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IBM’s 6-employee: “competition, election, education, use, stay, home”

Ms. Guo Xiwen, Director of Human Resources, IBM Greater China, summed up IBM’s approach to employment with IBM Times just 25 years ago. She summed it up into 6 words – compete, choose, educate, use, stay, House. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts


In the era of knowledge economy, the competition for talents is very fierce, especially among high-tech companies. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, etc. have already taken actions to “smash people”. Many companies’ human resources departments complain that they cannot find talents, or they cannot recruit qualified personnel. Guo Xiwen has done many years of human resources work at IBM. She deeply felt the pressure of the market. She often thinks about where IBM’s competitiveness is? What does IBM rely on to attract talent?

Foreign companies generally provide a good working environment, training, high salaries, benefits, and opportunities. IBM regards “people are IBM’s most precious asset” as a corporate culture to attract talents. This is the “respect for individuals” that IBM advocated from the very beginning. The belief is that it is an invisible but effective weapon for IBM to attract talents. In addition, before recruiting, IBM will work with a number of professional human resources consulting companies to conduct detailed investigations on the target market. The survey includes talent distribution, salary packages, and competitor strategies. As the saying goes, “Know thyself and know each other and win all battles.” Based on these survey data, IBM can work out an effective recruitment strategy to quickly develop human resources and achieve targeted results. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts


In many recruitment channels – talent recruitment, headhunting companies, internal recommendations, media advertising, etc., IBM likes campus recruiting the most, because IBM has a very complete training system that allows young people to quickly grow up and assume important responsibilities. The “Blue Road” campus recruitment program is favored by college students. Guo Xiwen said: “The main objective of IBM’s Blue Practice Plan is to allow college students to enter the business, combine the theories and business practices they have learned on campus, and let them adjust themselves in advance so that they can learn and do things while studying.”

The number of resumes that IBM accepts each year is very large, but the elimination rate is also very high. Guo Xiwen said: “The key to selecting the right interviewers for many resumes is to look at the candidates’ attitudes. Some people use the curriculum vitae as a formula, while others use it to create a resume. This shows that he I care very much about this job and work hard for this job.” CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

IBM’s written test is generally to test the candidate’s basic qualities, English level and logical reaction. There are at least two more interviews through this pass. The first round of interviews was organized by the human resources department. Through interviews, they generally understood candidates’ language skills and personality characteristics, communication skills, and teamwork. The second round of interviews was organized by the employing department, focusing on the professional qualities of candidates and their specific career needs. According to different jobs, some applicants also need to accept interviews with senior managers of department managers.


IBM has a very detailed training program for its employees. It arranges training at each stage of the employee’s career. The company arranges training for employees every year. The training cost can account for 2% of the company’s turnover. Training began on the first day of the new employee’s entry into the company. In addition to only two weeks of training for administrative personnel, employees in the sales, marketing, and service department received three months of training. The training content has roughly two levels. First, the human resources department trains some basic work skills, communication skills and other knowledge. Second, the employing department trains professional knowledge. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

After the induction training, each employee will have a master and a training manager. The master guides new employees to understand IBM’s working methods, products and services. The training manager is IBM’s position to specifically take care of new employees and improve efficiency settings.


Ms. Guo Xiwen summarized IBM’s employment standards with 1 “I” and 3 “C”. “I” stands for integrity, and 3 “C” stands for communication, collaboration, and concentration. For IBM, a person’s morality is the most critical, it is a person’s fundamental, and skills, communication skills can be learned through acquired. Communicating, collaborating, and investing in the workforce are also essential elements for assessing employees. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

IBM attaches great importance to employee self-assessment. Through employee self-assessment, employees can find their own weaknesses, constantly modify their own behavior, and create behaviors that meet the company’s requirements and grow into employees with leadership skills. At the beginning of each year, employees write their own work goals, and employees will work hard to achieve their goals. In the middle of the year, employees will summarize their own achievements, and review where they are doing well, and where they are not doing well. At the end of the year, the staff will again conclude that the direct supervisor is also involved, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages, and finally there will be an assessment result. During this process, employees will modify their work goals according to the situation. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

Ms. Guo Xiwen believes there are three criteria for measuring the work of employees: First, independence. Does the employee have the ability to work independently and does he need a few people to help when doing one thing? The second is forward-looking. Whether employees are forward-looking and can predict the future. The third is whether employees can quickly find a clear direction in the ambiguous state of a job and accomplish the goal in this direction.


Guo Xiwen used “too much” to describe the relationship between employees and the company. She is currently reluctant to leave IBM the biggest reason is that IBM is a good company. What is the standard of a good company? She explains the following four criteria:
The first criterion is to see if the company is forward-looking, whether it is at the forefront and leads the trend of social development; the second criterion is whether the company’s business model is institutionalized or unordered; the third standard is the company Whether to provide employees with development space suitable for their growth; the fourth criterion is whether the company has a humanized system to meet the needs of employees. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

In addition to having good company standards, whether employees can find a suitable job for themselves in the company, how to work with others in the job, whether the job is challenging, and whether they can achieve a sense of accomplishment are also considerations for employees to stay.

At IBM, employees have a lot of opportunities to develop themselves. This is because IBM’s business includes software, hardware, and services. Employees can choose their own position according to their own advantages and characteristics. The human resources department will also conduct research on employees at different stages and provide employees with advice on what kind of work is suitable based on their interests, hobbies, and characteristics. The combination of interest and work is a win-win for both employees and the company. It not only satisfies employees’ personal work satisfaction, but also ensures the maximization of company interests. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts


Nothing is absolute, and so is IBM. Some employees do not achieve the desired results after a period of work. IBM’s analysis of the reasons is: First, skills, and second, attitude. If it is a skill issue, then IBM will find ways to provide appropriate training and make appropriate assignments based on the characteristics of the employees. If it is an attitude issue, and persuasion and education have no effect, IBM can only persuade it to seek better development opportunities. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

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