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2018 environmental inspection, can not do this 29 points, ready to close it!

As the environmental storm engulfed, non-compliant companies were shut down and a large number of factory gates were forced to close. The environmental inspection team has already proved by action that this time the inspectors did not pass the thunder and rain, let the workers and the boss The days of fear are far from over. CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services
What do environmental protection inspectors generally look for?
According to the inspection of the relevant leaders of the Inspectorate, the focus of the investigation on environmental protection issues was to supervise the provincial party committee and the provincial government to implement the national environmental protection decision-making and deployment, solve outstanding environmental problems, implement the main responsibility for environmental protection, promote the construction of ecological civilization in the province, and promote environmental protection. ECO development. CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services
1 Focusing on the outstanding environmental problems that the central government is paying close attention to, the people’s strong reactions, and bad social influence, and their handling;
2 Focus on checking regional watersheds and remediation conditions where the environmental quality is showing worsening trends;
3 Focus on inspecting local party committees, the government, and their relevant departments for environmental protection and indiscriminate activities;
4 Focus on understanding the local implementation of environmental protection party and government responsibility and responsibility of a post, strict accountability and so on.

Then what will the local inspection check? CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services
The general relevance to our side is:
1. At the same time, accessories for production of powder, auxiliary coal-fired boilers and other equipment shall be seized;
2, found that there are noise, strong smell of the product must be rectified;
3, no business license, non-standard manufacturers need to reorganize;
4, check along with the existence of fire safety hazards;
5, incidentally check the counterfeit and fake imitation brand.
[The factory has one of the following problems and will face fines, shutting down, ordering rectification, interviews, etc. Please be sure to check it yourself.]
6, steal waste water;
7, discharge of paint and other pungent gas;
8, low frequency noise or excessive noise;
9, dust pollution;
10, no public EIA;
11, no environmental approval procedures;
12. The motor group has operational safety hazards; CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services
13, illegal construction;
14, privately-owned dark pipe discharge;
15. Cinder drifts everywhere;
16. There are problems with paper slag digging and landfilling;
17, no wastewater recovery system;
18. Failed to apply for a water permit;
19. No business license
20. Reservoirs without leakage prevention measures store other wastes;
21, the old and simple problems of pollution control facilities;
22, smoke dust concentration exceeds the standard;
23. The garbage accumulated in the factory area was not processed in time;
24. Failing to go through the procedures for submitting and approving environmental impact assessment documents;
25. The pollution control facilities have not been accepted by the environmental protection department;
26, expired emission permit;
27. Illegal production;
28, filter tank COD exceeded;
29, no sewage permit. CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

Recommended reading woman gap between the legs to explain
What are the main inspections of environmental protection supervision and enforcement to the enterprise?
1. The rights of the inspectors
When conducting on-site inspections, there must be no less than two environmental supervision personnel engaged in on-site law enforcement work, and present administrative enforcement certificates such as the “China Environmental Monitoring and Law Enforcement Certificate” to indicate their identity and explain law enforcement matters.

Environmental monitoring personnel have the following rights:
(1) Enter relevant sites for survey, sampling, monitoring, photographing, recording, video recording, and making transcripts;
(2) Check and copy relevant information;
(3) Appointment, enquiries of relevant personnel, request for explanation of related matters, and provision of relevant materials;
(4) Order to stop or correct the illegal act;
(5) Applicable administrative penalties for summary procedures, on the spot to make administrative penalty decisions;
(6) Other measures provided by laws, regulations, rules and regulations.
[Enterprises must remember that violence cannot be resisted, no enforcement, no cooperation with supervisors. Otherwise, the consequences are serious. 】 CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services
2, when the environmental protection inspection will generally check the content
(1) Business Production
The industry and main products of the enterprise.
Last month’s products and production capacity, whether there are operations on each line.
(2) Implementation of corporate environmental protection
Whether the project complies with the environmental assessment procedures according to law, and reviews the EIA documents and EIA approvals, etc.
Check whether the project’s nature, production scale, location, adopted production process, or adopted pollution control measures are consistent with the EIA and approval documents. After the approval of the EIA for the construction of the project only five years later, whether it will be reapproved for the EIA.
After the project was put into operation, it was checked whether it was completed. The completion of environmental protection completion procedures is complete.
Workshop: Whether the raw materials of the super or raw materials involved in acid, alkali, and other corrosive workshop surfaces are treated with anti-corrosion treatment and are regularly maintained. Whether there is a leaking site during the production process.
Inspecting the application of pollutant discharge permit, implementation of pollutant discharge declaration, and implementation of discharge fee
【Inspection of Pollution and Control Situation】 The company does not have related inspections (such as links to groundwater, etc.) that do not have relevant sewage disposal links. 】 CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

3. Environmental protection supervision and enforcement to the company’s site mainly checks eight aspects
Water pollution source environmental monitoring
Sewage treatment facilities operating status, historical operating conditions, processing capacity and treatment of water, waste water quality management, treatment effect, sludge treatment, disposal. Whether to establish a wastewater facility operating account (the key time of the sewage treatment facility, the daily amount of wastewater inflow and outflow, water quality, dosing and maintenance records)

Sewage discharge monitoring
Check whether the position of the sewage discharge port complies with the regulations, check whether the number of sewage outlets of the sewage dischargers complies with the relevant regulations, check whether the monitoring sampling points are set in accordance with the relevant pollutant discharge standards and regulations, and check whether the standardized flow rate and flow rate are set. The flow measurement section. The general sewage outlet shall be provided with environmental protection signs. Whether to set online monitoring and monitoring equipment as required.

Discharge review
A flow meter and pollution source monitoring equipment, check the operation records;
If there is a water consumption device with consumable voucher, the water displacement shall be calculated according to the water consumption;
If there is no metered quantity and valid water consumption certificate, it shall be estimated with reference to the relevant national standards and the number of water drainage systems of similar enterprises given in the manual. CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

Discharge water quality
Checking the quality of discharged wastewater is sufficient to meet the requirements of national or local pollutant discharge standards.
Check the models and specifications of monitoring instruments, meters, and equipment, as well as verification and calibration.
Check the monitoring analysis methods used and the water quality monitoring records. If necessary, on-site monitoring or sampling can be performed.
Check the situation of rain and sewage and diversion of sewage, check whether the sewage discharge unit implements clean flow diversion, rain and sewage diversion

Accident wastewater emergency disposal facility
Check whether the accidental waste water emergency treatment facilities of the polluting enterprises are complete and whether it can guarantee the interception, storage and disposal of the waste water generated when an environmental pollution accident occurs. CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

Check the reuse of wastewater after treatment
Exhaust pollution inspection
Check the operating status, historical operating conditions, processing capacity, and throughput of the exhaust gas treatment facility.
Exhaust gas inspection from boiler, petrochemical, chemical, etc. combustion
Check whether chemical, petrochemical, etc., enterprises have a reasonable method for the continuous generation of flammable organic waste gas, adopt recycling or incineration methods, and whether it is reasonable to intermittently generate flammable organic waste gas using incineration, adsorption or combination processes.

Check the inspection procedures and performance indicators of the boiler combustion equipment, check the operating status of the combustion equipment, check the control of sulfur dioxide, and check the control of nitrogen oxides.

Process exhaust gas, dust and odor pollution sources
Check whether the discharge of exhaust gas, dust and odor meets the requirements of relevant pollutant discharge standards;
Check the recycling of flammable gases;
Check the environmental protection measures that can distribute toxic, harmful gases and dusts for transportation, loading and unloading, and storage; CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

Air pollution control facilities
Dust removal, desulfurization, out-of-stock, other gaseous pollutant purification systems

Exhaust vents
Check whether the polluters are building a new exhaust pipe in the area where the new exhaust pipe is prohibited;
Check whether the height of the exhaust cylinder meets the requirements of national or local pollutant discharge standards;
Check whether the sampling hole and sampling monitoring platform are set on the exhaust gas exhaust channel;
Check whether the exhaust outlet is set according to requirements (specification, height, sampling port, sign, etc.), and whether the required exhaust gas is in accordance with the installation and practical online monitoring facilities of the environmental protection department.

Unorganized emission source
(1) For the discharge points of unorganized toxic and harmful gases, dust, and dust, if there are conditions for organized emissions, check whether the pollution discharge unit has carried out remediation and implement organized discharge;
(2) Inspect coal yards, stockyards, cargo dust, and flying dust during construction and production, and adopt measures to prevent dust pollution or set up dust prevention equipment as required;
(3) Conduct monitoring at the boundary of the company to check whether the fugitive emissions meet the requirements of relevant environmental protection standards. CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

Site inspection of solid waste pollution sources
Inspector of solid waste sources
(1) Check the type, quantity, physicochemical properties, and methods of production of solid waste.
(2) Check the type and quantity of hazardous wastes in production according to the new National Hazardous Waste List or GB5085

Solid waste storage and treatment
(1) Check whether the pollutant dischargers are in the nature reserves, scenic spots, drinking water source protection zones, basic farmland protection zones, and other areas requiring special protection. Assume that the facilities, sites, and domestic garbage for centralized storage and disposal of industrial solid wastes Buried
(2) Check whether facilities for solid waste storage or storage are equipped with facilities that meet environmental protection requirements

For temporary solid waste storage and storage sites
For the storage, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes
Check whether the polluters dumped solid waste by prohibiting the dumping of waste at places where rivers, Hubo, canals, canals, reservoirs and other lands and slopes below the maximum water mark are prohibited by laws and regulations. CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

Solid waste transfer
(1) Check the status of solid waste transfer
(2) Whether to check the transfer of hazardous waste, whether to fill out the hazardous waste transfer order. And approved by the municipal level or above after being moved out of the district

A new round of environmental protection rectification struck, did not do this 29 never start!
Did not do more than above, never want to start! In the face of a new round of environmental rectification storms, are you ready? CNC machining China factory, CNC machining services

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