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Li Jiacheng: I’m about 90 this year. Why do I work so hard!

Guide: Li Jiacheng, the richest man of the Chinese people, was born in 1928 and is 88 years old. When asked about the retirement plan of Li Jiacheng, he said: “I am ready to retire.” But there is no such plan yet. I am happy to devote time and effort to shareholders or foundations every day. For decades like 1st, I may be one of the least sick people in the company. ” Expert Manufacturer of CNC machining prototype

As the ancients said, “diligence” is the truth that almost all successful people have been practicing since ancient times. However, more people place their success on the chance of “diligence”.

To this, Li Jiacheng thinks: “hard work is the element of individual success, so to speak, work hard, a minute harvest, a person gets the reward and achievement.” It has a lot to do with his efforts. Luck is only a small factor, and personal effort is the most basic condition for creating a career. ”

Today is over, procrastination is a bad habit! Expert Manufacturer of CNC machining prototype

I have the habit of working overtime at the office at night, because there are too many social engagements during the day, and one of the employees, like me, often shows up in the office at night. “Don’t be too late,” I told him. Pay attention to rest, “he said,” there’s work to be done today. Take a rest. “one night, I found out he was gone, but after a while he came back, and I went to ask him.” He said he remembered on the way that a computer system had made a mistake, so he came back right away and then went home. His dedication impressed me so much that the company set up a new department. I made him a department manager. I’m reassured that he won’t be delayed because the work is handed over to him. He is now vice president of the company.

From the autobiography of Li Jiacheng

Li Jiacheng’s office was so simple that he didn’t have a single piece of paper on the table because he insisted on today’s end of the day.

This is Li Jiacheng, he is such a person without delay, Li Jiacheng’s world without procrastination, in his view, every person looking forward to the future should do “Today, Today’s end”. No matter who it is. Managers and employees alike, as long as they have the bad habit of procrastination, his enterprise will be gradually reduced and eventually lost. Everyone is on the verge of success. Often give up a second because of a lazy idea, and this second is the biggest miss.

Li Jiacheng in the management of enterprises, the most important is timeliness, a manager is not able to bear the loss caused by procrastination. The only way is, from now on, today. Everything he can do in time is bound to make a quick effort today. For him, procrastination is not only a waste of time, but also wealth and honor.

Nearly ten minutes of watch: with diligence to seize the first opportunity!

If you just stand still, you won’t hurt your toes. The faster you walk, the more likely you are to hurt your toes, but again. The more likely you are to reach an opportunity, the more important it is to have a decision or answer in the afternoon. If what happens in the afternoon is very complicated, it must be answered within 24 hours. My watch always dial ten minutes faster to be on time for the next appointment.

From the autobiography of Li Jiacheng

To speed up his watch by 10 minutes is a habit that Li Jiacheng has developed for many years. In Li Jiacheng’s view, this is a sign of seizing the opportunity. Those who gain something in the mall must be industrious. People who are good at getting ahead of time. 10 minutes ahead of schedule every day means 10 more minutes a day.

In Li Jiacheng’s eyes, what is the first opportunity? When a new thing comes up and only 5% people know it, do it quickly. This is the opportunity. When 50% people know it, you can be a consumer. When it’s over 50. You don’t have to look! This is an important factor that keeps Li Jiacheng undefeated. Through this “first chance” trick, it is not difficult to find that the words “do early” convey an important message, that is, diligence.

Li Jiacheng’s hard-working habits were formed in teahouses when he was young, which laid the foundation for Li Jiacheng’s future commercial achievements. Cantonese people are used to drinking tea in the morning and evening. Tea guests come early in the morning, so the teahouse must start preparing tea at 5:00. To this end, Li Jiacheng’s alarm clock is always set up 10 minutes to ring the bell, so. Every day he was the first to get to the teahouse in order to be able to keep himself ahead of others at any time.

When the plastic flower factory was set up, Li Jiacheng began to wonder, how to make this factory prosperous, how to become a leader in the plastic industry?

To this end, Li Jiacheng took the initiative to ask industry experts about plastic flowers knowledge, and learn about advanced technology. When learning that the company that produces plastic flowers is short of handymen, Li Jiacheng immediately signs up to the company. Starting with a handyman, he systematically studied the manufacturing process in the form of a part-time job, and very devoutly consulted the workmates on the relevant techniques. Thus, Li Jiacheng soon mastered the technology of plastic flowers. It was this kind of diligence. Li Jiacheng finally became a generation of “flower king”, but also for his future career development laid a solid foundation.

Li Jiacheng was in an era when he started his own business. Because of the lack of information, it is possible for anyone who is diligent to pick up a gold treasure. It is precisely because of this that Li Jiacheng has made the “plastic flower” business around the world. Industry is no longer the only factor in entrepreneurship, but it is still a very important one.

Open to success: be humble on the surface and pride in the heart

“Achievement” and “true success” are different. Being a more successful person than success, having expertise, skills, education, networking, or experience is just a basic skill. What’s more important is to establish your distinctive qualities and look at the world.-from living your Story.

In 1946, under the momentum of growing sales performance of plastic factory, Li Jiacheng, 18, was promoted to department manager, in charge of product sales. Two years later, he was promoted to general manager. He is well versed in sales promotion, but also knows that production and management is his weakness. Li Jiacheng is diligent, and he has not given up his studies because this is not his current job. Every day, in addition to what the general manager should do, he always squatted on the spot, dressed in tooling, worked with the workers, and experimented with the concrete operation process of each working procedure.

One of these episodes is worth mentioning:

On one occasion, Li Jiacheng stood on the platform to cut plastic tape, unexpectedly inadvertently cut the finger, blood flow. The stubborn character of Li Jiacheng did not speak out, but their own secretly quickly wrapped in a tape, and continue to operate. Do not want to. The wound became inflamed and it was very serious. He went to the clinic to see a doctor. Fortunately, he did not have any sequelae.

It is said that many years later, this incident was known by a reporter, who told Li Jiacheng about it and said humorously: “your experience is exchanged for the price of blood.” he smiled and said, “probably not to say so. That’s all I want to do, and if you want to do something, you won’t care about anything else. ”

In this way, Li Jiacheng with his diligence and intelligence. The advantage of mastering each link is that Li Jiacheng has built up a huge sales network. The momentum of sales and production is becoming more and more perfect because of coordination and coherence.

Li Jiacheng became the pillar of plastic company, the outstanding person of the same age, outstanding. In his early 20s, he climbed to the highest position of the migrant workers and made enviable achievements.

In the face of such achievements, Li Jiacheng should be satisfied. However, there is no word “satisfied” in his dictionary of life. This time, he decided to leave. He did not have a special struggle to leave. He is already full of confidence in himself.

When Li Jiacheng said his resignation, it was hard to imagine the boss’s attitude. However, the boss was wise after all, and he did not accuse Li Jiacheng of “plump feathers and no respect for cultivation”. Li Jiacheng about to the restaurant, hosted farewell to his resignation, which really moved Li Jiacheng.

Li Jiacheng left the plastic belt company with a sense of guilt. He had to take this step. It was a major turn in his life, and he embarked on a difficult and hopeful road to start a new life.

Modest attitude, proud heart, hard work, these three are the indispensable qualities of entrepreneurs in the new era, but also in the reality of experience can withstand the test of success.

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