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Ten things that people are most helpless in their lives!

People away from you

The person away from you is he lost you, not you lost him. To leave, perhaps for a better reunion at the next intersection. “Leave, doomed to leave too much in life.” CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

Elapsed time

The time is faster than the loss of water, so the things you want to do are to work hard. In this life, you must be able to afford yourself at least. “Life is between the world and the pitch, and we are pursuing excellence, but we do what we can.” CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

Fall to your wall

Maybe it’s going to your wall so that you can’t breathe. Maybe you’ll lose everything. But if you accept silence, then it’s still the wall that is facing you. If you lift your shoulders, you’ll find a lot Things are not as bad as we thought. “Never retreat. Retreat to the end.” CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

No choice of birth

Someone who is born is king. Someone who is born is a nobleman. But many people are born with ordinary things. There is nothing in this world that cannot be changed, especially if you want to change. “The process of pursuing all good is the precious wealth of life.”

Unexplained loneliness

Regardless of optimism or restraint, no matter how noble or humble, no one may meet the feeling of loneliness, and often deeply linger in the lonely feelings that are not known. “In fact, it is hard to find friends.” CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

Hopelessly like

A very sweet poison, something that you can not escape, but like it is like, after all, love.
“Man, life is doomed to be liked by many people, but also likes many people. But there is only one choice. And finally this choice. Love, how many people are lucky enough to be able to meet true love at the right time in their lifetime?… …”

Helpless oblivion

Many things that we thought would never be forgotten in our lives were forgotten by us in the days we were obsessed with. Life is always better because of memories. Occasional memories are better than ever. After all, the days are getting better and better. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

Forever past

The last second becomes the next second’s past. Since many things are doomed to lose, then the only thing we can do is not to forget. “I have read one sentence — when you always remember the past, it is not good to prove that you have lived now. Therefore, good memories can be made, but they must not be absent. You must always be embarrassed and work hard forever.”

Other people’s laugh

The mouth is on other people’s bodies, and the ear is on one’s own body. If you say it, it’s their thing. You don’t listen. It’s your own thing. We must learn to smile and face it all. “It’s not necessary to pay attention…” CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

Inevitable death

Life is a process. Death is only an inevitable result, but the trajectory is its own color and temperature. Since it is inevitable, it is even more fearless. CNC machining custom made aluminum parts

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