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As the team leader, the staff cleave the bar, how to manage?

As a team leader, do you have the following troubles: CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎
Why do I say so much, these employees still look like they ignore?
Xiao Huang’s work level is very good. Why does he love to carry bars with me?

Today I share 10 common issues in employee management and I hope to help you.
The old employee is not satisfied
First of all, you should be clear that since the company believes in your ability, it gives you the power to administer subordinates. You must be bold in your work and communicate with your employees. For those who do not obey the boss (you) arrangement, you have to figure out why she did not obey your arrangement, whether you were dissatisfied with some of your laws or because of other reasons.
How to make employees happy work? CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎
As the leader of the team, they have the responsibility and obligation to build a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere for the subordinates. Because only in a pleasant environment can we have a happy mood before we can work happily.

The team leaders should adjust their working mentality, insist on more recognition, encouragement, and criticism in their daily work; learn to care for subordinates, communicate with subordinates more; praise employees who do well, deal with issues fair and just, create a relaxed, harmonious Working environment. In this way, employees will work happily.
How to mobilize employee enthusiasm?
Repeated and unchanging work every day must be boring. As a team leader, you can often organize games and give appropriate rewards to improve the competitive atmosphere among employees and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

For example: knowledge quiz, competition between team members. In addition, use the opportunity of a class meeting or after-class meeting to inform all colleagues of the goals to be developed and to motivate their work enthusiasm.
What to do if employees are depressed?
When employees feel depressed during work, they have a lot to do with the ability of the team leader to manage affairs. Such as lack of leadership skills, lack of attention to prevent work barriers, lack of dependency with employees, lack of communication, and unsatisfactory handling of work-related disputes can all result in depressed employees.

In addition to contacting the staff at work, the team leader must also be close to his or her life and understand employees in many ways. Once employees are found to be depressed, they communicate with their employees in a timely manner to eliminate difficulties for their work and to guide their personal lives. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

For those who lose their confidence because of overwork, they should be re-changed for them so that they can perform happily and cultivate their confidence. If you have a problem with your personal life, you need to think about solving his troubles.
How to resolve conflicts between employees?
The conflict will not disappear on its own. If you ignore them, the conflict between subordinates will only gradually escalate. You have the responsibility to restore the harmonious atmosphere of the team you lead. In resolving conflicts, we must keep in mind:

Adhere to an objective attitude. Do not assume that one party is wrong and listen to the opinions of both parties. The best way may be to have the conflicting parties solve the problem on your own and you play the role of a mediator. You can see one side alone or both, but no matter what method you use, you should make it clear to both sides that the conflict will always be resolved. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

In addition, in order for the talks to be successful, we must do the following:

1, determine the time and place. Allow enough time to ensure that the contents of the talks will not be made public.

2. Explain your purpose. Let the team members know from the beginning that what you need is fact.

3, good at listening to different opinions. Do not intervene and make suggestions before learning about the relevant situation. Let the other party speak first, and whether their conflict is due to a specific thing, or simply because of feelings or disharmony. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

4, pay attention to posture and language. When you are present, you must always maintain an interest, listen to a balanced and unbiased image. Do not leave any suspicion or revulsion against the impression; when the group members talk about things going by, you cannot agree and nod their heads. You stand on one side, neutrality helps to convince both sides of the conflict that you are just.

5. Reiterate the facts. Reiterate the message you learned through the talks of both parties that there is no misunderstanding.

6. Find a solution. The parties are allowed to propose solutions, in particular to implement what the two parties can do.

7. Develop an action plan. Work with both parties to develop a plan of action for the next step and to ensure that both parties implement the plan. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

8, records and reminders. After writing down the agreement, let both parties understand that the party who refuses to implement the agreement will have serious consequences.

9. Don’t forget the work after the meeting. The talks may open the cause of the conflict and cause a series of changes. But you can’t think that it will finish, and the conflict will be solved. After the parties to the conflict return to work, they may try to reconcile, but they lose again.

Whether or not you can deal with conflicts decisively shows whether you as the team leader have fulfilled their responsibilities. Your handling of subordinates sends a clear signal that you will not tolerate conflicts, but you are willing to work hard to solve any problems. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

What do the boss’s relatives do?
It must be realized that the emergence of such a special group member in the team you lead will affect the working mentality of other team members. Therefore, you must reflect this situation to your supervisor and explain to him the work of the team member. He must emphasize that if the team member cannot improve, the opinions of other team members will be very large and it will make it difficult to carry out their own work. Ask the boss how to deal with this matter. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

If the supervisor ignores this matter, you must not take special care because the member has a special relationship. You should exercise your authority as a team leader fairly and fairly. He/she should be encouraged to make positive progress and fully demonstrate their abilities so that relatives can have a face and they can achieve greater development.
What if the team members are unwilling to transfer their posts?
As the team leader, communicate with the transferred team members. However, one thing must be taken care of. Don’t promise to the team members, for example, “If you put enough people back in time, you will switch back.” If you can’t achieve this, you will make the team members feel that they have been deceived and will also be in conflict with the work. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎
Is it often the responsibility of the team members?
If it is a team member’s mistake, as the team leader should first assume the responsibility of dereliction of duty, after all, the team member is his own subordinates, his mistakes are his own dereliction of duty. Then, after clarifying the truth of the matter, decide whether to punish or criticize the team members.

The burden of responsibility should also be divided into specific circumstances. It is not always possible to help the team members bear responsibilities. This will allow the team members to rely on ideas, so that the team members bear the due responsibilities that will enable him to learn lessons and will help him grow. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎
The team members resigned from their positions and disobeyed
When subordinates have this kind of situation, as the team leader must first control his emotions, and then persuade the team members calmly and calmly. To make team members understand that being a member of the company should be subject to the company’s arrangements, no matter what kind of work is assigned, it is because they believe that the team members have the appropriate capabilities and can do a good job. The team members can show their abilities and values ​​only if they do a good job of every job.

At the same time, let the team members clearly realize that using resignation as a key point is not a solution to the problem. What’s more, a group member who often puts his “resignation” in his mouth seems to others to care about the work but also does not care about the company. If there are opinions on the company’s arrangement, it should be said that everyone is working together to find a solution. CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

Let the members fear themselves, is it effective?
As the team leader, we must first understand that the team members are afraid of what their purpose is. It is nothing more than wanting the team members to work well and being absolutely obedient to themselves. However, it is impossible for a group leader who is afraid of leadership to work hard and earnestly. The reason is very simple. He is in a state of alert at all times. He is afraid of jealousy and cannot be used with one heart. How can he work hard to ensure efficiency?

Therefore, if you want to manage the team members, it is the most important to establish your own prestige. Let each team member respect you, rely on you, and unite around you. At all times, you can work hard to ensure work efficiency. . CNC Machining | High Standard Service |‎

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