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5S Management Basics

What is 5S? CNC Machining Parts | 24/7 Interactive Online Quote‎
5S refers to sorting (SEIRI) SEITON (SEISO) Cleaning (SEISO) SENSE (SEIKETSU) Five items, because the Romanization of Japanese begins with “S” and English also begins with “S”, hence the abbreviation 5S

What is the use of 5S
5S is an instructive management tool used to maintain quality, environment, safety, and efficiency. It directly raises the level of corporate management as a whole. It will directly help companies achieve
Safety: Reduce industrial accidents to zero
Environment: Garden-style environment, garden-style office
Quality: Customer Satisfaction achieves corporate goals and reduces costs
Efficiency: Quickly remove and store required documents and items and increase on-time delivery. CNC Machining Parts | 24/7 Interactive Online Quote‎

The origin of 5S
The 5S activity originated from a field management method in Japan and was first proposed in the 1950s.
The 5S event became one of the two magic weapons of the economic miracle shocked by the Japanese industry after World War II.
The 5S activity has been widely recognized by industrial companies in various countries of the world and has become a basic project for companies to conduct factory management and improve on-site management.

The 5S extension
• 6S —- Safety Safety
• 7S —- Safety Safety Saving Savings
• 8S —- Safety Security Saving Service Service
• 9S —- Safety Security Saving Service Service Satisfaction Satisfaction
According to the needs of further development of the enterprise, some enterprises added safety on the basis of 5S and formed “6S”; some companies even promoted “12S”, but they always changed from “5S”. Derived from, for example, in the sorting process that requires the removal of useless objects or items, which in some sense can involve savings and safety. Specifically, for example, garbage that is not used in a safe passage, this is where security should be concerned. Content. CNC Machining Parts | 24/7 Interactive Online Quote‎

Why to implement 5S

Push 5S we can
Reduce losses: 5S is the best salesman
Reduce the bad: 5S is a zero-defect escort
Reduce waste: 5S is a saving hand
Reduce equipment failure: 5S is the guarantee of delivery
Shorten switching time: 5S is highly efficient
Prevent accidents: 5S is a secure software device
Reducing Complaints: 5S is the Promoter of Standardization
Reduce absenteeism: 5S can create happy jobs. CNC Machining Parts | 24/7 Interactive Online Quote‎

5S management is the basis for the operation of other management systems

5S is the basis for other management activities
1, is the premise of TPM
2. It is the first step of TQM
3, is a shortcut to ISO9000
4. Prerequisite for implementation by JIT and IE
5S has a catalytic effect on other management activities
1, can create an overall atmosphere
2, reflect the effect and enhance confidence
3, 5S lays the foundation for related activities. CNC Machining Parts | 24/7 Interactive Online Quote‎

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