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The 6-year-old employee repaired the machine tool overnight and was fined 500 by the boss the next day. When he resigned, he was paralyzed.

Lao Liu is a machine tool maintenance technician at a large factory in Dongguan. He worked here for six years. He can get 8,000 salary each month. The old section feels very satisfied. His job seems to be very leisurely for outsiders. When the workers go to work, he drinks tea and reads newspapers. The workers are all off work. He checks the equipment. Hey, look there, there will be no problem. Now. CNC Manufacturing Parts | High quality & low cost

There was a machine tool suddenly not moving at the end of the day, and Liu had been unable to find out why. After dinner, Lao Liu had been working on the test. At ten o’clock in the evening, he finally solved the problem. However, he found that the smoothness and accuracy of the machine were not good. Liu knows that this CNC machine tool has been used for more than a decade. Usually, the machine tool has been working for a long time and it has been worn out. Few of these problems can be repaired. In most cases, it is directly pulled back to the manufacturer for scrapping. However, in this case, the boss had to lose a lot of money. Lao Liu thought for a moment, or he would try to fix it.
This repair was an overnight pass. Lao Liu finally repaired the machine before the workers went to work and looked at the well-run machine. Liu smiled with satisfaction. When he returned to the office to play cards, Liu felt very tired. He chose a corner desk and slept on the table.
This sleep is not tight, usually not the big boss in the factory suddenly came over today, just hit the old Liu is sleeping, this has gotten, the boss was furious, but also do not wait for the old Liu and the surrounding group of people explained that if there is The next time he was expelled, he must be fined five hundred this time. CNC Manufacturing Parts | High quality & low cost
Which Liu Liu had received such aggrieved, the whole plant reported criticism, where to put his old face? Besides, I am conscientiously working in the factory for the past six years. As long as there is a problem, I am on call, and if the boss doesn’t read his credit for this, it will indiscriminately disregard people. Forget it, I’m afraid I’m still not afraid of nobody? Do it!
In the afternoon, Lao Liu submitted a resignation letter to the personnel department. The next morning, the boss’s secretary told him to use the old boss’s office to see the old section. The boss enthusiastically handed the old section of cigarettes and gave him tea in person. This time, Liu was a bit embarrassed and flattered. He did not know the boss. What does this mean. CNC Manufacturing Parts | High quality & low cost
The boss smiled and said: “Old Liu, this is all my fault. I didn’t understand the specific situation. Manager Li told me yesterday, and the night before yesterday night was the maintenance of the machine in the office to rest in the office. Actually, I know These machine tools have been running for too long, and many of them have to be replaced. It is you here that these machines are still producing benefits. So, this is my fault. I hope you can forgive and continue to work here. At the end of the year, I will not treat you wrong…”
To be honest, when Liu heard this, he was really touched. They were such a big boss and they apologized to a small employee. But this was a criticism, but all the people in the factory knew it. Can they stay here? Old Liu really hesitated…
Friends, do you think Lao Liu should not stay in this factory? Get together! CNC Manufacturing Parts | High quality & low cost

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