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16 problems in the factory, sentence to blood

1From the head of the team, the supervisor to the director, the production process requirements never read in-depth analysis, always seem to understand and understand, always speaking verbally about the production schedule, lack of detailed plans, and how much to do. “Hold up as much as possible,” “almost”, “impossible”, and “I have no way” often hang around. CNC Machining China – Precision CNC Machining Solution for Metals

The team leaders have poor quality consciousness, numbness in pursuit of production, and do not have prenatal analysis to strengthen the control. Each time, after the emergence of other problems, they must be remedied. The work is inefficient, it has no result in dealing with problems, and it is a good habit to report work without initiative.

Managers and managers will only release tasks and do no analysis on how to correctly guide the actual operation of employees. The on-site treatment of problems is always incomplete and not decisive. Wherever we think of, we do not use the right method to do the right thing.

In the key moments, the directors and workshop supervisors lack initiative and on-site coordination, organization and command capabilities, and each shipment is always busy, chaotic, poor, and wrong.


The problem with quality is not that it is solved first, but that it is in the office to investigate, prove, blame, desecrate, evade and shirk responsibility. CNC Machining China – Precision CNC Machining Solution for Metals

The sense of unity and coordination among departments is poor, and they are always self-centered, disregarding the overall situation, and never actively communicate and collaborate with others. People with narrow minds even set obstacles to work.


Most workshop supervisors and team leaders usually like to say “I told him”, “Troublesome”, “Almost on the line” and other irresponsible words. The awareness of quality first is very weak.

Directors, supervisors, and team leaders lack the concept of cost accounting, digital, and form management. They never make normative on-site records. They never know how to control the flow, and a large number of semi-finished products can’t produce finished products. After the last delivery, Dao returned a lot. CNC Machining China – Precision CNC Machining Solution for Metals


The work between departments is inconsistent, job responsibilities are unclear, there is no plan for daily work, there is no target for action, and the operator lacks sense of responsibility. There is a lack of communication and discussion among clerk, buyer, technician, and department.


The on-site production process management is not standardized, the procedures are disorderly, and the team leader does not write processes or measure work hours. The piece-rate wages are unreasonable, causing employees to be emotional. Every month’s final payroll is always mobilized to the office or to the boss for complaints.


The format of the production process data is neither standardized nor standardized. What data should be sent to whom? Who audited? Who is it transferred to? How to archive numbered bindings, etc., always looks messy, and finding a piece of information is even harder. Even when the customer was inspected, he couldn’t even find a sample. CNC Machining China – Precision CNC Machining Solution for Metals


No specific plan for procurement, follow-up is not effective, the arrival did not arrive, should not arrive first, seriously affecting the progress of the production department and delivery. When the warehouse was issued, the procedures were unclear and the management system was not complete. It was often missing a few items, made up a few, or even made mistakes and accessories to cause serious losses.


The department heads lack the strict organization discipline, the principle is not strong, the execution power is not enough, there is a problem with their own professional ethics and dedication to their work and dedication, let alone educate their subordinates.


Employees are sloppy, often ask for leave, work inefficiencies, complaining about low wages all day long, frequent staff movements, workshops are always delivered late to the end of the road, serious repairs no one cares, the ultimatum can not be delivered on time, causing customer complaints , air transport, deductions. CNC Machining China – Precision CNC Machining Solution for Metals


Out-of-order merchandisers were disorderly operations. They often made mistakes, and were distracted from the processing factory. Quality control is even more confusing and incidents involving shipments of funds often occur.

Senior leaders lack overall planning capabilities and organizational education capabilities. The overall quality education and skill training of the staff team is not deep enough. A company that lacks a corporate culture is tantamount to having no soul, and even less cohesiveness and loyalty.

The above 16 aspects reflect the current internal management status of a manufacturing plant. To change it, it is necessary to make a determined effort to improve the quality of people, change the old thinking patterns and concepts through targeted training, and constantly accept new management concepts. . CNC Machining China – Precision CNC Machining Solution for Metals

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