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In the era of automation, mechanical safety protection measures, the earth people should pay attention to

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Volkswagen motor factory in Germany, an industrial robot led to the death of a technician, a storm on the social media, which also worried many people, in the upcoming robot era, human security itself will be threatened. Professional Manufacturer of CNC metal laser cutter

Artificial intelligence and automation experts said that this incident should be understood as an extremely rare industrial accident, instead of on the future of mankind will face the threat warning. This accident is the robot technician pushed to a metal plate. Someone is a fast moving robot. To play a key role is to protect the photoelectric protective device in mechanical industry attention. Professional Manufacturer of CNC metal laser cutter


University of Sussex artificial intelligence expert Bly Whitby said: “technically, this unfortunate incident is equivalent to a machine operator for not taking safety and was crushed to death. Specific to this case, the situation is more complicated, because the public security is provided by computer software, and then configuring this software” the next generation of robots called “workplace robot assistant” or “collaborative robot”, the robot has a sensor and other security measures to limit and prevent them from their rampage. Professional Manufacturer of CNC metal laser cutter

Knowledge points: AGV, handling mobile robot, is (AutomatedGuided Vehicle) acronym, which means “automatic guided vehicles”, is equipped with a automatic guided electromagnetic or optical device, it can travel along the guide path specified, with safety protection and various transport vehicle shift function, AGV belongs to a wheeled mobile robot (WMR – WheeledMobile Robot) category.

The core of AGV application is attributed to the secure laser scanner

Keli photoelectric LSPD type safety laser scanners, fixed hazardous area implementation of intrusion detection, suitable for complex industrial field, is the first domestic, performance reached the international advanced level, the implementation of IEC61496-1TYPE3, IEC61496-3TYPE3, ISO 13849-1 PLd standard, obtained the certification authority, can be installed horizontally or vertically, such as FAW welding workshop hazardous area protection can be installed on the AGV. (AGV), collision avoidance process, such as Shenyang SIASUN robot AGV protection.


Bending process protection benefits from laser safety protection device

Safety protection Laien BLPS laser safety protection device, suitable for bending the scene, to provide security in the die tip region, both safety and efficiency, is the most effective solution. 61496-1 TYPE4 IEC 61496-2TYPE4 IEC, ISO 13849-1, PLe standard, obtained the certification authority and the national standard of casting and forging the conformance test approved. Can provide a variety of security solutions, adapt to the demand by domestic and foreign customers. Professional Manufacturer of CNC metal laser cutter


Enterprise managers should remember that “safety is no small matter” criterion, German scientist Pabs Hein Hayne proposed the law pointed out: behind every serious accident, and there must be 29 minor accidents and 300 attempted aura and accidents since 1000. If the forging enterprise managers in safety before the accident, can prevent accident warning, accident advance signs, take positive and effective preventive measures. Then, the signs of the accident, accident sign, accident itself will be reduced to a minimum, safe production is increased to a certain height. To avoid accidents, focusing on prevention; to ensure the safety of the production, must be in prevention.

T Keli photoelectric products V functional safety certification, CE certification, SAFENET safety certification; products obtain the national torch plan project; the beginning of 90s through the last century and has been strictly implement the international quality system certification, has been committed to high-quality services and products and services for machinery industry. In recent years, Jining Keli photoelectric industry the limited liability company launched application to robot and forging industry, sheet metal industry the number of new photoelectric protection products, but also in the robotics industry and related applications.

Knowledge points: T V logo is a German T safety certification V designed for components of product customization, is widely accepted in Germany and Europe. Through the certification, the German T V will forward to query the qualified components supplier rectifier machine factory recommend these products in the whole process; certification. Who got T V sign component can free. Since its establishment in 1872, T V Nande group won the world’s enterprises and consumers trust.

Professional Manufacturer of CNC metal laser cutter

Professional Manufacturer of CNC metal laser cutterProfessional Manufacturer of CNC metal laser cutter


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