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How to determine career ideals and realistic goals?

Career ideas and real-life goals determine the direction, clear career ideals and realistic goals are the focus of knowledge-based employee value integration. CNC machining service in China

It seems that in our youth, we all had our own career ideas. Together, the buddies are often proud of what they will do when they grow up. Some want to be scientists, some want to be engineers, some want to be doctors, some want to be soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army, and so on. As we grow older, we are tested one at a time, with a focus on selecting and choosing key subjects for study, asking me for jobs that I don’t want to go, and that I’m not going to be able to go. We’ve got scattered and scattered love, spending money and tossing. To face the wedding, the children who are not easy to raise, the children who are harder to raise, the price rises, the distant houses and other series of annoyances, difficult things tortuous, become more and more realistic, more and more secular, almost no time and mood again To think about ideas such as no time to worry about the matter. The goal of life and work is to overcome the challenges that lie ahead, such as marriage and buying a house. Got it, be happy for a while, and have a new target to overcome; there are ideas, not get, pressure, continue to think, and greater pressure. It seems that unconsciously, we do not divide the region, regardless of occupation, as long as people in the same age group are walking the same life trajectory, experiencing the same process – suffering and suffering. The most tragic thing is that many people do not enjoy the heat of youth at the same age as flowers, but grow older and are busy spending money, buying a house, and pleasing their mother-in-law. This kind of goal in life is too small. This position is too narrow. If there is no great ideal, what do we rely on to drive the growth of life?

The history of mankind has repeatedly proved that a short life should not be the case, and intellectuals should not be the case as a class with more knowledge in a society. Our life needs material, but also poetic and lofty ideals. We need to constantly ask “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” CNC machining service in China

The connotation of ideal and goal

“Who am I?” represents self-positioning. Our position can be as an official, earning a lot of money, or as an ordinary person such as an engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer, employee, salesperson, and so on. There are two key factors for self-orientation: First, why? Why do you want to be a big official and earn big money? As long as you have more resources, more wisdom, and more efforts than others, you can have such a position; otherwise, go and be an ordinary person. Second, it is inconsistent with the axioms. Even if you have the resources, intelligence, and ability, you must meet the axioms for what and how much you need. You want to make a fortune. Others also want to make a fortune; you want to rise to the office and others want to be promoted. Therefore, we must go back to social axioms. This is: To achieve others can achieve self. One’s position cannot be merely thinking about oneself, must focus on social values, and serve others by contributing to society, so as to obtain what one needs.

“Where am I going?” is the choice. Personal resources are limited, desires are endless, there are too many things that you want to do, and you need to choose; society has a division of labor, rules, and justice. You can’t do everything, want anything, and need to choose.

The idea is to think clearly of “who I am” and “where am I going?”, “the ideal is full, and the reality is very edgy”. There is no stage goal. The ideal can only be fantasy. CNC machining service in China

The goal is the purpose or realm that you want to achieve. It is subjective, directional, realistic, social, and practical. The goal is to subjectively conceive of the expected result, to indicate the direction for the activity, and to be controlled by social politics, economic systems, cultural traditions, and ideologies. It must be valuable and operational. The goal can be large and small; in the near future, it can be long-term. Every aspect of work and life should have goals, such as learning goals, career goals, and economic goals.

Thinking about ideas and goals from the perspective of advantages and disadvantages

Each of us has some advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages constitute the individual’s characteristics. From childhood to adulthood, our education is to become a “perfect person”. Parents, teachers, and even neighbors are not afraid to teach us to correct shortcomings and promote advantages. But often it’s counterproductive. Many times, we spend a lot of time and energy to correct shortcomings or shortcomings. The effect is not very good, and even the advantages are no longer excellent. To this end, we are confused and distressed. CNC machining service in China

Recalling our experience in school, you will find many almost identical stories happening to yourself or your classmates: Only a few students are excellent in every homework, many people are partial subjects, and they are good at one or more courses. , while other homework scores are average or even not good at all. Each exam is ranked according to a comprehensive score. Although several good homework scores are good, the total score is not very high. They are often ranked after each class but average classmates. At this time, our self-esteem will be greatly hurt, thinking that their mathematics is much better than them, and why they are in front of me. As a result, he worked hard to study poorly graded subjects, and the results of the next or several examinations may have two results. One is very effective, confidence increases, and results are increasing; the second is no effect or even results decline, self-confidence is affected. hurt.

This is still the case after work. Some of our work is effortless, and we will be able to do it soon. For some jobs, we will not do our best to complete it. In confusion, we continue to think and gradually find our strengths and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses. However, in the actual life and work, how to use and deal with strengths and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, we can not understand. In fact, the most important thing is: We must make every effort to do our utmost to exert our strengths and advantages so that our strengths and advantages can play the maximum and optimal role; instead of doing our best to improve our weaknesses and weaknesses, we must instead The weaknesses and shortcomings are controlled to a certain degree to meet the basic requirements. This basic requirement depends on the highest point in the following aspects: the requirements of laws and regulations; the basic requirements of social and professional ethics; the prescriptive requirements of people; insufficient to affect the personal advantages and the minimum requirements of the strengths. CNC machining service in China

For example, middle school students need to learn languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, politics, sports, music and fine arts. If a student is good at science but not good at liberal arts, he will need to do his utmost to give full play to his strengths and strive to make mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology better, and strive to obtain the best results. He is not good at language, geography, and history. Courses such as politics and politics must also meet a basic requirement. If the school’s basic requirements are 65 points, people’s approval requirements for each subject area pass, that is, 60 points; and the prerequisite for him to study science is that the language cannot be too bad and needs to reach 70 points; otherwise, his mathematics and chemistry cannot be learned well. .

For another example, grass-roots managers need to have certain listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. If a manager is good at reading and writing, and shorter than listening and speaking, then he is assigned to work that requires frequent writing, but he is not good at listening and speaking to meet the basic requirements: to be able to understand what others say, We can clarify our point of view, etc. on certain occasions. CNC machining service in China

The same is true of human personality. Psychology defines a person’s personality as the unity of the psychological characteristics of an individual’s personality, temperament, interest, and ability. Personality can show a person’s unique mental outlook. Personality is a person’s stable personality psychology characterized by his attitude toward reality and habitual behavior. Personality is at the heart of human personality. People’s personality traits are very different. Some people are sensible, and they measure everything with reason and dominate their actions. Some people are emotional, emotional experiences are profound, and behaviors are influenced by emotions. Some people are will-type, have clearer goals, and behave actively; Some are extroverted, mentally active, cheerful and active, and good at communication; some are introverted, psychologically intrinsic, deep and quiet, slow to respond, and adapt to difficulties.

Psychologists believe that people’s temperament types can be divided into four types: bile, blood, mucus, and depression. The gallbladder has an irritable temperament, has a strong nervous system, is not afraid of difficulties, lacks self-control ability, and lacks the ability to work long-term and systematically. Depression is more sentimental, the nervous system is more sensitive, inhibition is stronger, stubborn and easy to angry, not good at communication, cannot withstand long-term stress. The multi-blood type is different, the nervous system is strong, the feelings and actions are all balanced, lively and active, good at communication, able to adapt to various situations, and often easily compromised. Mucinous nature is a solitary feeling, and the feelings and actions are balanced. The expression is not obvious, the feelings are stable, the response is slow, and it is difficult to adapt to changes in living conditions. The work is hard work. CNC machining service in China

From the above description, it can be seen that each character and temperament has its favorable side and its disadvantageous side. If we want to achieve something, we must carry forward the favorable side and meet the unfavorable side with a basic requirement.

In daily life and work, we often need to think about ideas and goals and deal with problems in the way of “advantage-disadvantage, basic-optimal”.

Why can men and women love each other in life? Must be attracted by the other person’s merits; why do two people who love each other get married? Must be able to tolerate each other’s shortcomings. In other words, the process of love between two people is a process of gradually discovering each other’s strengths, and one party must also show its advantages to the other party in the best way. When we talk about marriage, both sides consider whether the other party’s shortcomings can meet their basic requirements. Because the other party’s shortcomings are objective and difficult to change in a short time, only in line with their own bottom line, the two sides can live together. CNC machining service in China

At work, why do bosses satisfy us? For example, we instructed us to write a work plan for the second year. The criteria for planning wells and badness are whether the plan is linked to the company’s key work, whether the emphasis is prominent, whether the time schedule is reasonable, whether the goal can be achieved, and whether the resources are in place. In addition to the “optimal” conditions, there are “basic” conditions, such as whether the format of the plan meets the supervisor’s requirements or the company’s practice, whether it is reported to the plan at the required time.

Because of our limited resources, limited capabilities, and limited time, it is impossible to achieve “optimality” in all matters and all requirements. Therefore, to distinguish between what is basic and what is optimal, we must do more with less. This is also ours. Required homework. Positioning, first of all need to think about what our true advantage is? Has the previous advantage remained an advantage? Or, what are our characteristics and characteristics? Without characteristics, there will be no future without competitiveness.

Advantages cannot be abused.

After a thunderstorm, we often see this phenomenon: people with umbrellas are wet with rain, but people without umbrellas are good. It turned out that when the rain came, the person with the umbrella walked boldly, but it was rained; people who did not have umbrellas avoided it when the rain came. In many cases, people do not fall on defects but fall on strengths. CNC machining service in China
Thinking about ideas and goals from the perspective of resources

Resources include internal resources and external resources. To accomplish one thing, both are essential. The bigger the matter, the more important the external resources. Strategic manager Weisman said: “The resolution of a problem always depends on the higher level next to the problem. That is, the problem can never be solved at the level where it appears.”

When you think about it, you can get it, where it is, and where it will be. The realization of ideas, the success of goals, and the completion of tasks require determination, ability, and resources. The process of career development is the process of human capital (knowledge, ability, experience, health) and resource accumulation. It is also the process of the continuous formation and accumulation of personal brands. Strictly speaking, the connotation of resources is very broad, and determination, knowledge, skills, experience, health, connections, funds, time, and information are all resources.

The determination is entirely a personal factor, including attention and willpower. Attention is to focus on something, and the willpower is persisted until things succeed. CNC machining service in China

There are a variety of classification methods for competencies. Over the years, I have also been thinking about and studying issues related to professional competence. To sum up, for knowledge workers, insight, thinking, decision and action have a great influence on the results. What kind of angles of insight is used to see the problem, to see clearly and to discover the nature of the problem; to relate concepts, define problems, and position. Observe the eye and gain insight. The most important difference between insight and observation is that observation only records what people are doing, and insight is to answer why people do it. Only when they have truly realized the insight can they fundamentally understand the motivation behind the behavior. Thinking power is what solutions are needed to solve the problems, and what conditions are required for each program; related objectives, programs, conditions, etc. Without thinking power, it will stagnate. Without thinking power, people will not be able to progress and achieve transcendence. Thinking power will lead to innovation. Only by constantly thinking and practicing can we achieve innovation, and only innovation can achieve continuous development and change. The progress of society is inseparable from continuous innovation. For individuals, if they stay in the status quo and only stay at the existing level, they will be gradually eliminated by the society. Only by constantly learning to think and practice, arming themselves with new knowledge, and practicing with continuous practice and innovation Only yourself will survive. With fierce social competition and increasing pressure on people, natural selection, survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest have become important rules in contemporary society. Decisiveness is the decision-making and choice, which plan to take, what are the potential problems, what measures to take, etc.; involved in the action plan. Action is the execution force. It is necessary to adhere to the principle and the main line, but also to act flexibly according to specific circumstances; it involves methods and strategies. CNC machining service in China

US marketing strategist Jack Trout published a series of books on “positioning”, including “Life Positioning”, “Positioning”, “Simple Strength”, “Repositioning” and so on. The biggest feature of these books is simplicity: There are not many words and it is easy to understand. However, some of the reasons for this are easily overlooked. In the book “Life Positioning,” he believes that common sense makes things simple. With respect to success, success alone cannot be achieved. To succeed in life, you must find a good horse that you can manage. There are companies, products, ideas, people, partners, spouses, family seven horses, and a good horse in your life. Your life will be brilliant. Choose the right company to understand when the business is in the best state; select the most developed product and grasp the business opportunities as soon as possible; solve a problem, you will win an unsurpassed advantage; work hard to find a worthy and supportive The boss is very important; two people have more opportunities than one person. Lonely people are often overconfident and injured. Marriage is an economic partnership form. The efficiency and loyalty of a good spouse are unmatched by others; family is a profession. In developing important wealth, many people only focus on doing their own thing and neglecting the family. He also believes that the high-risk factors for success are the individual’s hard work, odds of 100:1 (the odds are the odds of becoming a winner), personal IQ, odds of 75:1, personal education, odds 60:1, find a good company with an odds of 50:1; middle-risk factors are talents, odds: 25:1, hobbies, odds: 20:1, geographical advantage, odds: 15:1, promotion, compensation The rate is 10:1; low-risk factors are good products, odds are 5:1, good ideas, odds are 4:1, others help, odds are 3:1, good partners, odds are 5:2, Good spouse, odds of 2:1, good family, odds of 3:2. Therefore, relying on oneself cannot succeed, and we must seek outside ourselves. CNC machining service in China

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