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Why do we have to go to the workshop if we do molds and machinery?

Today, we talked with everyone about the “down the shop” thing, to see whether the problem is not related to mechanical design, you are wrong, the next workshop is only an initial stage of mechanical design … … CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

The next workshop is actually a necessary stage that a mechanical man cannot circumvent, just as socialism is the primary stage of communism (although it is rarely mentioned now, but politics must be passed over), this is a process. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

As a mechanical student, we often hear teachers (they may not have done so themselves) and their predecessors said: You must go to the workshop more, you must not have experienced the workshop, and you cannot mature and progress.

It seems that a design engineer who has not gone through the workshop is like a new man who has not been married and has no reliable foundation. Today, as a person, I would like to talk about why we are going to the workshop. What are we going to do?

What is the workshop like

In the eyes of most people, the workshop is a machine roar. The floor and the walls are full of oil. The old equipment and numb workers are doing the same in the mechanical processing. The only thing that can be found is that the wall is slightly A few slogans with stimuli are superficial and covered with dust, as if they have never been cleaned before. It seems that there is no need for cleaning. Because everywhere there is a dirtier place than it, it seems that it is so clean. stand up. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

In your impression, there seems to be no work environment worse than this one. It seems unacceptable to have a look. It is more than to say that you should work in this kind of environment for a few years. A bad luck may be a lifetime. What kind of self-punishment is that? There is a suspicion of life that flashes in the brain: God, what am I doing wrong?

Imagine the promotional videos of those Internet companies. The tallest office. The most shameful is that it also brings gyms and cafes. The computers are the latest configurations. The seats have a rotating folding function. The office desk is always displaying its favorite. Flowers and beloved toys are even more excessive. Some companies can also bring pets to work. This is where they work. They are clearly on holiday, and others are perverted to whatever degree you go to work. You are doing charity. It’s right. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

The workshop has, to a large extent, become a nightmare for contemporary college students. It is a place that resists from the heart. Even if many people who are willing to engage in or are engaged in the machinery industry, they hate the next workshop and shirk it.

In fact, we still have to have a deeper understanding and understanding of this industry. Modern manufacturing companies, although compared with many Internet companies, have a certain gap in their working environment and industry treatment, but with the advancement of technology and industry 4.0. With the acceleration of popularity, many companies have made unprecedented progress in automation and intelligence.

Modern factories, clean and bright constant temperature workshops, and busy and unintentional robots have largely replaced manual manual operations. Workers are greatly improved both in terms of labor intensity and working environment. They are more like It is a driver who operates intelligent devices, and it is easy and professional to handle everything that seems complicated. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

And this is definitely a big trend in the future. It is inevitable for the development of manufacturing companies. Many of the factories that college students go to during internships and apprenticeships are mostly old and dilapidated companies.

That’s because your school can only be linked to such companies because of the resources, or only those companies that don’t have much technical content will moderately open to you, and many tall automation companies are kept secret because of technology. The relationship is not open to outsiders. Even the employees of their organization do not allow access to those who do not have access and work needs. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

This enterprise in many industries 4.0 has similar regulations, because the layout of production and process flow, for many professionals, at a glance you can learn to be consistent, but the first to do these technologies and processes of research However, companies and teams have spent a lot of manpower and material resources to tackle the problem, and they have easily been stolen by others. This is obviously uneconomical and is not allowed.

For example, in a Japanese company, when I was chatting with a Japanese sales engineer for screw rails, I asked what level of automation the Japanese companies in the same industry had achieved. He said that when they talked to customers in Japan, they It does not allow them to understand the overall picture of the project.

He only talked about the piece he was responsible for. They also needed special approval to enter their company. They were not allowed to take photos and videos, and there were people watching you in Mandarin (that Japanese man speaks Mandarin very well and Chinese is so hard to learn. I couldn’t quite understand that he was Japanese, so we Chinese people still have to work hard. Success does not happen overnight.) CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

Too far to go, all to Japan, or to return to our original subject, why do you want to go to the workshop, to go down, this is a lot of people’s confusion, I mainly explain from two aspects, this is my personal Experience.

What do you need to learn

The first is the machining workshop. What do you need to learn in machining?

1. Familiar with the processing capacity and processing range of various processing equipment

We usually see equipment such as lathes, milling machines, planers, grinders, boring machines, drilling machines, laser cutting, wire cutting, etc. in the ordinary workshops. What are the processes used to process them? How can their machining accuracy be achieved? CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

The state-of-the-art technology of these devices is already in what state (can be easily understood from the Internet), what kind of state and level your factory is in, the city you are in, what kind of state and level the industry is in. These are very useful for your future product design.

2, familiar with the product processing technology

For example, how the machining process is arranged, what kind of tools and fixtures are needed for each process, and how the processing parameters of the equipment are adjusted.

Whether the machining accuracy is in conformity with the drawings, how to inspect whether the processed parts are qualified, what kind of inspection tools to use for inspection, etc. These problems are all need to be accumulated. This is also the basis and common sense of your future design. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

3, learn how to operate processing equipment

Although you don’t need to be very proficient, you must know how this thing works and think about how the structure of these devices is handled.

If you design these devices, how would you handle them, whether there are better structures and processing methods than in the present, and in the use of the devices, discover the deficiencies and advantages of the devices and then absorb and transform them into their own capabilities.

4, learn to misplace

During a professional career, one person must make all sorts of mistakes. Reflection on these mistakes is the cornerstone of advancement. However, mistakes are costly. Who will advance these costs for you? The workshop is the bad guy. Why? To make mistakes from the workshop, because the cost of making mistakes from the workshop is the lowest. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

If you make mistakes from the beginning of R&D, you will find that the cost is very high, because many R&D errors can only be discovered when the equipment is assembled and commissioned. At this time, most of the costs have already been invested, the workshop is different, and you have the most. It is a mistake to make a process, and many times, this kind of error is saved. Even if it is not saved, the cost is not too high and it is still acceptable.

5, learn to communicate with others

Most workers’ masters have a natural kindness and rational communication. They may be rude to people, and may be straightforward, but as long as you treat each other honestly, you can quickly integrate into a new social environment.

However, the innocence and spirit that come from the student era will be somewhat dissipated by the reality of ruthlessness, and many technically astute workers will deliberately make a certain degree of embarrassment for new graduates in some technical problems.

This may be a common problem for people who do technology. Always looking for an opportunity to show off their abilities is also an opportunity to express yourself. Besides, it is also a very happy thing to be able to stump a so-called “grandchildren”. , at least for them. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

6, cultivate your professional attitude

The work in the workshop has no purpose. For college students who have just entered the workforce, it is inevitable that they will pour water from the end of the tea and start scrubbing the table. In fact, this is also a method of testing personal attitudes. Only when they are qualified for small things can they be Take the opportunity for big events, so every small task is your ladder to a higher destination. Before you have the ability and opportunity to do big things, learn how to accomplish those little things.

What do you know in the assembly shop?

If you are in a mechanical assembly workshop, what should you learn?

1, the product assembly process

A careful analysis of how a product operates from scattered parts to molding equipment includes those assembly processes, those processes, and what assembly tools are required.

What kind of inspection tools are needed, what kind of assembly tools are needed, what kind of assembly skills are needed, what kind of inspection rules and processes are needed, etc. This will be of great benefit to your future design. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

2, the use of various assembly tools and operation

Such as the use of hand drills, the use of spatula, the use of dial gauges, the use of flat and square, the use of level, the use of laser interferometers and so on.

The use of these tools allows you to establish a reasonable understanding of a product, in your future product design career, no matter what kind of part design, you can habitually form your own style, and fully understand the assembly Process without assembly interference or faulty flaws.

3, learn to operate a variety of numerical control system

As a design engineer, although the use of the operating system of the device is stipulated, if you can skillfully use various operating systems, it is undoubtedly a very good skill for you because during the debugging and inspection process, The operation of the operating system is unavoidable. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

We currently use more operating systems: FANUC systems, Siemens systems, Mitsubishi systems, Huazhong CNC, Guangzhou CNC, Kane DNC, etc. In fact, the operating methods of these operating systems are similar, and they are also You can quickly learn the other one, all through the pass.

4. Have a deeper understanding and understanding of the function and assembly process of various functional components and parts in the assembly process and avoid some erroneous structure processing and selection errors in the subsequent design. Mechanical design engineers who have not experienced the assembly site do Is a failed design engineer.

This is similar to Zhao Kuo’s paper discussion field. There is a lot of difference between the assembly site and the theory. Or, in reality, your design cannot be realized at all, or it is difficult to assemble. Big or simply cannot be assembled. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

5, learn the composition of the “composition” in the assembly process

The assembly process is not a pure “loading” process. It also involves a “matching” process. For example, the accuracy and contact of the guide rails, the installation and positioning of the screw rods are all required to match the accuracy of the site, and these Technology and process, if you do not have a personal experience, you can not complete and learn, and your structural processing in the design process will also have corresponding risks.

Actually, the workshop is a basic accumulation. From the high ground to the flat ground, the bull is forced to rely on the foundation, and the next workshop is a process of playing the foundation. It is a rooting process, an accumulation process, and only the foundation is laid. With deep roots and accumulation, you can accomplish more and more daring designs. CNC Machining China Aluminium Precision Machined Parts

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