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Young people, why do you always want to change jobs?

Young people are always the main force in the workplace, and they are also the most active group. At the same time, they also prefer to change jobs frequently. They hope to find the most suitable position in this way. The reason they want to change jobs is also varied and omnipresent. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

“It has been working in this unit for three months, but it has not yet reached my goal. It seems that I have chosen the wrong unit and changed jobs;

I have been working hard for half a year, but the boss still refuses to raise my salary.

Regardless of how I say I spent more than a year at this company, I didn’t see the boss promoting me. It seems that there is no room for development here. I’ll still jump…”

Frequent change jobs are double-edged swords

1. Regardless of whether the company or the HR, generally do not like the candidates who skipped too often

Businesses and HRs generally feel that a person who frequently quits may not have a good plan, has poor job stability, and has a high risk of employing people. Frequent job-hopping people may be less loyal to the company and have no higher sense of corporate honour. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

Therefore, people who do not like frequent job-hopping are less liked. Of course, except for normal job-hopping reasons.
2. The biggest loss of blind job-hopping is your time cost and capital consumption

Actually, each one of us is very precious. It can be said that each time point has its own task. Once you do not grasp the opportunity, it means that you will need to spend more time and make more efforts. It may be successful.

Frequent job-hopping may take your time, but your talent is not increasing. In general, your value is declining. This may be a waste of more time and energy. Even if you now have a job-changing capital, the capital here does not only refer to economic capital, but more importantly, intellectual capital and empirical capital.

If you jump frequently and do not accumulate more valuable capital, your current capital advantage will gradually wear out and your competitiveness will gradually decrease. The higher the job is, the higher the capital is. So, you may drift away from a better platform. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

Why not change your job?

1. The more anxious the decision is, the easier it is to make mistakes

Regardless of what purpose you switch to, it is recommended that you do not jump too fast and you are too anxious. The more anxious, the more likely you are to make mistakes and mistakes. The most direct result is that you need to jump again and again, which is depreciating for your worth, and that your job is not pleasant.

2. Attentively search, there is always suitable for you

Don’t worry, no matter if you are very good or relatively poor at present, if you try hard to find it, there will always be appropriate opportunities. There is a principle: We should skip the better and we should not jump more and worse, so it is not worth it. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

A manager of the human resources department once said: “If I see job applicants’ resumes filled with work experience, but every job is not done for a long time, then I’ve decided not to hire him anymore. Because one person frequently changes jobs, there are only two possibilities, one is his poor adaptability, and the other is his work efficiency is poor. A person with strong adaptability and high work efficiency will not Easy to change jobs.”

Some suggestions for newcomers in the workplace

1. There is a lot of theoretical knowledge in school, and there is a lot of difference in the work of the company.

Young people who have just entered the workplace must have the right attitude. They should start from the basics with conscientiousness and down-to-earth. They should not be too good-headed. Many people still do not understand. The elderly employees are watching us humbly to learn or willing to teach us. We must have a positive attitude, be unhappy, and be optimistic. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

2. Do not understand do not understand, do not know you must be good at asking

Do not ask, do not ask, do not know how to do work, can not be detours in order to fly, we must always maintain the young people’s passion, to promote the righteousness in the work, establish the correct concept of the workplace and get continuous growth.

3. Since you have chosen this career, you should love one line and one line

Only by investing in the entire body can we achieve success in the areas where we work, and we can achieve better development. Our own business must do our utmost to complete. Not only is it finished, it is more important to do it well.

4. With lofty goals and ideals

If you sink and work at ease and learn from more experienced colleagues, you can improve yourself.

As a newcomer to the workplace, no matter how high your talent, no matter how high your work enthusiasm, you need at least one or two years to truly appreciate the essence of your position. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

It is unrealistic for many new recruits to attempt to make enviable achievements through months of hard work. And those who wish to broaden their world through frequent job-hopping ideas and practices are even more naive.

Frequent job-hopping is not only unfavorable to the interests of the company in which it is located, but also is not conducive to the good development of individuals. This is a very irresponsible performance. Don’t want to eat a fat one at a time. A person’s career is like climbing a mountain. What you need is to climb up step by step, down to the top.

In fact, one can only truly understand the connotation of his position by integrating himself into his work. If you want to be successful, you must have a process of accumulating work experience. Do not be anxious for success. Otherwise, you will always be denied success outside the front door. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

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