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Young people are reluctant to choose workers’ occupations. Who will be a worker today?

1. Problems such as tedious work and poor living conditions have caused many people, especially young people, to choose inappropriate workers. Some people even think that “factories need labor, not skilled workers.” CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

2. At present, the income level of skilled workers in China is low. In general enterprises, the wages of workers are mostly more than 2,000 yuan to more than 3,000 yuan. The low social status and treatment of workers has led young people to choose alternative means of livelihood and not to learn techniques.

III. The long training period for senior skilled workers, and the existing workers’ rise mechanism are not sound enough, which virtually restricts the enthusiasm of some young workers. CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

Strong workers are strong in manufacturing, and strong in manufacturing is strong in the country! Statistics show that the total employed population in China is 776 million people, including 165 million technical workers, accounting for about 21%, of which 47 million are high-skilled personnel, accounting for only 6% of the employed population.

“Made in China 2025” requires the support of more highly skilled technical workers and calls for more great craftsmen. However, the reality is that in many industrial enterprises, ordinary workers are in poor condition, have low income, low salary, low honor and low sense of presence. The “four low” pain point makes young people reluctant to choose workers’ careers, and the phenomenon of job-hopping and technological transmission faults is serious.

Who will be a worker today? This is a question asked by the workers. It is also a question of the development of the national manufacturing industry.

Workers were once the envy of the people of the country. CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

However, from the late 1990s onwards, many people in society gradually lost interest in workers. Now many factories have found it difficult to recruit workers.

Some graduates of vocational colleges and colleges and universities prefer to float in the community and are not willing to enter the factory as workers.

Even some college students enter the factory as workers, and they do not want relatives and friends to know that they are working in the factory.
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Why are they not willing to be workers? CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling
Boring and boring
China has an extensive technical workforce, and non-high-skilled workers occupy the majority of skilled workers. With the growing economic development of our country, industries, especially the manufacturing industry, are increasingly in need of a highly qualified team of skilled personnel.

However, interviews with reporters in some provinces during the half-month period revealed that problems such as tedious work and poor living conditions have caused many people, especially young people, to choose inappropriate workers.

“Don’t I have to spend a lifetime in this three-line life?” Sun Wenjing, who is more than 20 years old, works in a factory in Shenzhen. “Three-point and one-line” life in factories, canteens and dormitories makes her feel uninteresting. . “In the factory, it’s just like working. It’s nothing more than mixing time, spending a little money, and then going out and doing a little business.” Sun Wenjing said that it is difficult to get management from the first-line general factory in the factory. Promotion requires relevant academic and personal connections. . CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

Xia Peng, a junior in the Nanjing Vocational College of Science and Technology, said that he practiced in a production workshop of a foreign-funded chemical company last year. He had hoped to increase his experience during the internship. After he arrived at the factory, he found that the factory’s production line was highly automated. Just watch the machines on the production line run, and occasionally do some manual work. Moreover, many core technologies come from abroad and are held by the core team.

“The factory needs a labor force, not a skilled worker.” Xia Peng’s specialty is mechatronics technology. He doesn’t use much expertise in the factory and he can’t reach the core technology. It is not clear. Looking at the classmates all around the company to do sales or start their own businesses, Xia Peng feels that working in the factory, the social value is not high, but also often have to work day and night shift. In the end, after the internship, Xia Peng chose to leave.

Liu Jinbing, a teacher at the Changsha Electronic Industry School, said that most of the students are now 90. The overall situation of the family is better than before and there is a quest for life. Some companies do not have greening, air conditioning, poor accommodation, and no water heaters. Satisfactory, so keep changing jobs. CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

Not honorable is not glorious
Half-term interviews with reporters in multiple provinces and cities found that the current level of income of skilled workers in China is low. In general enterprises, the wages of workers are mostly more than 2,000 yuan to more than 3,000 yuan. For old workers who have been in business for 20 to 30 years, the wages are between 4,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan. This level of wages, in today’s housing, prices, education, health care and other higher costs, life is stretched, let alone decent life.

“The social status and treatment of workers is low, leading young people to choose other means of livelihood, not to learn the technology.” Zhang Jinghua, a welder at the truck branch of China Railway Qiqihar Vehicle Co., Ltd., who has been in business for more than 20 years, told reporters in the same month, “We are now high in the country. Skilled personnel are in short supply, and the ageing trend is serious, showing a fault phenomenon. Even in the old industrial bases in the Northeast, even the older generation of high-skilled talents want to pass on the stunts, but they cannot find good apprentices.”

Experts interviewed said that China’s current education system re-educated, light skills; corporate management, light skills. Some companies only consider the immediate interests and do not provide enough education and investment in education and skills training for employees, resulting in the breakdown of reserve forces for technical talent in China. CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling
Some enterprises also have insufficient enforcement of the government’s emphasis on high-skilled personnel and cannot effectively solve substantive issues.
“Now, after 90 or even after 00, college students have more diverse career choices,” says Wang Rong, director of the School of Electrical and Control of the Nanjing University of Science and Technology. As “Double Creation” gradually becomes a new campus culture, students’ employment channels Richer, he pays more attention to the realization of his personal value when he chooses a career, and he prefers to perform challenging tasks.

At the same time, due to the improvement of automation, many front-line positions in many factories do not have very high demands on the technical capabilities of workers. For junior college students, professional expertise cannot be exercised, and factories are not willing to increase the salary level of these positions. Therefore, the loss of personnel has become a normal state. CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling
Wang Rong has kept in touch with many graduate students. After leaving the factory, many students choose to go to the company for sales and other work. There are also many options for joining the military or continuing their studies. “Compared to at the factory, these employment methods allow students to gain self-worth.”

Narrow development space
The training period of senior skilled workers is long, and the existing workers’ rising mechanism is not sound enough, which virtually restricts the enthusiasm of some young workers.

“Now high-skilled personnel are older, basically over 40 years old.” Sun Yufei, an oil production geologist for No. 4 Oil Production Plant of the No. 4 Oil Production Plant in Daqing Oilfield, said, “It takes up to 12 years for a junior worker to become a senior technician. Graduates who graduated into the enterprise for two or three years do not have the corresponding ability to work but can advance to the ranks of engineers.” CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

Sun Yufei, for example, said: “Last year, a young person in the company won the third place in the national skill competition and can return to the unit or the junior worker. This weakens the enthusiasm of young people.”
The relevant person in charge of the human resources department of Harbin Electric Group stated that the occupation of workers has a low social status, a relatively single direction of development, labor intensity, and a difficult working environment, and many young people think that the working environment and safety of workers are not very important. Protection.

This has affected young people’s career choices and lack of reserve forces. At present, the age structure of front-line staff of subordinate companies is too large, the structure of many production positions is seriously unreasonable, and the retirement age is concentrated. Skills transmission and the risk of disconnection of skilled workers are becoming increasingly serious. CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

With the development of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the demand for high-skilled talent in all types of enterprises, especially industrial ones, has increased dramatically. Judging from the market supply and demand, in recent years, the ratio of the demand for skilled workers has remained at more than 1.5 in the talent market, and the demand for senior technicians has even reached a level of more than two, and the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent.

“The road to development that Chinese manufacturing is winning by quality has only made a good start. There is a long way ahead.” During the two sessions this year, Tian Haorong, the NPC deputy, called for “Building a first-class technical worker team requires more workers to calm down. Come and do a good job of your own job, use your talents in ordinary jobs, and maximize your technical work to become a competent artisan.” CNC Machining China | Manufacturers | NICE Rapid Tooling

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