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In the workplace, how can you improve your core competitiveness?

I had dinner with my cousin Xiaoying. Xiaoying graduated last year and worked for more than six months. She is editor at a website company. CNC machining brass parts its-044

She said that recently, there was a company that had been calling and wishing I had gone to work. The position I gave was backstage supervisor and the salary was 30% more than it is now. CNC machining brass parts its-044

I understand the situation. This website company A was newly established in June last year. The main business is basically in line with the company B she works for. It is a website for real estate advertising.

Company B had colleagues before Xiaoying. He wanted Xiaoying to work with her in the past. A new platform can have more development opportunities, and compared with the current situation, the salary and position have also improved. CNC machining brass parts its-044

Xiaoying had some heartbeat. She asked my opinion.

I took it seriously and I suggested she stay in the current company.

I said, when you change jobs, think about what your core competencies are, and what are your weaknesses and weaknesses? CNC machining brass parts its-044

The reason why Company B wants you to go to work in the past is, first of all, the fact that the company you work for is a well-known website company, and your platform brings you advantages. Second, because of your work attitude and ability to work, it has been recognized by others.

The newly established company has more jobs and higher benefits, but for now, you have less than a year of work experience, insufficient experience and capacity, and on a large platform, it helps Various capabilities have been improved.

At the same time, apart from the advantages brought by the platform, we must pay attention to cultivating our own competitiveness. Then you will find that the opportunities in the future are far more than these. CNC machining brass parts its-044

Xiaoying thoughtfully, she said, I was thinking about graduating in less than a year can be promoted, and took a higher treatment than the students, complacent. However, as far as I am concerned at this stage, learning a lot and improving oneself are the most important.

Yes, when we graduated, we must reserve ourselves, know ourselves, and upgrade ourselves. When you are competitive enough, there will be better development. CNC machining brass parts its-044


And Xiao Xiang’s acquaintance was in an interview. A few years ago, I went to work. There were a lot of people waiting in line at the front, and I sat in a corner chair and waited. For a moment, a girl in a black fishtail dress in a white shirt sat next to me.

I looked at the girl in front of her. She was wearing a horsetail, showing her smooth forehead, her skin was white and transparent, and she looked neat and tidy.

Waiting a long time, we both chatted. CNC machining brass parts its-044

At that time she had just returned from Beijing to work in City C. She said she wanted to find a job in real estate sales. And it must be done for villa sales.

I am very curious to ask why it is a villa? Villas are slow to sell, and they are small in quantity. Now that the high-rises on the market just need real estate, the sales are very hot. If you sell high-level, the capital will be faster. You can quickly get a commission, and the customer needs a lot, and you can earn a lot of money. CNC machining brass parts its-044

Xiao Ran looked at me and said that I have my own goals. I currently want to sell villas, accumulate some experience, master the resources of high-end customers, and gradually develop. I do not want to rush to choose to make money during this time of self-deposition.

At the time, I did not accept Xiao’s views.

Is not real estate sales to make money? Why didn’t she choose a good shot to make high-rise real estate? CNC machining brass parts its-044

After the interview, I and Xiao Ran just entered the same company. She wished to do a sales consultant for the villa project. I continued to work as a planner.

In the past two years, I clearly felt the change of Xiao Ran. We often chat together.

She said that although she is only one of the most basic sales consultants, but because the face of customers are rich class. So in order to have more common topics with customers. Must improve itself from all aspects. CNC machining brass parts its-044

She squeezed her time to attend various trainings, luxury training, wine appreciation, fragrance tasting, and luxury car test drive activities. Then often look at celebrity biographies, financial channel. Always pay attention to current affairs and politics.

She studies tea and learns to play golf. She regards work as a platform to enhance her own literacy.

Xiao Ran said, I want to build a good communication platform with customers and make friends with customers. I managed this job with all my heart, even if I started to earn little, but I always think that the work I choose can bring more value-added space for myself. CNC machining brass parts its-044

I think that a girl with a clear goal like Xiao Ran will certainly have a rich harvest.


After four years of work, the villa was closed. After this year, Xiao Ran will switch to a strong real estate company, as a customer manager. Mainly responsible for high-end customer maintenance and high-end circle activities, annual salary leap. CNC machining brass parts its-044

In addition to her clear goals, Xiao Ran is a very responsible girl with strong affinity.
Just arrived at the new company last week, and then received a phone call from the headhunter. Another real estate company also invited her to be the customer manager. The conditions given are better than this one. She refused.

But the HR director of the other company drove the car for an hour in earnest and invited her to lunch together before talking about the work further.

The director of the human resources is sincere and sincerely planned the promotion space and development prospects for her. CNC machining brass parts its-044

However, Xiao Ran still refused.

I asked her why ah, a good chance, how unfortunate it is.

Xiao Ran said that since I considered after many aspects, I chose this company. It should be done in a serious and responsible manner. You can’t just enter a company for a week and leave because of better treatment. At work, loyalty is also very important. CNC machining brass parts its-044

I agree with Xiaoran’s point of view.

In the workplace, in addition to the ability to work, companies pay more attention to stability and loyalty.

Xiao Ran decided to be faithful to his own choice and make the utmost effort for it.

Regarding Xiao Ran’s work history, I seriously thought about it. CNC machining brass parts its-044

It has been found that sales consultants for high-rise properties for the past few years have earned some money, but with the saturation of the real estate market, the regulation of real estate policies has become increasingly difficult to do. Many people have turned around.

Xiao Ran, although he basically held a meager basic salary in the past two years, she stepped up herself step by step and maintained a large number of high-end customer resources, which made her own value even more prominent.

Taking a step back, even if she does not do the real estate industry, her value in the auto industry, jewelry industry, and luxury goods industry is still prominent. CNC machining brass parts its-044

Because Xiao Ran knows how to increase her competitiveness from time to time, even after 20 years, she is still the talent that the company rushes for.


All say that the workplace is a marathon, and maybe the initial lead doesn’t mean anything.

But I have often pondered recently. What kind of value do I have in the workplace? What is your own core competence? CNC machining brass parts its-044

How can I improve my competitiveness? I simply made a summary.

First, the thinking is clear. Whenever you do, you must know what you want.

Second, hard work, practical, serious. The empty cup mentality, regardless of location, always maintains the habit of learning. CNC machining brass parts its-044

Third, to do more than the boss asked to do what they want to do, and develop a set of good work system.

Fourth, increase the accumulation of professional knowledge, think more, do more, think more. Improve your professionalism.

Fifth, learn to establish your own personal resources and know how to maintain them.

Sixth, be loyal to your own choice and be loyal to your own team. CNC machining brass parts its-044

Seventh, broaden your horizons, cultivate and adhere to your own interests and hobbies. People who believe in a strong and abundance of heart have more job opportunities regardless of the circumstances.

I also ask myself, if I don’t do the job this day, what else can I do? CNC machining brass parts its-044

If on any day there is a better job opportunity before me, how can I get it?

I am still looking for answers.

I hope that one day soon afterwards, I can confidently say that I have my own core competence and that tomorrow’s road will shine. CNC machining brass parts its-044

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