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Le plus jeune réalisateur de Starbucks: Après les années 80 et 90, faites de votre mieux pour faire la première tasse de café sur le bureau

Born in 1982, she worked at Microsoft and Google, is currently the founder and CEO of Hearsay Social, and is one of the directors of Starbucks. The female entrepreneur recalls his own personal experience and suggests that more young people will do their best to learn and do things in their 20s. In the future, you will certainly appreciate all your contributions today. CNC machining service & custom fabrication work

After the 80s and 90s, you are in the golden age of starting work. Grab this time and do your best to learn and do things. In the future, you will certainly appreciate all your contributions today. CNC machining service & custom fabrication work

Looking back at my first job, even if I was asked to do something that seemed humble, monotonous, or difficult, I would try my best. Some bosses are the ones I don’t like the most, but even so, I will not give up, complain or lax work. I will work late until very late. If I work overnight, if necessary, I will learn to seek help only if I cannot solve the problem. And, as long as it is beneficial to my boss and team, I will take the initiative. .

Once I can do my job smoothly, I will challenge the limits of my ability. I will continue to ask myself: “What else can I do? How can I make this better?” This mentality allowed me to start the career stage and to have a more open mind and take the initiative to propose something new to the team. The ideas, although they may not be good enough, have not been fully adopted, but this can always win the team’s appreciation. In the end, this kind of work that made me do my best has given me the unanimous respect of my superiors and colleagues. I began to have the privilege of participating in a higher-level strategic dialogue. This gave me the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and assume more responsibility. CNC machining service & custom fabrication work

If you are confined to immediate short-term interests, you may think that this idea is unreasonable, but if you are looking at the long-term, hope that your career can develop healthily, and you can manage your work and life at the same time, and try your best to work as soon as possible. Perhaps the most sensible choice. At the same time, you can also get valuable experience and connections, which will help you in the workplace.

Companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers have shown that after 80s and 90s, their predecessors pay more attention to the balance between work and life. On the one hand, many young people who enter the workplace will find that some of their peers are always very busy when they are on the job, and even if they are awkward, they can still receive salaries. They may think that they are smart and can make up for the cheapness of the system. But doing so will actually make them miss the golden time of laying the foundation for their careers. CNC machining service & custom fabrication work

Although work-life balance is indeed very important and people have different aspirations, in the long run, it may not be wise to work as little as possible. Psychologist Meg Jay gave a wake-up call to all 20-somethings in his very inspiring TED speech, “The 20-year-old never comes again.” The so-called 20 years to 30 years old concept of “a decade that can be squandered” has become an extremely dangerous paradox. Too much of the time spent in the 80s and 90s in the future will surely regret it.

It’s like the value of investing 100 yuan today is much higher than that of investing 100 yuan in 10 years. As time passes, excellent work, connections, and learning experience, as well as the time, effort, and effort you put into it. The long-term focus of the field will produce a “benefit” effect. CNC machining service & custom fabrication work

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