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Jinnuo Jinan Machine Tool Show Mother Machine Festival and then force, the audience nearly 500 Lohan total Kai machine tools show procurement storm

March 27-29, 2018, the 21st Jinan International Machine Tool Show will be opened in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the current exhibitors nearly 500, Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center opened a total of 6 large exhibition hall, displaying an area of 40,000 square meters, It is expected to attract 50,000 professional visitors to the scene. CNC metal

From the beginning of the operation of Jinnuo Jinan Machine Tool Show, the organizer determined the theme of 2018 Jinnuo Jinan Machine Tool Fair and built the machine tool trade show in Shandong Province that focuses on volume. At the same time, it planned the exhibitors’ participation value and the visit in detail for this exhibition At the same time, we launched 2018 Jinnuo Machine Tool Show’s overall service system for exhibitors and users. We held a series of short-distance technology exchange activities including “9.22”, “10.26” and “1.16” to enhance exhibitors and users Post-show service experience.

One on September 22 held in Qingdao, “efficient and environmentally friendly cutting tool technology solutions exchange” gathered Tectoq, Walter, Isca, Mapa, Zhuo Le and other well-known tool companies and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Qingdao Heavy Industries Limited The Company, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., Qingdao New International Auto Parts Co., Ltd., CSR Sifang Locomotive Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Haitaike Mold Co., Ltd. attended the forum and made speeches and technical discussions. CNC metal

October 26 held in Jinan Changqing “key manufacturing technology auto parts Q & A” is the integration of industry forces, the system integrates the automotive industry representatives, auto parts industry representatives, domestic and foreign research institutions and tertiary institutions School, machining enterprise representatives, machine tool equipment business representatives, cutting tool companies such as Qi battle, from the Friends of Jia, Makino, Doosan, Ohashi and other world famous enterprises even brought to the scene of the precious dry goods to share.

January 16, held in Wuzhou City, Texas, “Air Conditioning Manufacturing Procurement Manager Technical Seminar and lean Zhi training course” activities, January 23 Ningbo Die Industry Association, Ningbo Machine Tool Industry Association and Ningbo Gold Connaught International Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly held the Spring Festival reunions, more than 500 machine tool mold-related business colleagues gathered together. CNC metal
In addition to providing platform and services for exhibitors and users in technical exchanges, Jinnuo Machine Tool Fair also pays equal attention to the exhibitors and users on the eve of the show to learn more about each other. Therefore, on the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2018, Jinnuo will closely contact exhibitors and gentlemen who will exhibit at the Jinan International Machine Tool Show March 27-29, registering more than 400 sets of intelligent equipment and over 100 new products in the industry, and 80% The above exhibitors, said to be in the March 27-29 period will be sent to buy welfare, discount, full reduction, rebate and other “eighteen martial arts” all out, the highest disc machine 100,000, cutting tool up to 4 fold, full participation Mother’s Day special promotions.

Similarly, colleagues at Jinnuo Machine Tool Show audiences made an all-out effort years ago, and online and offline invitation to large buyers to visit March 27-29 JM2018 Jinan International Machine Tool Show, hot non-stop. In 2017, the footprints of large buyer delegation traveled southwards in Nanjing, Ningbo and Guangzhou, and invited more large users to the north, including Weifang, Zibo, Hebei and Shenyang, and even went abroad to Iran Courier 2018 Jinnuo Machine Tool Show done stronger and bigger and continue to move forward. Hard work pays off, as of now, Jinnuo Machine Tool Show has compiled thousands of large and small purchase demand clues. CNC metal

In addition, Jinnuo Machine Tool Show also carefully prepared for the exhibitors and users of China’s lean manufacturing training camp specialty courses, invited to have many years in the world’s top 500 business experience and more than ten years of real business consulting experience in the actual combat consultants and lecturer The team aims at solving the problems related to production waste, improvement, quality, equipment, inventory, capital turnover and shortening the production cycle of manufacturing enterprises by guiding all the cadres in the manufacturing industry and helping them to break the low-level profit pattern in the manufacturing industry so as to obtain rapid profits breakthrough.

March 27 to 201, 2018, Jinnuo Jinan Machine Tool Grand start Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 6, 500 Lohan high-end smart equipment tiling 40,000 square meters Winning Mother Machine Festival. The audience exhibits complete, price concessions, 50,000 people actually staged grab “knife”, grab “bed” crazy drama, continuous broadcast for three days, missed no playback! CNC metal

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