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Who is the top manager of the laboratory? CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

From the perspective of the criteria, the top manager of the laboratory is the director of the laboratory (or similar title)
Some peers believe that the top management of the laboratory refers to the legal person of the company or the highest leader of the parent company of the laboratory. This view is wrong.
The corporate legal person is not necessarily the top manager of the laboratory. For example, the larger company, such as Sinopec, has many laboratories. The legal person of the company cannot be the director of the laboratory. The legal person can write the appointment letter and appoint someone as the laboratory. Top manager
The top laboratory manager (laboratory director) is not necessarily appointed by the corporate general legal person. For example, the top manager of the branch laboratory may be appointed by the legal person of the branch company.
When understanding the top management of the laboratory, we must pay attention to distinguishing the positions of corporate legal person, corporate chairman, and general manager. The top manager of the laboratory is the director of the laboratory. Of course, the corporate legal person, the chairman of the company, and the general manager of the company can The top manager of a part-time laboratory (that is, one person holds multiple positions) CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

Laboratory requirements for top management
Top management qualification requirements

Laboratory top managers, technical managers, quality supervisors, and department heads should have appointment documents. The top management of an independent legal person laboratory should be appointed by its parent organization; changes to the top management and technical manager must be reported to the issuing authority or Its authorized department confirms that the qualifications as the top manager shall meet the following conditions:
1 High-level managers are appointed by higher-level authorities; independent legal laboratories without competent departments, top managers are required to hold legal representative certificates, and non-independent corporate laboratories must be authorized by the legal person of the legal entity.
2 must be a regular worker in the laboratory, within the legal working age.
3 Qualified after the training.
4 has the organization and command, communication and coordination, team management capabilities and quality.
5 Have basic knowledge and business knowledge in qualification management. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

Top management needs to be done in the management system

Formulate quality policy

Determine quality goals

Establish a management system

Release fair statement

Assignment quality function

Prescribed responsibilities

Ensure resource allocation

Establish quality supervisor

Management Review

Continuous Improvement System

CMA and CNAS Regulations on “Top Management”

CNAS requirements:

4.1.6 Top management should ensure that appropriate communication mechanisms are established within the laboratory and communicate on matters that ensure the effectiveness of the management system; CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎
4.2.2 The quality policy statement should be issued under the authority of the top management

4.2.3 Top management should provide evidence of establishing and implementing a management system and continuously improving its effectiveness commitment.
4.2.4 Top management should communicate the importance of meeting customer requirements and statutory requirements to the organization.
4.2.7 When planning and implementing changes to the management system, top management should ensure that the integrity of the management system is maintained.

4.15.1 The top management of the laboratory shall periodically review the laboratory’s management system and testing and/or calibration activities according to predetermined schedules and procedures to ensure that it is continuously applicable and effective, and make necessary changes or Improve

CMA requirements:
“Guidance Criteria for Accreditation of Inspection and Testing Institutions” CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

4.2.2 The top management of the inspection and inspection organization shall perform its leadership role and commitment to the management system: responsible for the establishment of the management system and effective operation; ensure the establishment of quality guidelines and quality objectives; ensure that the management system requirements are integrated into the whole process of inspection and inspection Ensure the resources required by the management system; ensure that the management system achieves its expected results; meet relevant laws and regulations and customer requirements; enhance customer satisfaction; use process methods to establish management systems and analyze risks and opportunities; organize management review of quality management systems .

4.5.13 Inspection and testing organizations should establish and maintain management review procedures. Management reviews are usually conducted once every 12 months and the top management is responsible. The top management should ensure that the corresponding changes or improvement measures obtained after the management review are implemented to ensure the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the management system. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

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