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Huawei’s vice president: Really made in the United States, beyond the imagination of ordinary people, Huawei is firmly learning from it

Huawei’s director and senior vice president Chen Lifang spoke at the Huawei’s new employee forum on April 20. He said: “We must face up to the strength of the United States, see the gap, and firmly study the United States. We must never allow anti-American sentiment to dominate us. Work, do not support populism in society, and do not allow populism to exist internally, at least not allow it to have the opportunity to speak. All employees must have a sense of crisis, can not blindly optimistic, can not have narrow nationalism.” CNC machining services china

Why do we have to study hard in the United States? How much do you know about real American manufacturing?

We don’t want to be safe and happy. We should not think that we have a few live money at hand. If the industry has no growth potential, no added value, no steel drills, no jeans, no sneakers, no matter how good it is to do it. How big is it is impossible to catch up with the United States. All are still migrant workers into the city.
To catch up with the United States, not only China’s own GE, Boeing, but also China’s own Northrop Grumman, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Thompson Ramo Woolley Qi, United Technologies, Lidun Industrial, Marsh, CSC, ITT, Joint Defense, Hughes Electronics, L-3 Communications, Alliant Technology Systems, Harris, Rockwell, Alcon Industries, Veridian ,Silica graphic calculations, Buzz Allen Hamilton, Plimmax technology, Metri E…EGG,DRS,Tridday Tech,Lee Siegler,equipment support system, Tanzania, Antion, AM General, Electronic Data Systems, Oshkosh, Kubic, etc., but also China’s own General Motors, Dow, Huntsman, PPG, Eastman Chemical, Monsanto, Dow Corning , HP and Agilent, IBM, Tyco, Intel, Caterpillar, Delphi, DuPont, Johnson Controls, Cisco, 3M, Deere, Goodyear, Xerox, Emerson, Whirlpool, Motorola, Lucent, Pfizer, Roche, Eli Lilly, etc. Wait. CNC machining services china

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These companies plus Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, California Polytechnic, MIT, Chicago, Columbia and many more universities are the pillars of the U.S. comprehensive national strength. It is the pride of the U.S. that is the reason for U.S. strength. . CNC machining services china

After 30 years of struggling to catch up with us, although our distance from the United States is not a thousand miles away, it is still a long way off. There are always twenty-five thousand miles. For example, in the field of composite materials, DuPont accumulated Process data, which is currently more than 25 times that of China, has been mastered. In the area of ​​turbofan engines, the number of materials and process tests completed in China is only 5% of that of GE.

The gaps in other fields are equally large, especially microelectronics, precision instrumentation equipment (now the large domestic companies without Agilent’s laboratory are embarrassed to greet others), sensors, fine chemicals, composite materials, special metal materials, precision ceramic materials, etc. The difference cannot be counted.

In the field of mechanical manufacturing alone, we have a huge gap of 20 years between high-end CNC systems, digital tool systems and measuring instruments, high-end DCS, FCS and PLC, and turbofan engine intelligent control systems. CNC machining services china

The gap between precision and intelligent instrumentation and test equipment is even greater. In high precision, high stability, intelligent pressure, flow, level, component meter and highly reliable actuator, smart grid advanced measurement instrumentation (AMI), Material analysis precision test equipment and mechanical performance testing equipment, new non-destructive testing and environmental, safety testing equipment, national defense special test equipment and other types of test equipment we basically all rely on imports, was embargoed by the Wassenaar agreement, can only rely on the hidden front Comrades take risks.

As for high-reliability sensors such as force-sensitive and magnetic sensors, new composites, optical fibers, MEMS, biosensors, instrument-specific chips, chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry detection devices; high-parameter, high-precision, and high-reliability bearings, hydraulic/pneumatic/seal Components, gear drives, and large, sophisticated, complex, long-life molds; high-end (especially military-grade) electronic components and variable-frequency speed controllers, etc., can only be obtained by imports or by special means. CNC machining services china

The current optimization of the U.S. manufacturing industry’s structure is beyond everyone’s imagination. The proportion of industries that depend on resources such as petroleum and coal is very low, and the proportion of the energy-consuming automobile industry is not high. It is surprising that these two industries are chemical and mechanical. The ratio is very high, and in these two industries, the United States has absolute technological superiority. In 2013, chemical products (including pharmaceuticals) + plastics and rubber accounted for 19.5% of the total manufacturing output value; food and beverages accounted for 10.8%; computer electronics accounted for 9%; metal materials accounted for 8.7%; mechanical products accounted for 7.8%; automotive products accounted for 6.1% Space transport 5.9%; Other products 4.5%; Petroleum coal 4.4%. CNC machining services china

Do not underestimate the manufacturing industry in the United States. There is no manufacturing industry in the United States. Our CNC machine tools, electronics industry, energy industry, fine chemical industry, and some military products have all or part of their products being overwhelmed.  CNC machining services china

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