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Application of performance appraisal results (HR) (four) other extended application of performance results

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The application of performance appraisal results, in addition to salary incentive, in front of a few days before the deployment of personnel, training and promotion, but also can be extended to all aspects of HR management, such as staff recruitment, probation management, guidance and evaluation of occupation development potential employees, corporate strategy and culture, employee behavior and value guidance. Some enterprises and HR in the application of performance results, it tasted more sweetness. So, excuse me: Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum

1, other extensions of the above application, your company has done?

2, if yes, what expansion applications have been done? How exactly do you do it?

Reference analysis: Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum

The performance appraisal data has very important reference value and significance for the company’s daily management and strategic decision-making. To expand the use of performance appraisal results, for the company in the recruitment and selection, the period of probation appraisal, corporate culture and value publicizing, the staff code of conduct to guide and enterprise strategy formulation and adjustment, can be positive role. This is a kind of data and the actual speech and decision, as a reference for the development of company management, more objective and persuasive, also can accept for approval and at all levels. At present we do have several aspects: Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum

First, the recruitment and selection of personnel

Through the performance appraisal, job quantitative index more reasonable, clear recruitment requirements, so that the recruitment work has a clear direction; the results of performance appraisal, has been used as an important reference for the personnel selection, the evaluation results speak selection methods, can be avoided by people in the process of subjective consciousness and blindness. In the operation, in order to avoid the performance appraisal data inaccurate results, using a longer period of assessment results into consideration, we usually take five appraisal cycle shall prevail; Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum

Two, probation staff assessment

New employees into the company, joined the company employees probation appraisal, employee assessment period of probation period is generally three months, the first month of assessment content: occupation morality, corporate culture and value recognition, team integration, the comprehensive quality of the basic work ability; second months assessment content: professional knowledge, work ability, team integration, execution, completion of work; third months, according to the post assessment staff assessment standards, performance assessment results for qualified, comprehensive evaluation reached more than good, can be positive;

Three, employee behavior guidance

After each assessment is completed, each department should carry out an assessment summary meeting, conduct an analysis and summary of the assessment. Do assessment target completion analysis, guide staff work in accordance with the company’s goals and departmental goals, unity of thought, to reach agreement; Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum

Four, employee career development

As long as the reasonable performance evaluation index, evaluation process specification, through the performance appraisal results, can intuitively reflect the competence situation of employees in the job. The performance appraisal can help employees find vulnerabilities, can find the staff advantages and characteristics, formulate reasonable occupation development plan, learn from others, for post deployment in accordance with staff expertise, to avoid the internal human resources waste, so that employees better integration in the development of the company;

Five, enterprise strategy formulation and adjustment

The group’s annual performance appraisal, can clearly see the annual business branches, profit situation and development expectations, to formulate and adjust the reference for the company under the annual strategic objectives. For example: the company’s main business is real estate, but the first half of the year and go through the real estate company performance evaluation results analysis see net profit growth, real estate companies reduce operating costs rise, profits decline than the previous year; and the green industry although the production cycle and the profit cycle is longer, but because of the national policy support and subsidies, the less upfront investment, lower operating costs, net profit of rapid growth, has more than real estate companies. Next year the group’s strategic development focus that will tilt to the green industry company. Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum

At the end of last year in a branch for the performance results of development work, the beginning of this year in the group to carry out performance appraisal result of expanding the use of work, although it has been involved in several aspects of the related work, but the actual use, the depth and intensity have great limitations. The group to implement the work, but also effective in the overseas director support, this work benefits and advantages, has begun to gradually appear, but to really get a group of approval, or take some time and effort.

Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum

Professional Manufacturer of CNC milling aluminum


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