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[job story] “The TOYOTA production method is created by TOYOTA people repeatedly asking 5 ‘why’.”

In the process of continuous improvement, we can ask why repeatedly, we can find the real root of the problem without being blinded by the appearance, so that we can find the targeted solution. CNC manufacturing

After World War II, Toyota was in a very dangerous position, with annual car sales falling to a meagre 3,275 vehicles.

Car sales were blocked, workers went on strike, and for quite a long time Toyota was on the verge of bankruptcy. Not only was it facing a shortage of money, it was also facing a shortage of raw materials, and the productivity of Japan’s auto industry was far from that of the United States.

In the face of such a grim reality, Toyota Kiichiro proposed: reduce costs, eliminate unnecessary waste. Take three years to catch up with the United States! Otherwise, Japan’s auto industry will be unsustainable! CNC manufacturing

To achieve the ambitions and immediate goals of entrepreneurs, Mr. Ono, then deputy president of Toyota Motor Company, pondered: why is America’s productivity several times higher than Japan’s? There must be a lot of waste in Japan! So how can we find a better way of producing? Through careful research on the production site, a set of rigorous and mature “punctual production” system was finally formed, which affected the “Toyota production mode” all over the world.

At the heart of Toyota’s production is “the necessary product, only the necessary quantity at the lowest cost in the necessary time.”

In order to achieve this goal, continuous improvement is necessary. In the process of improvement, the “5 Why” analysis is often used to solve practical problems. CNC manufacturing

Before you do the “5 Why” analysis, you need to know what the problem is, in Toyota’s terms, “figure out the situation.”

Start by observing the situation with an open mind and comparing the actual situation with the standard. Then, make a preliminary analysis of the cause of the problem. Where did the problem come from? This will take you back to the root of the problem and get close to the root cause of the problem. CNC manufacturing

For example, if a machine doesn’t turn, you have to ask:

“Why did the machine stop? ”

“the fuse broke because of the overload.”

“Why is it overloaded? ”

“because the bearing part is not lubricated enough.”

“Why not enough lubrication? ”

“because the lubricating pump can’t absorb oil.” CNC manufacturing

“Why can’t you get the oil? ”

“the oil pump shaft is worn and loosened.”

“Why is it worn away? ”

“because no filter was installed, it was mixed with iron chips.”

Ask the five “Why” questions repeatedly and you’ll find it necessary to install filters. If “why” doesn’t follow through, the same malfunction will occur again in a few months if you put on a fuse or pump shaft. CNC manufacturing

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