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The staff said too tired, the leaders only said these five sentences

Look for ways to do more and find fewer excuses. The strong are tearful people! CNC Machining Services China Machining Company
first sentence:
Tired? Tired on the right, comfortable is left to the dead!
No job in the world is not hard. All the current hardships are accumulated bit by bit from the past.
If you do not change yourself, going to any place is the same result.
Who do you work for? You are working for yourself! Whether you work in me or work in another store, remember that you are working for yourself! More familiar with the product, learn more sales skills, you learn more knowledge, this is what others can not take! CNC Machining Services China Machining Company

Second sentence:
When we have problems, we say that it is the cause of others. How can we improve?
Those who do not take responsibility will not want to solve the problem and will not grow.
The more you deal with the problem, the higher your income.
No matter where you go to work, you will encounter various problems.
It is not terrible to meet the problem. It is terrible not to solve the problem. The person who will solve the problem must be the mainstay of the company and the income will naturally be high. CNC Machining Services China Machining Company
Paying will pay off. The third sentence:
The company is looking for you to let you solve the problem. If there is no problem, you are unemployed!
The company does not have idlers. Looking for you is to solve the problem.
If you work well and do it easily, your income will not be high.
Who can solve the problem, who is the backbone of the company, whose income is high.
Resolving problems is to steal money.
Employees with good mobility and executive power are all employees of the “directors”. All poorly performing employees are unsophisticated employees.
Learn the ability and wisdom to solve problems. CNC Machining Services China Machining Company
Fourth sentence:
Privately speaking, the company is not good. It is selling its own body and soul.
Will you choose a bad company?
You say that the company is not good, indicating that you can only work in such a bad company.
People are selfish. It depends on the size of human selfishness. Whoever selfish is small will be successful.
Fifth sentence:
You enjoy the honor and income brought by your work, and you must also bear the corresponding responsibilities and grievances.
We must maintain responsibility and aggravate more than honor income.
You can only exist and enjoy it as much as you like. CNC Machining Services China Machining Company

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