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President Terry Gou tells us: Foxconn’s 4 dream of industry

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We should make good money while making good situation and make efforts to transform. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

Group in the past, manufacturing has achieved certain results, but in the era of progress, the development of science and technology, if we continue to stay in the manufacturing level of the past, making the thought, then what we do is the stone age thing! So all people must constantly learning, improve myself. I don’t want others think Foxconn will have a lot of workers, if this situation continues, the situation can not take good money when a rainy day, the transition effort, the future of our organization and individual would have no future. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

So now I lead a group of all times, group leadership transition, I know a lot of people are not willing to transition, but also some people do not know how to transition. Many people go out, because of the limitation of culture, thinking. I’m in the Foreign Automobile Museum, saw the first car in the history of mankind it is not found, the steering wheel control and direction, but the two lever, when it operated as control the reins of carriage, which way is it pulled. Which side which is affected by the past is too deep.

We are workers before birth, and NOKIA, MOTO these companies, as long as their drawings to do good, now we still used to put the customer product specifications, design drawings and other ready, even to the customer over personal guidance, these are used to. But in 4 industrial era continue to do that? Of course not, in the course of time we will lose our thoughts can become independent thinking. Now we want to transition to intelligent manufacturing, according to the market, customer needs, help design manufacturing, they want the product, we must be more creative. Internet Co now, even if it is very small the companies are very creative, so now I invite Mr. Wang Wei these young entrepreneurs, experts from training us, give us lectures, to help you break through thinking, get better. Mr. Wang Wei is also busy with work, so we should cherish this rare opportunity. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

Foxconn’s “Internet plus”, is in the information processing, based on the cloud storage and transmission network, coupled with content creation

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the world has entered the information industry as the leading new period of economic development in the coming decades, the progress of science and technology innovation will become an important engine to promote the development of human society. What is the next era of science and technology? Ma Yun, Ma Huateng their Internet Co is the next era of mainstream science and technology industry, the prime minister Li Keqiang the “Internet plus” is the future of the knowledge society and information technology to promote the evolution and development of new Internet form. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

You know what is “Internet plus”? Many people do not understand, do not understand is not terrible, terrible is not understand is not willing to learn! Prime Minister Lee proposed “Internet plus” in the future, you know the government is doing what? The last time I go to Zhengzhou with Ma Huateng, Guo (Geng Mao) Secretary Xie. (Fu Zhan) we met with the governor, speaking of “Internet plus” is just from the Beijing morning closely reasoned and well argued. They will be back after the afternoon he called all the bureau level cadres to focus in class learning new concept, then demand a level lower level cadres to learn to understand. Look at our company, many of the concept. I have said many times, but there is a class pass, carry out? We are above being shouted transformation, a lot of people have no intermediate, the following people did not know how to do! China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

I’ll explain what is “Internet plus”. In the era of information technology industry in the ecological construction of information processing, the Internet is the use of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other hardware devices to cloud storage series, and then the information network transmission, summed up as “information processing, cloud storage, network transmission.” if we on the Internet plus another “content creation”, this is the “Internet plus”, for example, QQ is the “Internet plus entertainment”, “WeChat is Internet plus family / social life”, the Alibaba is “Internet plus e-commerce”, we cooperate with the Tencent project — Internet transport is “Internet plus environmental protection / traffic safety life cycle. So I said eight life” work life, life education, entertainment, family / social life, safety, health / medical Life, property transactions purchase life cycle environmental protection / traffic safety life “is actually Foxconn’s” Internet plus “, the group will not do as long as the production, manufacturing, research and development, but also from the production, manufacturing, R & D development for customers from hardware to software integration manufacturing a full range of solutions (total solution) technology service company. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

From the horizontal view, our “Internet plus” has four key points: content creation, information processing, transmission network and cloud storage. But the group is currently the main hardware, whether it is glass, soft board, assembly, all belong to the hardware manufacturing, you are basically the hardware manufacturing thinking that do “” thinking. Information processing is the hardware, like every day we use TV, computer, mobile phone, electronic whiteboard the equipment processing information, so it could be said that we have been doing in the information processing, and from now on we have to do information of cloud storage, which is about what I want to focus on today.

“Cloud public cloud” and “private clouds”. Such as insurance, traffic safety, education, etc. these tax regulation by the state part of the cloud is public cloud, and our group is a private cloud cloud. For the company, and can be further divided into public and private cloud, such as handling public affairs is the public cloud, private cloud is called employees of private data. For example, I have a child, they each have a cloud, recorded their own personal record, this is their private cloud. Everybody, this is our future life.

Now Ma Huateng, Ma is to make your personal information and photos on the cloud, we are going to put all the production information on the cloud. For example, we can 4 to 6 electronic eye induction is arranged on the chassis of electric vehicle, to collect all kinds of data from these devices, like the plane, through the electronic induction you can see the whole process of takeoff, landing. If the equipment installed in the future we can, hundreds of city electric car, so you can collect various data about electric vehicles, these data for vehicle motor, battery, lamp etc. the design will have a very important role in the reference. Further, if the vehicle information is transmitted to the cloud, so these cars also need to open their own? When the autopilot is formed.

The most promising Chinese company to achieve industrial 4 will be Foxconn. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

In the eight life, people spend most is what life is? Working life. Housewife at home is her working life, Jay Chou on the stage singing is his life and work, “Internet plus working life is 4.0. what do you mean we are going to talk about as we now? At the meeting, but all staff is through the mobile terminal can grasp, manipulate the production situation, and is able to solve problems in production through the cloud, this is our” Internet plus working life “, this is our Foxconn industrial 4.0.

Hon Hai – Foxconn group is the most promising to achieve Chinese industrial enterprises 4, even the Ministry of national leadership is also very optimistic about us. About two months ago, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Mr. Su Bo’s visit to Taiwan, I asked him to visit our factory, their planning Secretary later told me that they to one of America’s most famous science and technology company, we think the machine is not lost to the company, our industrial automation equipment is in line with the requirements of 4. This year after I went to Beijing after visiting the Soviet Polish deputy minister, he told me about an hour, and finally put me out of doors, that Beijing is snowing, he escorted me to the outside, we stood in the snow to continue the conversation, until my driver drove over. A deputy minister of the Ministry of national energy for me, given the courtesy of our company, in addition to his own I think good accomplishment, but also because he knows the importance of science and technology for the development of a country. So we must strengthen the innovation, strive to transformation, the “e trade – technology – Industry -” Fourth “workers” to use automation intelligent equipment to replace the leading manufacturing enterprises as soon. Chinese intelligence. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

In order to inspire people to make efforts, to help Foxconn as soon as possible to reach this goal, we can do some change from the group incentive, for example we can advance consumption through the “rich payment” (as long as it does not exceed your monthly salary), no salary use stored inside the company will pay you interest in service company. Long, can also establish a credit to your value, you can use it to go to buy a car or even buy a house. We can accept the future with seniority linked to the extent of new thinking, can also be proportional to the future work. For example, although you work for 20 years, but your level of interest in new things only 30%. You may not be the seniority of 20 years instead of 6 years. Although if you work for 20 years, but through the assessment that there are 120% of your future contribution may, then your seniority may be 24 years.

The purpose of doing so is to encourage employees to accept new ideas as soon as possible, we hope that through the cloud control, a machine now could only manage 8 employees in the future can manage 12 machines, now only the production of 80 products per hour can produce 120 future. At that time, in addition to his bonus, you can also try the whole business contract to them, as long as they have enough ability. How to do the extra staff? To acquire new skills through training, stimulate their creativity, to make innovation and entrepreneurship.

The 4 is the core of industrial goods is controlled in the whole course, downsizing, put all the things on the cloud, so everything can be monitored in real time. Foxconn will do six words: cloud (Cloud Computing), moving (mobile terminal), things (IOT), large (big data), intelligence (intelligent life), network (Intelligent Network). The era of knowledge economy, knowledge is power, it is a test of everyone’s mind and thinking. Why I went to Hannover to study industrial organization we 4? Because it is an important direction for the future transformation of the company. We are sitting here today more than people to learn, innovation, change, you have to put the stock of learning, innovation, and change the culture to the whole group.

My dream is to lead you to successful transformation: know yourself, conquer yourself, surpass yourself

That we dream, what is ideal? Is the master of the mobile Internet era trend, active layout Internet plus industrial chain, industrial 4.0. quickly realized I have a dream that one day, our factory is in the production of the robot robot. Now we have no factories in Chengdu and other places have been built up, the next time I want to please go and see Guo Ziyi. I asked him to come, but also want to ask him to cooperate with us, let us make industry as soon as possible 4.0. Germany now has a very much have the connotation of industry 4 companies want to cooperate with us, we will do in the future is how to do as soon as possible industrial 4.0. China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer


I tell you, the purpose of doing all this is not to beat who, but to overcome themselves. Because now is the network cloud era, to keep up with the pace of the times must be transformed! So the industry 4 to do well, so that everyone can smooth transformation, this is my dream

To realize the dream, I think the first step should be to everyone should find their own value, no matter what you do. Everyone should ask yourself: what is my value? The second step, ask yourself what the dream. A man must have a dream, like a team. The third step is to there must be an ideal, because the dream is not always possible, so be sure to have the ideal, so that there is a goal. Have a dream, there is the ideal, the following is to work hard to achieve them, let me today than yesterday, tomorrow I’m beyond me today. I recently three to Hangzhou, is to learn, to learn, to me the “ancestors” and “Guo Ziyi”. Although he is younger than I am the twenties, Ma also to ask, he is also small in my teens. Why do I have to do the “three talent group in Britain will just want to? Young talent reuse, bringing in, because young people tend to be more creative with the idea. My goal is to give the power out, early retirement. The world beat you is not others, but yourself. Most people do not understand is yourself, so beat yourself more often than others more difficult to beat, but as long as you can win, win over others will be nothing difficult!

China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer

China CNC mechanic Wholesale Manufacturer



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