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Industrial Engineering and Systems thinking [original]

Industrial Engineering (Industrial Engineering, referred to as IE) is an application of engineering technology developed from the basis of scientific management. American Institute of Industrial Engineering (AIIE) on the definition of Industrial Engineering: “the supply of industrial engineering for people, materials, equipment, energy, design integrated system, the composition and information etc. the improvement and implementation of a subject, it combines mathematical, physical, and social science knowledge and expertise, combined with the engineering analysis and design principle and method of the system, the results are confirmed, forecast and evaluation.” industrial engineering as a new engineering science, it characteristic is the application of the scientific method to the field of management, in order to reduce the cost, improve the quality and productivity oriented, systematic, professional and scientific methods, comprehensive utilization of various disciplines of knowledge, personnel, materials, design Preparation of integrated system composed of energy and information for planning, design, evaluation, innovation and decision-making, making it more effective, comprehensive optimization system more reasonable. Specifically, it is in the work constantly seeking easier, more efficient, more economical and can make the mood more pleasant working methods. With a systematic approach to large-scale work better, faster, and better achieve the highest interests of the whole. CNC machining prototype service Manufacturer in Xiamen China

The purpose of the research of Industrial Engineering:

(1) system analysis: as a result of the current system’s achievement, failing to achieve the expected results, we need to conduct research on finding problems and controlling management.

(2) improvement of the system: the achievement of the system is not enough and the operation is inconvenient now. It is necessary to improve the way to improve it when part of it is improved.

(3) system design: the new situation makes the current system difficult to achieve sufficient results, looking for the needs to study the design of a new system.

System thinking is taking the system theory as the basic mode of thinking form, according to the system characteristics of the object of innovation, starting from the whole, the whole and the part focus on the system, the relationship between the part and the part, and the interactions between system and environment, using the system analysis method, in order to obtain the most optimized system science the way of thinking. The system is a concept that reflects people’s a kind of epistemology, namely the system is an organic whole by the combination of two or more than two elements, the whole system is not equal to the sum of partial. This conception reveals some essential attributes of the objective world, has unlimited wealth the connotation and extension, its content is the system theory or system. The system theory as a general methodology is by far the most advanced thinking mode of human control. System thinking refers to the system theory of Si Weiji This mode of thinking form, which is different from the creative thinking or image thinking instinct thinking form. System thinking can greatly simplify people’s cognition of things, bring us a overall view. The system thinking requires us to look at things not just the part but more emphasis on the whole; but not based on the analysis based on the comprehensive; not to analysis and synthesis of one-way thinking is divided into two distinct phases, but the synthesis and analysis by coupling feedback, form a two-way thinking. Thinking system can greatly simplify people’s cognition of things, bring us to the overall concept.

The characteristics of industrial engineering just emphasize the “system concept” and “engineering consciousness”, and attach importance to the overall planning of research objects, the overall optimization and comprehensive principles. Therefore, industrial engineering is inseparable from system thinking.

The system has a certain goal, to achieve a certain function, complex system goal is often not a single, often is composed of multi sub target target system. Because each whole system is composed of many subsystems, are inseparable subsystems of each other, the best countermeasure subsystem. The whole system is not necessarily the most favorable. Each goal will also target system of mutual influence, mutual constraints, or even conflict. For example, a number of enterprises in pursuit of product may affect the quality of products, the pursuit of economic benefits can be ignored such as environmental protection and other social benefits. If not handled properly the relationship between them. The individual may have significant care for this and lose that, although the goal achievement, but the combined effect is not ideal.

At present, the whole system of enterprises become increasingly large and complex, industrial engineers must break through the concept of the past, for the overall system concept, the system of the way of thinking, in order to completely solve the problem. The system thinking means by system science method to solve the industrial engineering problem in the work, should follow the following principles: the principle of integrity, comprehensive principle, dynamic principle and optimization principle. CNC machining prototype service Manufacturer in Xiamen China

(1) the principle of integrity: a system, and is not simply the sum of each part of the system, compared with the simple addition of each part of the system will produce more properties and effect, the so-called 1+1>2. therefore, in the view of system theory, the whole above all. The integrity of the system is through the whole structure. The whole and the part, the whole and the external environment to achieve contact, this link is not mechanical, but organic connection. By holistic principles to consider the relationship between the whole and the part, not only to see the part through coherent, collaborative and produce the overall nature, also see the whole and part of it alone there are different, can not leave the whole expedition.

(2) the comprehensive principle: a study of the problems, the understanding of the research object of each part and related factors in the comprehensive, comprehensive study, grasp the overall system, starting from the system, to the overall optimization, the comprehensive implement always, adhere to the comprehensive analysis in the guidance and control of the through the comprehensive, gradually achieve the overall synthesis.

(3) dynamic principle: the system has the feature of environment. Any system in a certain environment, the same between the system and the environment will affect each other. After analyzing the system and the system innovation, we should pay attention to the environmental impact on the overall system, should also pay attention to the effect of the system on the surrounding environment the method of system science. The object is regarded as a dynamic “living system”, both among the various elements of the system, or between the system and the environment, there are material, energy and information exchange. Therefore, in the study of a system, it must keep abreast with the environment between matter, energy and information exchange the attention, resulting in a variety of possible effects.

(4) the optimization principle of this principle requires people to solve the problem, must be balanced, coordinated and balanced selection of optimal target system, determine the best way to realize the goal. The goal of the system is often the target system is composed of a plurality of sub targets, each target system will affect each other, mutual constraints, and even produce the optimization principle of contradiction. And is not the pursuit of sub goals, but the overall optimal goal. On the other hand, the principle of system optimization is not only reflected in the choice of the target system, is also reflected in the realization of the goal of the path, the optimization is to use the minimum time and space, with minimal energy consumption, material, full the use of information to achieve the target of the system, realize the function of the system.

The application of system thinking in the field of industrial engineering is an effective way to modernize and innovate. It is also the best way to develop and innovate. The application of system thinking in industrial engineering and its organic combination provide us with modern scientific innovation method that accords with Scientific Outlook on Development.

Show that industrial engineering practice in foreign and domestic development and application of industrial engineering and the organic combination of system thinking integrated technology to improve enterprise productivity and production system of comprehensive efficiency and benefit, improve the comprehensive quality of the comprehensive system, strengthen innovation ability of enterprises in the open economy under the conditions of the competition ability in the international market and the knowledge economy in the environment to win, all kinds of production system, quality management system and social economic system, sustainable development, plays an irreplaceable important role.

China’s enterprises as the main body and the industrial base and industrial economic system is facing the low utilization rate of resources, quality and efficiency is not high, comprehensive product structure unreasonable, poor environmental adaptability, international competitiveness and innovation capability should be enhanced, and strategic management and internal management of the weak, from technology and management, lack of features, the product, market, technology and other aspects of the development is not balanced, the enterprise and the market and the government and other relations between enterprises are lack of standardization, instability and other problems and difficulties. The organic combination of modern industrial engineering and systems thinking is the enterprise and the industry, economic difficulties, effective weapon to win the competition.

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