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United States-Germany-Japan-China-Analysis of differences in management

Each country has different development due to historical reasons, and there will be great differences in management. CNC machining service in China

The first country to achieve economic catch-up was the United States. Around 1880, the United States accounted for the first time in the world’s industrial production over Britain, making it the world’s most important industrial producer. Not only has the United States not exported large quantities of goods to the outside world, it has also accepted large-scale immigration from all over the world, especially immigrants from Europe.

Due to the diversity of Americans, his management model was formed: motivation (personal-led) + practical performance
Because the United States is an immigration country, American society advocates individualism. Therefore, in the enterprise, it also advocates individualism, a strong individual spirit of enterprise and management innovation.
In the minds of Americans, people who “start from scratch” are heroes. Like John D. Rockefeller, who started with oil, Henry? Ford I, car king, and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, American-style individualism sparked a spirit of practicality and pragmatism in corporate management culture. temperament. The key to whether any one of the inventions or discoveries is accepted by enterprises is whether it can be applied in reality and whether it can produce utility in social life. CNC machining service in China
So in the United States, you have a home that you can use to work. The value that an American company manages to create for your business is plain, that is: no matter what method you use, my company will not matter if you can complete your duties. Now. That is what we said in the second article of the U.S. administration:
The individualistic and pragmatic spirit in the American social culture reflects the orientation of Americans’ cultural values. This value orientation is reflected in the management of enterprises and forms the pragmatic characteristics of American corporate management culture.
Let’s talk about everybody knowing Bill Gates’ Microsoft, Dr. Gao Qunyao, president of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., said at the Entrepreneur Century Forum that the Internet has created an innovative model. In these intangible things, how to manage, how does the value produced measure, and how does the performance of those who produce such value be assessed? Technological innovation is very important, and management innovation is even more deadly. Explain the importance of innovation in U.S. companies, and innovation is inseparable from personal struggle. So how does the innovation result be evaluated? Then I look at the reaction of the market. The character of the Americans determines that corporate innovation should focus on practicality.
Therefore, regardless of whether or not American management is individual heroism or performance-oriented practicality, it also shows that a bit of US company’s use of “loose” individualism management is actually a good incentive for employees, and performance evaluation pays special attention to practicality.

After the United States, the economic catch-up was Germany. By 1913, Germany’s share of world industrial production surpassed the United Kingdom for the first time and it became the second largest industrial producer in the world. Unlike the United States, the rise of Germany once brought great misfortune to the world. CNC machining service in China

German enterprise management model is: core technology + rigorous quality
Speaking from the character of the Germans first, the author’s colleagues went on a business trip to Germany and came back like this to me: Germans are pragmatic, everything is honest and reliable, taking their houses as an example, although not in style Beautiful, but unpretentious, neat and generous. Every kind of material, such as glass, locks, hinges, buttons, switches, lampshades, curtains, hangers, etc., even though it is extremely minimal, is also firmly and firmly. They would rather lose their weight, and they would be reluctant to brush their hair. The bronze statues used to decorate parks, stations and other public places in Germany are mostly lions, horses and muscular men, and they are rarely advertised by women. This is a description of the German national character.
Rigorous quality:
In fact, it can be seen that the Germans transfer the culture of the people to the management of the enterprises. The management of German companies and the attitude of employees are very rigorous. In the international market, German manufacturing and German standards usually represent high quality, and consumers can Completely trusted. In this regard, even the Japanese who have always won with high quality have to follow the trend.
German companies attach great importance to product quality and a strong sense of quality has become the core content of corporate culture, deeply rooted in the minds of the majority of employees. Volkswagen has established a strict sense of quality among its employees, emphasizing professional ethics of employees, and establishing a quality concept of excellence in the company. Siemens’s philosophy of “winning by newness and winning by quality” makes Siemens invincible. Regarding the emphasis on product quality, they believe that high quality awareness is inseparable from the high quality of the employees. They pay great attention to training employees with specialized skills and knowledge, and do everything possible to increase employees’ quality awareness. Take Siemens for example, they have their own training school. According to the author’s knowledge, Suzhou Siemens will select 5 individuals each year to go to Germany for training. The training period will be 2 years. The training will be sent back equivalent to the Chinese college diploma certificate. The cost will be paid by the company. After returning, the salary rises by 50%, and the company can only leave after 8 years of service. The training is also a German technician. CNC machining service in China
German technology:
Germany’s unique system of technicians. In fact, Germany’s technology has a serious shortage of professional and technical personnel in our country. I think it is very necessary. Instead of spending so much money to train students who don’t know anything about it, it’s better to promote technicians. German technology is embodied in research and development. It is the concentration of superior forces and the in-depth study of limited fields, resulting in extraordinary originality and uniqueness. The technical system and the originality of research and development are two methods commonly used by German companies. This is one of the fundamental reasons why Germany’s economy is sustained and powerful.

Japan and Germany experience quite the same. However, the real catch-up and rise of Japan was in the 1970s of the last century. In 1971, Japan’s industrial production accounted for 5% of the world’s industrial production, surpassing the United Kingdom and France for the first time. CNC machining service in China

Japanese business management model is: Japanese team + training
Because the author worked for a few years in a Japanese-funded company, the management mode of Japanese-funded enterprises is relatively well understood:
Japanese team spirit:
Although in Japan, companies have changed the lifelong system of the past, the Japanese generally do their entire life in the company. This is due to their corporate culture. Japanese companies win by the whole. They can bring the whole enterprise into the second stage of organizational development in a relatively short period of time. Organizations enter a stage of tacit cooperation and form an employee in the entire enterprise. The unconscious tacit cooperation between them makes the entire organization most efficient. It can also be said that the Japanese are not necessarily better than our Chinese. There is no flexibility for the Chinese to do things, but he is definitely a magical combination of teamwork.
Japan’s total quality management is to allow every employee to participate in all aspects of the company’s activities, participate in the improvement and improvement of all corporate work, in this way, let each employee join the organization, Form an overall cooperation and collaboration! Japanese companies are very particular about the whole and do not emphasize the role of individuals. They emphasize the success of the team and the organization as a whole, and pay attention to sacrificing individuals for the sake of organization. This is both the spirit of Japanese society and the core corporate culture of Japanese companies. It is this recognition of the organization as a whole that enables Japanese companies to quickly emerge and succeed after the war. CNC machining service in China
Japanese companies training system:
A friend who has worked in a Japanese-funded company probably knows this. In a Japanese company, once you enter (of course, the level is equivalent to an engineer), there will be training opportunities for going abroad. Generally, once they reach the company, they will You sign a three-year contract. Here’s an example for everyone:
Shimadzu Japan, has a factory in China, they are like this to employees:
1) Emphasis on staff training Generally, during the interview, the individual’s specific skills are not valued, but the basic qualities are emphasized. After entering the company, you will generally sign a 3-year contract with you. In the second year, you will be given the performance of each of you. Generally, you will be sent to Japan for training. Generally, it will take 2-5 weeks. This gives employees a chance to develop. The important point of retaining employees. Lean Production Promotion Center.
Japanese companies generally also go directly to the students from the school. Japanese companies pay great attention to cooperation with the school. Between different schools, companies think that good school students are better and are more willing to give priority to recruitment. He also has a higher requirement for students’ overall quality.
2) Focus on internal promotion
In Japanese companies, when there is a new job in general, they will try to train existing employees to meet their needs through internal adjustment.
In Japanese companies, externally recruited managers, regardless of their capabilities, do not have a long enough time to become familiar with internal systems and systems, and establish close working and personal relationships with them. of. This point I estimate that people who have spent time in Japanese companies should have a deep understanding. CNC machining service in China
Chinese people’s flexibility in doing things can be said to be well-known in the world, saying that a not-so-good joke: speeding in Russia and other generals will be fined equivalent to RMB 200 in China, when many people in China go to Russia to do business, there are Once the Chinese opened the car because speeding was stopped by the Russian traffic police, the Chinese directly put 100 yuan in the traffic police pocket. This shows that before the system, the Chinese will go for loopholes.
In the Ming and Qing Dynasties of China, Huizhou merchants had existed for more than 400 years in the history of our country. Huizhou merchants have adopted flexible capital operation methods; they are good at exploring the market; they are pursuing business with ethics, prestige their reputation, and are good at exploiting brand-name products and making their trading activities. The field has spread all over the country, and its products have been sold to the world market and are very popular.
From the world, there is no American management model, German management model or Japanese management model. In the current situation in China, we are a big country with a history of 5,000 years of civilization. In the era of globalization, China should surpass its narrow nationalism. Treating Western civilization with a more rational attitude. To treat countries that are better developed than us, we must inherit the fine traditions of Confucian culture, accept western scientific and technological civilization, accept Western individualism, and inject the elements of freedom and innovation above our traditional Confucian ideology. Make China a truly world leader, not a follower. CNC machining service in China

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