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[Workplace Story] Writing down the plan is the first step to implementing it

——— In the past, we always believed that planning was the first step in implementing the plan. However, if the plan does not reach the implementation stage, it will always be a dead letter. CNC Machining Shop: CNC Machining parts and Services, China

At the end of 1960, Ekko was promoted to general manager of a Ford Motor Company.

After Ekker took office, Wall Street triggered his first inspiration. At that time, Ford Motor Co.’s stock was just listed in 1956, and it can be imagined that the shareholders of the company are most concerned about the company’s production and financial status. CNC Machining Shop: CNC Machining parts and Services, China

Ford Motor Company, like other listed companies, sends a detailed financial statement to each shareholder every three months so that they can understand the company’s operating status and distribute dividends.

Ecoca thought: Since shareholders can use quarterly reports to review us, why do our operators not do it themselves?

Thus, Ekoka began to design a set of management system, which is still in use today. Ekeka regularly asks subordinate managers about several basic issues. He also asks them to ask the same questions to their subordinates, and the analogy goes down to the lowest level.

The basic questions are:

1. What are your goals for the next 90 days? CNC Machining Shop: CNC Machining parts and Services, China

2. What is your plan? What is your first thing to do? What is your hope?

3. What are you going to do to achieve your goals?

On the face of it, this system of ordering is nothing more than a method that requires subordinates to be responsible to their supervisors. But in fact, this quarterly review system also makes everyone responsible for themselves. It not only makes managers think about their own goals, it is also effective. Remind everyone not to forget the way to pursue their ideals.

Every three months, every class of management must sit down face-to-face with his immediate boss and check his own goals for the past quarter. Once they agree on production goals, management writes them down. Signed to show responsibility.

If you just talk about it, you can easily cope with the past, but you may not even know what you are saying. But if you want to write them down, you must first think about it. The things written in this way may be concrete, and it would not be so easy to deceive oneself. CNC Machining Shop: CNC Machining parts and Services, China

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