teachers, teachers do not have to be good at disciples. Wen Road has successively, surgery industry specializing in the case.

[Source] “Spirit” (Author: Han Yu)

Therefore, the students are not necessarily as good as the teachers. The teachers are not necessarily better than the students. They have heard the truth from time to time. CNC machining brass parts its-017

【Background】 This paper is written by Han Yu to his student Pan Li. It discusses the important role of teachers, the necessity of attending teacher training and the principle of selecting a teacher.

This article lashed out at that time the literati-class “mentality is a shame, official Sheng is close,” the psychology, advocacy from the teacher and learn the culture. CNC machining brass parts its-017

Nine, fighting, courage also. Do it all at once, second time tired, third time exhausted. He exhausted me, so grams of it.

[Source] “Cao Gui controversy” (Author: Hengyu)

The effect is to rely on courage. The first drumming can muster the courage of the soldiers, the second drumming courage is weakened, and the third drumming courage is exhausted. The enemy’s courage exhausted and our courage is strong, so defeated the Qi army. CNC machining brass parts its-017

【Background】 “Cao Yong debate” from “Zuo Zhuang ten years,” tells the story of Qi and Lu in the Spring and Autumn Period in the long scoop of the scene.

The battle of long spoons took place in 684 BCE and was one of the famous examples of history in which weaker and weaker. Cao Yong in the wartime use of “a bang, and then decline, three and exhaust” principle to repel a powerful Qi army. CNC machining brass parts its-017

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