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Detailed machine tool industry progress and gaps! The core technology must rely on oneself!

Reading  In recent days, Xi Da emphasized: CNC Machining Parts China Turning Milling Custom Services Factory

The real power of great power must be held in your own hands.
The core technologies and key technologies must be tackled with ideology, rely on themselves, work hard, and overcome difficulties.

In the context of the “China Core Incident,” this guideline is particularly valuable. “Core” is such that “machine” is even more so!

The machine tool, as a parent machine, has an extraordinary meaning for the manufacturing industry! It is the foundation of the fast-moving high-speed rail. It is the support of the hawks flying eagles in the sky. It is a guarantee for the aircraft carriers flying far away. CNC Machining Parts China Turning Milling Custom Services Factory

After several generations of hard work, the Chinese machine tool industry has undergone earth-shaking changes over the past 60 years. However, compared with foreign high-end machine tools, there are still some gaps. “The gap between high-end machine tool manufacturing technology and Germany and Japan is 15 By 20 years.” The person in charge of a well-known domestic machine tool company once said, maybe some exaggeration, but the gap must exist! Insiders summed up several gaps:

First, the accuracy, stability, reliability, and other gaps. For example, five-axis linkage CNC machine tools foreign products continuous 1500H no failure, made about 1000H, a difference of 1/3.

Second, the gap between CNC systems. The numerical control system is the core of CNC machine tools. Germany’s Siemens, Liebherr, and Japan’s Mazak and Farak have mastered the highest level of CNC systems. The Liebherr CNC system’s 16 software packages cost close to the cost of the mother machine. The software and the parent machine together Selling, not selling separately, the software profit is very high. At present, the CNC systems used by domestic machine tool companies in the high-end machine tools are basically imported.

Third, the gap between other key components. A good machine tool company can equate to 95% of the international advanced level, but the remaining 5% is not a company or even an industry can do, including steel raw materials, standard parts, screws, nuts, etc., need to improve the overall level of national industry . In addition, the process, testing and other aspects are currently not up to the world advanced level. CNC Machining Parts China Turning Milling Custom Services Factory

Although there are some gaps, you don’t have to worry about yourself! The progress of the machine tool industry is also obvious!

1. In the past two years, the machine tool industry has picked up, and the domestic machine tool market structure has been gradually adjusted. Machine tool companies have also constantly adjusted their product layout under the new situation, and have developed to a high level of precision.

2. The domestic machine tools have been developing in the direction of digitization, networking, pleasantness, greenness and intelligence. They have achieved outstanding results in intelligent manufacturing and special machine manufacturing. CNC Machining Parts China Turning Milling Custom Services Factory

3, domestic companies have gradually realized that the core technology can not be bought by buying, but also actively promote research and development and master key technologies, some companies’ own R & D capability is still very good.

Mastery skills to control foreigners,
Sand into the tower!
Make small but daily progress!
Although the domestic machine tool started late,
But I believe in the near future,
Chinese machine tool must be NO.1! CNC Machining Parts China Turning Milling Custom Services Factory

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