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Die people explode eight most hate mold factory boss, you encounter it?

We have summed up the most hated bosses of the eight mold factory molders. Let’s take a look. Which one do you hate most? CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎
1, the only boss who promised verbal
The boss always complained that the old person was unfaithful and loved to change jobs, but he never found any reason from himself. In fact, it was because he himself did not count, resulting in contradictions and irreconcilability between the two sides. In the end, he only forced the molder to live. go.
This kind of boss simply wants to be a pit person, uses the labor force cheaply, and gives you a beautiful blueprint for increasing salary every year and giving dividends at the end of the year, so that you can do something for him.
So, if your boss promises verbal promises but never promises, it’s best to leave him early and have a workmanship fear! CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎
2. Appointed owner
This kind of boss is only willing to reuse “my own person” and believe in “my own person”. The first time I think of good things is “my own person”. For example, the procurement work arrangement is for the younger sister-in-law and the quality inspection is for the big brother-in-law to do something wrong. Will blame the “self-person”, but to pick the fault repairman.
The mold person is drier but not necessarily more, will do better than to say, often “little people” to play small reports, wear small shoes, but also to their pick up the endgame, and even become their scapegoat.
So, if you have a lot of bosses’ “owners” in your mold factory, hurry to leave, so as not to go back to life!
3, the owner of the tool as a money tool
The boss’s eyes fell into the eyes of the money, the mold people as a bunch of money, the mold workers as slaves, recognize the money do not recognize people. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎
They think that Lao Zi gives you a salary, that is, you are jealous. You have to give him a good job. What other holidays, vacations, and annual vacations are all pitted against him. It’s unreasonable.
This kind of boss is full of money to think about, such as all sorts of reasons to deduct wages, mold workers leave the job after the bargaining on the issue of money, etc., although they want to do business, but only pay attention to immediate interests, there is no long-term vision, but also always think Pass the risk to others.
So, if your boss is such a person and you do not want your wife and child to eat, then it’s best not to stay there.
4, no customers on the Lai die technology not the boss
When such a business is good, he feels that his credit is his. His business is good. He brought the mold factory to flourish, but he never sees it. The mold person works overtime until late at night in order to play on time. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎
When the business is not good, they put the blame on the moldmaker for the first time. They either blame the moldmakers for too slow or blame the molders for molds. In fact, they themselves will not do it. There are only ideas, but there is no way or management.
This type of mold factory operated by the boss will never be done for a long time. If there is an opportunity, it will be early to find a family!
5, bosses who are arbitrary and do not listen to other people’s opinions
Such a boss clearly knew that his factory was small, but he put on the shelf of a big boss and thought that he had opened a large 4s shop.
If you are obedient, you can also eat food, but if you dare to tell him his ideas and suggestions, he will feel that you are dismantling his desk, do not give him face, and immediately flew with you.
His mold factory cannot be made big, and you can’t change the boss. If you have the ability to change a mold factory, it’s still a good idea!
6, the mold factory is small but often in the recruitment of the boss
This kind of mold factory must be the kind that cannot keep people and cannot keep people’s mold factory, there must be a boss who cannot keep people. CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎
This kind of boss will certainly not be good to the molder, like to make a lot of rules and regulations, but never give the molder benefits, such as overtime and no money, poor food and so on.
This kind of boss is very bitter and stern, and he wants to use the frame to bind the molder. As a result, he cannot retain old employees and recruit new employees.
So, if you see a mold factory often posting job advertisements, it’s best not to apply.
7, the mold factory owner arrears wages
This kind of boss is the most blackhearted, the most cunning, the most rogue.
This kind of boss will not only deduct wages but will also find various excuse to drag it when he is supposed to pay. Their skin is thicker than the wall, their heart is darker than the squid juice, and they can’t speak out for the moldmaker’s anger, because you have your hard-earned money.
Do you want to threaten them by resigning? They just owe you a salary on the ground of automatic departure; do you want to sue them? They will pretend that the mold factory is not operating well, has been losing money, and so on. Anyway, it is dependent on not giving money.
Therefore, when you encounter a boss who is owed salary, don’t believe his ghost, and leave immediately, because the boss will be prolonged, and your salary will increase! CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎
8, do not understand the technology also refers to the hands of the mold factory owner
This kind of boss likes to gesticulate in the workshop all day long, saying that the mold must be designed in such a way that the mold must be installed correctly.
They obviously do not die technology, they even have a drawing is not good, but they have to install experts, but also often say “I see the design and processing of people at the so-called listed mold factory, people’s approach that is called professional ah!”
They blow their own exposure to the number of Niubi’s mold, in fact, even the basic knowledge of the mold can not understand, but also have to find the presence of die people in front of.
So, if your boss is not a model person and likes to talk loudly, you’ll give him the tools: The boss, or do you come? CNC Machining Services | Call The Fabrication Experts‎

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