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How IE plays an important role in a company

With fierce market competition, companies need to continuously improve the function and quality of their products and services, while continuing to reduce costs. An enterprise is actually a synthesis of various resources, and then a certain amount of culture and management are put in place to make resources play a pre-defined role; this has made IE disciplines, and the core of IE is resource utilization. In fact, IE itself is also a resource. As a resource, how can we make it work? CNC Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machining Service‎
I talk about this issue from two aspects; from the perspective of the enterprise, and from the perspective of IE itself. CNC Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machining Service‎

Business perspective

The culture and management mode of the enterprise should give IE a space to play, which is a condition for enterprises to make good use of such resources. Otherwise, the establishment of IE is a fragile IE, which is not a reliance on production technology, nor is it a production-level checkpoint. IE is so easy for the company’s most important production out of touch that it is out of touch with costs, and thus out of touch with products, projects, finances, and businesses. What else can IE do? In both options, IE either disappears or establishes the IE concept of the enterprise, making IE thinking a part of corporate culture and management. The specific form is the tight integration of the enterprise’s management platform with IE.

The management platform is closely integrated with IE, preferably from the bottom up, followed by the top down work mode; this can be based on the characteristics of production, establish a systematic, standardized, and simplistic management model. Such as production performance management, energy and auxiliary materials usage management, invalid work hours management and so on. Afterwards, from the top down, we will establish a wider range of IE work. Such as the relationship between IE and the project, IE and financial relations, IE and business relations. In this construction, the continuous improvement of the PDCA cycle is the key, and simplicity and harmony are the most important. CNC Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machining Service‎

IE’s own perspective

From the perspective of IE itself, IE has to do the following.
1. Time studies and work studies are the foundation: A qualified IE must master and apply these two points. In a business, it is often felt that something simply dies. In fact, this itself reflects a mistake. From the perspective of the basic IE, looking at any job, or as small as a single action, can be the object of time research and work research. This involves technology and expertise.
For example, “take a screw” this job. Where do you take? Can reflect the rationality of the material placed area. How to take? Is the arm motion or the arm motion? Can multiple reflexes form a reflex action? This reflects the level of workbench design and material box design. If these are perfect, taking the screws will become a comfortable, efficient job. Can the professional that emerges at this time give a simple feeling to people?

2. Solve the bottleneck and pursue the balance rate of the line body: In daily work, if you want to increase production efficiency, reduce unit work cost and reduce WIP. To solve the bottleneck and improve the line balance rate should be a high return method. It is also the place where IE’s four major principles (cancellation, simplification, combination, rearrangement) are most frequently applied, data collection and calculation of line body balance rate, and analysis and improvement of subsequent sequences. It is the IE personnel who really entered the scene to understand the specific performance of the scene. Often talk about engineering and line production. In fact, an experienced IE requires that it has the ability to quickly capture the bottleneck. For assembly inspection lines. According to the characteristics of the product, the formulation of the balance rate standard and the pursuit of the balance rate itself can serve as a goal of IE. CNC Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machining Service‎

3, the lowest cost concept, improve no end. The production process of a product is developed by IE. There must be a minimum cost concept when developing the process. If you design the cost from the beginning to the lowest level at current level, it is undoubtedly the biggest savings (this may be related to the cost Contradictions, therefore, a certain factor of safety must be taken into account when making quotation.) Many improvements are in fact correcting mistakes. There have been many mistakes or omissions in the past, resulting in great waste.
The effect of improvement is very good. Have you ever wondered if there was any obvious waste of resources at the time of improvement? The lowest-cost concept is not to be improved. On the contrary, improvement is endless. Enterprises need to continuously improve their technical level and management level. IE uses its own professional expertise to discover details and continue to improve. It must be mentioned that improvement itself also has to pay for costs, but also to save costs. So my idea is to improve only for the purpose and not to seek the method. Methods can improve our level of awareness and problem solving skills, but methods cannot be used for this purpose.

4. Standardization, systematization, and simplification of thinking: Only when there is a standard, can a clear assessment be carried out. Only when the system can fully grasp the key points, can it be effective if it is simple. When an IE has the ability to accomplish many of the department’s three tasks, I think it should be used to describe him as a senior. At the same time, he also constructed an excellent platform for his work. CNC Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machining Service‎

5, the spirit of resource utilization, IE do plan to do equipment evaluation. In fact, it reflects the use of resources by IE, the rational use of resources, and long-term overall consideration of resource utilization. It is the ideological premise for planning evaluation. This requires attention to the accumulation of data in the usual work, and pay attention to the use of various resources.

6, team spirit, try to establish a good Team with colleagues: the strength of a person is often very weak, to succeed depends on the strength of the team. The perfect form of intra-firm cooperation is to build a good Team, which is not easy. He needs members with the right qualities and professional skills, a clear and responsible division of labor, common goals without distractions, and the spirit of unity and cooperation. I would like to talk about the tune here. There is no customer within Team. If there is such a concept, there is service and being served, and then there is enjoyment and laziness. The customer is objective. Only by giving money can he get the corresponding product or service. Customers formed within Team never pay for it. CNC Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machining Service‎

7, learn emotion management, the pursuit of harmony: the face of unhappy people, unhappy things. Must learn emotional management, in fact, good emotional management can be better than their own, can reduce a lot of conflict and trouble. People are not perfect. Many times we have to face a lot of unworthiness. Managing your emotions and persuading them to cooperate is a communication skill. Establishing a harmonious relationship with colleagues will make cooperation simple and easy. At the same time, harmonious human relations can allow us to work in happiness and efficiency.

The world’s happy poor people and painful bosses abound, people should be happy to face everything, happy living; IE to do their own work, many times like football referees, grasp the scale of harmony, Let the game run smoothly. CNC Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machining Service‎

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