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[Workplace Story] Listen to a Workshop Director Talking Management Tips

Real management masters often “hide” in a corner of the company. They may only be a supervisor or a team leader, and they have not received any professional management training. However, these “little people” have great wisdom. They can sum up a set of effective management methods in practice. CNC Machining Service in China

Once, in a remote suburb of the Central Province, I interviewed a small production branch of a company. Since more than 90% of workers in the factory are neighboring farmers, they either did not understand the issue I raised or were indifferent. The interview did not go well – until I met a workshop director with a surname Yue.
In his early 30s, Director Yue Wenshou, wearing glasses, was the only college student in the factory. He talked clearly and thought clearly.
I learned that two years ago, he was the chief of the workshop of another workshop. At that time, the workshop had a lot of problems. Not only did an accident occur in three days and two, but the qualified rate of product quality was always not up to the standard. In less than two years, he managed the workshop to become the company’s finest workshop! CNC Machining Service in China
How did he do it?

What is a good leader?
Director Yue said: “I think the responsibility of leadership is to resolve ‘disorders’, make rules, and train cadres.”
I asked him, what did you specifically do in these two years?
Director Yue said: “In the first 2 months of this workshop, I stayed with the workers to solve technical problems. I often stayed in the factory and never went to work normally. After 2 months, I had problems with production and technology. Basically, I started to formulate the system, process, and assessment requirements, and it took about one month or so to complete the normal operation of the workshop. Later, I was to train cadres (section chiefs and team leaders) and let go of my hand. Let them do it!”
Director Yue told me that he basically does not have anything to do for half a day each day. If he empties, he will charge and learn – consult industry information, technical information, and self-study enterprise management courses.
“As a good leader, when an accident occurs, you must be on the scene, dare to take responsibility, and settle the issue. If you continue to have the same problem, you should seriously study and formulate rules and regulations so that unexpected accidents become less and less. The next step is to focus on training cadres. With more people helping you to manage, leadership is getting easier and easier! Therefore, the best leaders tend to work the easiest, and the worst leaders are often very busy.” CNC Machining Service in China
It is said that not only is Director Yue’s “liberation of work” realized, but the following deputy director and several section chiefs have already learned this management model. “They are also very relaxed now. They normally leave work every day and never work overtime.”
Who is a good cadre?
“I have three classifications of cadres: First-rate cadres are dedication to work – in addition to hard work, you have to find a way to work, take a subjective initiative, and achieve goals on time and quality. Second-rate cadres can be strictly enforced, but will not find a solution to the problem. The third-rate cadres just look for an excuse, and once I can’t finish it, I’ll give you an opportunity; if I can’t finish it twice, I’ll lower my salary and be downgraded, and I’ll give him a stern warning; I can’t finish it three times or transfer it or get laid off. I’m not going to use it!” said Yue.

How to determine whether a cadre is first rate or second rate?
“In two parts: First, to see performance, we have performance appraisals every month, and we calculate general ledgers at the end of the year; second, we look at the mass foundations and conduct a democratic appraisal at the end of each year. All employees in the workshop score the cadres. The first part is objective. Facts, nothing to say; but the second part is a subjective evaluation, I need to be treated carefully.” Yue Zhang explained. CNC Machining Service in China
“I used to work in government agencies and it is still necessary to have a democratic appraisal of this because the mass base is crucial to the work of a cadre. But the results of the review can only serve as a reference, and cannot be an absolute basis for evaluation. In my opinion, If a cadre’s evaluation score is all excellent and is above 90 points, it means that he has a good old man’s thinking and is not suitable as a manager; if the evaluation result is too bad and is less than 70 points, it means that the comprehensive ability is poor and unpopular, and naturally it will not go; The best candidates are in the middle, 70-90 points. This is the cadre that I want to focus on promotion and training!”
Assessment and assessment
“I strongly promoted the elimination of the last one. Teams competed each other and ranked each month. The specific approach was to arrange three shifts for each of the same sections. The section chiefs formulated a production plan for each team every day and completed the tasks on the same day. Including man-hours, production, safety production, and implementation of rules and regulations, etc. All points will be scored on a monthly basis, and 3 teams will be ranked: 1st place reward, 2nd place not to be rewarded and not punished, and 3rd place fined.”
According to Director Yue’s introduction, after such mandatory rankings, the three teams rushed to each other and competed with each other, making each section continuously making progress in terms of technological progress and production efficiency. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. CNC Machining Service in China
“All of our cadres implement the mandatory elimination system, such as a team leader. If the statistics at the end of the year totals six or more times, I’m sorry, you must be laid off! The new team leader is selected by the team members and is encouraged to self-recommend; The original class leader was automatically reduced to an ordinary employee, but he can still apply for a new class leader in accordance with the procedure – this will enable him to be able to get up and down, eat on ability and performance, and let the majority of employees feel fair!
Remember Drucker said: Management is an art of practice. It seems that this is true! Since it is an art of practice, real masters of management can only appear in the real management scene – even if it is a small production workshop!
With this understanding, in each consulting work, I paid special attention to these high-achieving middle management personnel and learned a lot from it. However, I have found that such people are rare, especially because they have not attracted enough attention from management scholars and entrepreneurs… CNC Machining Service in China

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