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Three words summary quality management system, brilliant!

What would you think of if you asked to summarize the quality management system with a few key words right now? A 13-year quality management colleagues, summed up the “back”, “real”, “fine” three tips, really powerful. CNC manufacturers usa
It has been 13 years since I started working on quality management, and some grievances have inevitably happened with the quality system management. The beginning of the array, the quality system is very popular, he also wanted to test an auditor, went to learn. At that time, our quality manager told us, want to understand, the system requirements down! Since then, all day long no terms of the article, 20 articles back rolling over (that is ISO9001 \ 94 version). Later, because of other reasons to give up, can not say that kind of regret. CNC manufacturers usa

2005 years later, he made the quality manager, to organize their own internal audit, external audit, really started to understand the specific requirements of the system, with immediate feeling suddenly understood as if really understand the quality management requirements With method. But the good news is not long, the situation around me let me into a confusion. Those private enterprises developed rapidly in those years, not much precipitation of management experience, understanding of the system is the documents, records and certificates. In addition, many auditing agencies gave up the principle of auditing for their own business. A factory of more than 100 people finished the trial within two hours. A photograph was taken in the workshop, the examination fee was taken, the certificate was issued, and even the business was done To please the business … … people can not understand more and more, quality management system in the end what happened? CNC manufacturers usa

In 2007, entered a drug packaging company in Shenzhen, because the implementation of drug companies in the management system, in the face of the management of norms are pharmaceutical companies, the quality system management has been fully paid attention to the company’s senior level, almost all of the order to standardize the system Management requirements will be recognized by the boss, the result less than two years, stunned to form an effective system framework, although not meticulous, but running smoothly, the quality of the complaints back substantially dropped. This time, let me really respect the quality system management.


Over the years, as Quality Manager, she has also served as the company’s manager representative, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system. However, except for the medicine and packaging enterprises that make them feel proud, other systems in the enterprise are not properly respected. My duty is to compile some internal audit materials each year to cope with external audits. Helpless, suddenly want to understand one thing, why must the system management as a separate work content? In reaching the audit passed, obtained a certificate at the same time, this is also a management tool! Fully flexible and other management methods to use the same way, no need to be copied. After I figured out, in recent years I have been immersed in the study of management methods and my heart, and for some time, really get out of the doorway. Summed up the “back”, “real”, “thin” three tips come out, the right to “Lee’s system management,” the basic idea of it.


01 retreat

Progress is success

Now most of the system management companies are to respond to the audit, obtained a certificate that the enterprise’s “quality assurance capabilities” rarely in the daily work seriously. Coupled with the system management can not be the same as the athletes used stimulants immediately effective, the role takes some time to reflect, so too few people agree. Think about reversing their perceptions and work habits, too difficult. Therefore, taking the method of lowering requirements, the system requirements will be broken down into a number of small requirements. Some less difficult and quicker ones will be selected. This will be easier and more gradual and will increase the feasibility. Progress is success! This is called “retreat”. CNC manufacturers usa

Now in this company, mixing process is a key process. In order to strengthen and regulate the mixing process management, all the factors that affect the quality of the analysis, concluded that nearly 30 control points, think about to change more difficult to give priority to select a few key points for control, such as “feeding The first piece of confirmation, according to the serial number, magnet cleaning, “these three, insisted for 2 months, basically employees have also developed a habit, the problem suddenly less than nearly 30%, this is an incredible achievement. If you really required by the system as “a comprehensive understanding of the system requirements; all required to perform, keep records of operations”, those who have not graduated from primary school, all day long busy operator or jump urgently jump, or turn around to quit Now, this is the importance of “retreat.” Can not eat a fat!

“Refund” is also reflected in the method, I always adhere to the “acute angle theory”, I do not know if anyone has proposed, if not, the founder of this theory is me. CNC manufacturers usa

The use of acute angle theory to “retreat” for the progress, step by step to achieve the goal, on the one hand is the actual situation of the business decision, more importantly, I lack the strong personality decision, not necessarily applicable to others. However, from the past experience, the effect is not bad.


02 real

solve the real problem

The tactic of “real” means that the quality management system should act in a virtual and realistic way, take the solution of practical problems as a starting point, so as to reverse everyone’s view of “flashy” operation of the system and create an opportunity for promoting system management. In this regard, it is necessary to grasp the problems exposed in the enterprise or process to find out the real causes. The preventive measures for these reasons are generally required in the system. At this time, through the analysis of the problems, the reasonableness of the system requirements Sexuality and Necessity, so that everyone can understand the meaning of system requirements. Because they are actually related to immediate interests, they can basically be accepted and slowly become the “fans” of system management.

Now in this company, before let everyone according to the system requirements of the order review, to ensure quality, delivery, but no one attention, think “in a piece of paper to sign a name will be able to solve the problem?” Too faint, did not People are willing to do, at most just sign a name, the content is not seen. Of course, then the order review form did not write specific requirements, just a form.

Due to the inaccurate review information, the production plan was notoriously non-existent. During the process of implementation, the production capacity was continuously adjusted and the production capacity could not be released. Even if the production schedule was not delivered on time, it was of no avail. Last year, we organized the order review table has been refined, what is the content of each session review? How to deal with problems encountered? Have done a clear, requiring everyone to sign their own name bear the responsibility. Such as “the material is complete, what is missing? When is the place? What quality problems before the need to pay attention? …” After six months of actual operation, although there are some elements can not be fully implemented, but the feasibility of the plan to improve A lot, in the case of personnel, equipment is not changed, the production capacity from the previous 80 tons a day, up to the present 150 tons. Everyone’s production wage suddenly raised up, this time to talk about the necessity and importance of order review, how many people will go against it? To solve practical problems and create management opportunities is another great weapon for system management. CNC manufacturers usa


03 fine

Make complex things simple

“Fine” refers to the quality management system, to allow a requirement or regulation to be fully implemented, the preparation must be meticulous. Everyone has their own understanding of management. Most people agree that management is “organization / plan, coordinate implementation, supervise and inspect, and improve.” My understanding of management is: to make abstract things concrete; to make complicated things simplify. Want to do this, “specific and meticulous” is particularly important. After all, each person’s ability to accept, understand ability can not be exactly the same, want everyone to agree in one direction, we can not let them have any product ambiguity opportunities.

In the company’s “change management rules”, the original provisions of the “people, machines, materials, law, major changes in the ring should be changed by way of the relevant application and approval …..”, then what Is a major change? If not a major change how to do? We will inevitably have different understandings, ranging from affecting efficiency, while causing quality accidents. So, I prepared a “change approval list”, called everyone, all possible changes listed all listed, one by one definition, all indicate the way. In this way, any ambiguity is gone, the rest depends on the implementation. CNC manufacturers usa

In my opinion, quality is controlled, and the quality inspection is strengthened in the process, which requires checking and correcting the factors that affect the quality in the process. Let all the inspectors to learn and understand the quality of the factors that are not afraid of half a year can get. Put all the factors that can be thought of out all out, about 80 bars, compiled into the inspection table, they have to do is a process of each article in the past, in the appropriate location to play “√”, ” × “on the line, all within a week will be.

We can do more “fine” some!

Here can only summarize a little bit of their own experience, of course, want to do a good job of quality management system will have more and better ideas, as long as immersed in it, there will be some insight. I believe we can find more suitable for their own methods. Do not be fooled by the need to handle diplomacy, internal auditing, or outside auditing. This is just a “conspiracy”. When you really put the system into operation and the actual operation of the enterprise, it is not far from the benefit of the enterprise. Willing to manage the system better friends! CNC manufacturers usa

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