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How to connect China North Rail with the World and unveil its mysterious veil

China North Rail Co., Ltd., or CNR, is approved by SASAC by the North China Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Group Co., Ltd. United Datong forward Investment Co., Ltd. China Chengtong holding Group Co., Ltd. and China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd., launched in June 26th 2008, the joint establishment of a limited company, the main railway rolling stock, urban rail vehicles. R & D, design, manufacture, repair, service business of construction machinery and electronics. In April 4th 2012, CNR was awarded the contract of traction and network control system in Bangladesh. China CNC machining production Wholesale Manufacturer

In December 30th 2014, CSR formally announced the merger with CNR.

Business scope

A large number of locomotive and rolling stock professional and other disciplines and technical personnel, technical development strength. A large number of major scientific research achievements have been achieved at the national level. In the first batch of key projects of the “11th Five-Year” National Science and Technology support Plan, all independent R & D projects of rail transit equipment have been undertaken. “Locomotive strategic transcendence. The company now has two international leading EMU technology platforms, namely, CRH5 EMU, which is put into operation in batches. CRH3 EMU has created 394.3 km / h “China’s first Speed”, becoming an important transport vehicle for supporting Olympic transportation, and will also become the main type of high-speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai; Has the international leading three product series of high-power AC drive electric locomotive technology platform, Harmony 2, harmonious 3 electric locomotive into operation in large quantities; The first domestic domestic high power AC drive diesel locomotive with international leading level has been successfully off line. Two international leading large-scale road maintenance machinery projects are also set up in the North car. Railway rolling stock and urban rail vehicle products account for more than half of the domestic market share. The related diversified business has shown a good momentum of development. China CNC machining production Wholesale Manufacturer

International market

Products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Overseas joint ventures have been established to achieve the export of technology. Backbone enterprises have reached the international advanced level of technical equipment, mechanical processing, casting and forging. Steel structure manufacturing and assembly, electric motor and so on have remarkable advantages. There are 370 new electric locomotives, 460 diesel locomotives, 2 300 railway passenger cars and EMU, and 1100 urban rail vehicles. The capacity of 26000 trucks, 260 electric locomotives, 600 diesel locomotives, 2 500 passenger cars and 32000 trucks per year has a strong production capacity of spare parts and accessories.

Brand interpretation

Company logo and overall brand visual image by domestic famous brand consulting and design company Zhengbang presided over the design.

Elements of symbol and its interpretation

Logo is the core of the company image, is the company standard management, quality service and product quality directly reflect. It is the first identifying factor of the company image in the market competition. The symbol is the visual symbol of the unified standard with clear meaning, the management idea, the enterprise culture, the management content, the enterprise scale, the product characteristic and so on. It is the core of visual image to pass on to the public to identify and identify with the patterns and characters of the enterprise. China CNC machining production Wholesale Manufacturer

Century-old enterprise

The logo of the North China Railway Station is a symbol of the century-old history of manufacturing China’s first “dragon” locomotive. After the sign unfolds, like the giant dragon that takes off, shows the north car in the rail transit equipment domain foundation industry evergreen.

Good faith, good faith and responsibility

The logo is presented in a thick and steady font, rigid and straightforward, simple and generous, highlighting the social image of the North car as a large national equipment enterprise with good faith and steady integrity and heavy responsibility.

Strong and targeted

Dynamic locomotive modeling means that the strength of the north car is strong, the traction of the future; the arrow shape means that the enterprise has a clear goal, in line with the world; toward the rail transit equipment industry world class enterprise goal forward.

Rational harmony, passion exalted

Logo with deep speed and calm blue as a whole, declare the North car technology, environmental protection, harmony, safety brand pursuit. As an open eye red arrow, reflects the unremitting pursuit, for enterprising vigorous vitality.

Abbreviated to the world

“CNR” is the abbreviation of CNR, which is consistent with international practice and facilitates the promotion of brand calls in the international market.

Subsidiary company

Changchun Railway bus equipment Co., Ltd., Changchun Rail bus Co., Ltd., Qiqihar Rail Transit equipment Co., Ltd., Harbin Rail Transit equipment Co., Ltd. China North Rail Group Shenyang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., China North Rail Group Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., Tangshan Rail Transit Co., Ltd., Tianjin Motor Rail Transit equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Erqi Rail Transit equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Nankou Rail Transit Machinery Co., Ltd., China North Rail Group Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Rail Transit equipment Co., Ltd. Yongji Xinh Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Jinan Rail Transit equipment Co., Ltd., Xi’an Rail Transit equipment Co., Ltd., China North car Group Dalian Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. Qingdao Sifang vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing North car Logistics Development Co., Ltd., China Motor Import and Export Co., Ltd., North car Lanzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. China North Rail Co., Ltd. Dalian Electric traction Research and Development Center, North car Investment Lease Co., Ltd., Beijing Qingsoft Ying Tai Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Overseas development

In April 4th 2012, CNR was awarded the contract of traction and network control system in Bangladesh, which is the key technology of EMU. The two parts are nicknamed the heart and brain of the EMU. The project consists of 20 trains of 60 vehicles, including 20 sets of network systems, 40 traction inverters and 40 auxiliary inverters.

This is the first overseas trip of independent traction and network control system in China, which means that the imported EMU technology has been introduced, digested, absorbed and innovated independently after a long period of time. China has mastered the core technology and has the ability to compete with international peers.

On the afternoon of October 22nd 2014 local time, the Massachusetts Transportation Administration approved the purchase of 284 subways from the China National Railway (CNR). Equipped with Boston Red Line and Orange Line Subway, this is the first time a Chinese rail transit equipment company has won a global tender in the United States to land in the United States.

China CNC machining production Wholesale Manufacturer

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