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Eight standards of good character, how many do you agree with?

First, kindness

The ancients said: as long as there is social commitment, good virtue, no bearing thing, on the contrary, people will not be Dade major achievements.

These words of advice, warned us to be willing to suffer more for others, to a successful career. At the same time, Houde is a blessing, kind of life, we can get the respect of others.

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Two, kindness

Kindness is a key element of good character. People always have a grateful heart, can make people admire. To save a duocing charity. The only way to undisturbed life, never to do the wrong thing, midnight afraid of ghosts knocking at the door of the realm.

Three, keep your word

If one has no credit, nothing can be done well. The key to communication between people is to talk about credit. The ancients believe that keeping faith is one of the very important conduct of human being

The end of love for Waterloo Bridge, had a word for the son of the pig, is the eternal story. And people in society without credit, certainly no one is willing to associate with, not to win the trust of others.

Four, tolerance

As the saying goes: “tolerance”. People have a tolerant heart, to let the world can hardly contain the matter. We must learn tolerance and their views of different people, especially the contradiction between man and himself.

Forgiving others is actually my heart to relax, otherwise, will only be pressurized to his mind, or their own involvement. Recognize the difference between people, see the advantages and strengths of others, forgive others shortcomings, to others for everything. One divides into two. two defeat, that will benefit both sides.

Five, honesty

Honesty is the foundation of this, honesty is a virtue. People without sincerity, not to pay. “When responsibility, must be honest.” people only really, honestly, to win the respect of others, to gain a foothold in the society.

We treat the same work, whether it is to report work, or reflect the problem, must seek truth from facts, must not resort to deceit, discredit people.CNC machining with upfront pricing

Six, modesty

Modesty is an important part of good character. Chairman Mao said: “modesty makes people progress, proud people behind. No matter what time her down, is always a good thing, on the one hand to your progress, to get along with people on the other hand.

The ancients said “no matter how people do not have a gas, the total, regardless of how the total learning industry, can not have coarse floating heart. Do anything, don’t always think they are talented, not less, this is not good, easy to hate. Modest people, people of all love.

Seven, integrity.

A person does not have to be a great man, but can become a person of integrity. The righteous, first of all to be conscientious. Qing Wang Yongbin said: “a conscience tube I, leave some room for life”, that is the truth.

The director can starting from the conscience, it is absolutely a noble and honest person. People have the right and wrong ideas, problems have their own opinions, not me, Hello, everyone. To stick to the truth, not because of a good relationship to the wrong pairs, nor can because the relationship is not good, but to say the wrong.

Eight, persistence

People in your exercise. Do anything to have determination, perseverance and patience, have to pursue the spirit of this is the key to a successful career. Otherwise, will accomplish nothing. The so-called “iron grinding, Constant dripping wears away a stone.,” say is the truth.

Patriotic general Feng Yuxiang said: “the world great men are fools, because these people once thought, just go ahead, so it will be a success. On the contrary, some of the so-called smart people, because the brain speed is too high, do business thinking of the east to the west side, and the result is made.

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We might as well do a fool, look yourself a little small, what can not? In daily work, as long as we look for things, you should try all means to do it, do it well, to pursue the pleasure of success. This kind of perseverance and courage, is a concrete manifestation of the pursuit.


Living in the world, whether to be a person or to do things, should grasp these eight elements, only constantly improve their self-cultivation, you can reach the highest realm of life

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